Venue: Pub on the Park, London E8

Present: Patrick Field, Paul Golding (minutes) Sally Haywill, Brenda Puech, Ben Webster

Apologies: Oliver Schick

Topics discussed:
1. Burns Night
2. Family fun ride
3. Cyclists’ Map Company
4. Goals for 2001
5. Organisation/Borough Co-ordinator
6. Any other business

1. Burns Night (Saturday 27 January)

Sally reported on the current status of the Burns Night event. The venue (Lee Rowing Club, Spring Hill) and the band (The Muckers) have been booked. Each cost £250 for the evening. There is a kitchen so we can cook the food there on the day. The club will provide bar staff but we have to provide all other help. We also need to provide
plates, cutlery, tables and chairs. Sally is arranging the hire of tables and chairs and will check with Claire Tansley about the plates and cutlery. Sally will also check with Clare Groom about the status of tickets and publicity. Brenda will check with Trevor Parsons about advertising the event on the web site and emailing the list. In case ticket sales do not go well it was suggested that the event could be publicised at Critical Mass on Friday 26 Jan.

Evening timetable:

6.30pm: Doors open
7.00pm: Food served
(after food): Address and toasts, followed by poetry readings.
9.30pm: Band starts
Midnight: End

Helpers needed to:

a. Prepare and cook food
b. (Possibly) someone with an estate car/van to pick up and return tables and chairs
c. Decorate and set up
d. Ticket collectors/bouncers!
e. MC/compere
f. Clean and wash up afterwards.

Anyone able to offer any time on the day should contact Sally on 020 8802 4604. It was suggested that a sign up form and Hackney LCC information should be available on the door.

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2. Family Fun Ride

Despite the terrible weather Sally went to the Town Hall on 30th December, but no-one else turned up. The next one is advertised for 27 January (the same day as Burns Night!). Brenda volunteered to go along to ensure someone is there in case anyone actually turns up! It was agreed that the rides should be put on hold until Spring.

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3. Cyclists’ Map Company

Patrick reported that he had been in touch with Quil Forbes of the Cyclists Map Company. The map Southwark LCC produced cost £4500, but they had a lottery grant to help pay for it. Apparently we should be able to make an application for a similar grant. Patrick will invite Quill to the February meeting to discuss the possibilities of
producing a map for Hackney and its potential uses.

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4. Goals for 2001

Three goals were proposed for the coming year.

a. To have a Car Free Day in Hackney. Brenda will be attending the Central London Car Free Day meeting at LCC on 25 January.
b. To call for a Cycling Officer for Hackney.
c. To sort out the group organisation and increase participation and group activity. (see 5. Organisation/Borough Co-ordinator).

Ben and Brenda are to liaise, after the 25 January meeting, about writing to Hackney Council about the Car Free Day and Cycling Officer issues.

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5. Organisation/Borough Co-ordinator

After a lengthy and vibrant discussion it was agreed that a plan had to be forthcoming from this meeting on how to proceed with finding a borough coordinator and (re)creating a group structure. It was decided that we would hold a ‘special’ meeting in March to make a decision on the group structure and to allocate responsibilities.

The meeting in February would be used to discuss the positions we would like to see filled and to finalise the wording of the publicity for the meeting. It was suggested that the meeting be publicised on the web, to the email list and posted to LCC members in Hackney. (Note: During the discussion various ideas were broached including
having a Crisis Meeting in February, merging with Islington LCC and appointing a temporary co-ordinator. With such diverse ideas the above plan was agreed and all were encouraged to draft their ideas/plans for the February Meeting.)

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6. Any other business

Patrick will contact Clare Groom and request the results of the survey be presented at the February meeting.

Next Meeting: Wednesday, 7th February 2001, Pub on the Park, 8:00pm.