Venue: Pub on the Park, London E8

Oliver Schick, Tim Evans, Paul Golding, Trevor Parsons, Brenda Puech, Katie Hanson, Ben Webster, Steve,
Kay Wagland (Groundwork Hackney, Volcano Festival), Catherine, Sarah Clement (Women’s Cycling Project)

Topics discussed:
1. Volcano Festival
2. Women’s Cycling Project
3. Reports
4. AOB

1. Volcano Festival : Hackney Marshes, 11th August

Kay Wagland from Groundwork, Hackney spoke about the free Volcano festival, which aimed at promoting trees, coppice groves, waste minimising and cycling in a fun, non-serious way. They would also have cycling events- Dr. Bike, cycling for people with special needs, a yurt made of cycle parts, cycle decoration contests (Be Safe, Be Seen), and making available cycle parking to encourage people to come by bike. They want to provide spaces for 200 bikes.

It was recommended that lots of crash barriers be provided to lock bikes to. Hackney LCC would run a stall near the bike park, and keep an eye on the area, but not take responsibility for security.

Paul Golding to organise rota for stall – volunteers so far- Ben, Katie, Trevor and Tim

[EDITOR’S COMMENT: This whole event was a great success, and the cycle parking was a model of how to do it. Oversubscribed, indeed, so Kay arranged for some extra improvised locking space to be made from spare scaffolding. In fact, the scaffolding arrangement turned out to be superior, as you could set the horizontal bar to be a good average height for locking to. TP]

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2. Women’s Cycling Project

Sarah Clement from the Women’s Design Service presented a proposal the group had developed to research the issue of women and cycling. The research proposal looks at cycling both from a lifestyle and health benefit point of view, in addition to the environmental aspect. It has a two-pronged approach, researching the constraints faced by women cycling; and working with Cycle Training, offering women confidence building, road skills and maintenance skills to encourage them to cycle.

The project is aimed at women, mainly in the health sector, in three inner London boroughs, Hackney included. It is a two-year project, to start next April/May. It is currently at funding application stage
with the Department of Transport and Transport for London, and it looks very hopeful.

Brenda agreed to be liaison person for Hackney LCC, to give local contacts and statistics around women in relation to membership statistics and the membership survey.

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3. Reports

Respect Festival, Finsbury Park, 21st July

Hackney had run a stall jointly with the Islington Cyclists Group, which attracted a lot of interest. Lucy has kindly taken on the role of stall organiser.

Hackney Cyclists Membership Survey

The survey is being processed, and is to be presented a the next meeting by Oliver

Car Free Day 22nd September 2001

Curtain Road has now been agreed as the venue. TFL is the lead agency for the traffic orders, while LCC has taken on the role of local consultation as well as organising events for the day. Also involved are Triangle Traders and Hackney council traffic engineers. Hackney LCC has set up a working group of Marianne, Oliver, Trevor and Brenda. Trevor is already keeping in touch with Curtain Rd traders. Other things that need doing are:

  • Consulting residents and traders in south Shoreditch and Curtain Rd (Circus Space to be contacted)
    Organising PA system, and other entertainment
  • Encouraging pubs and restaurants to put tables outside.
  • Asking traders and organisations for assistance and sponsorship

TFL Shoreditch Gyratory Consultation

Consultation is on-going. The results of the public meeting and comments indicated the consensus was that no-one wants through motor traffic in the area. TFL is looking at amending the scheme. A progress meeting has been arranged by the TFL for the 13th August, for involved parties, which Trevor is attending.


Letters and reports on the junction have been sent to Robert Biggs, at Hackney Council. The issue is to be taken to the Dalston Neighbourhood meeting in September.

An idea has been mooted to hand out leaflets to cyclists with advice on how to travel through the junction most effectively.

Hackney cyclists will also be consulting with local residents.

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4. Any other business

Hackney Summer Festival 16th September, London Fields, 11 am to 6 pm.

25 quid for a stall,- Hackney LCC to decide whether to have a stall. Also possible to have a stall on the 15th September at Newham Green Festival (with a cycle element). Tim will ask via the mailing list, if anyone wants to volunteer to organise one or the other stall.

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Next Meeting: Wednesday, 5th September, Pub on the Park, London Fields, 8:00 pm (social get together from 7:00 pm)