Venue: Pub on the Park

Present: Tim Evans, Ben Webster, Trevor Parsons, Oliver Schick, Simon Nuttall, Brenda Puech (minute taker), Douglas Carnall.

1. Minutes
Minutes of the previous meeting were agreed.

2. Parking Project
Simon Nuttall, from the Cambridge Cycling Campaign (along with Dave Holladay) has been commissioned to identify 100 locations for cycle parking stands in Hackney by the Neighbourhood Renewal Fund.

This project is being carried out in partnership with the LCC in Hackney, who are providing access to their membership.

A survey form was presented for discussion and various suggestions were made to simplify the form, and to make it attractive to respond to. It was decided to include a prize draw for all returned entries of a good D-lock (possibly sponsored by London Fields Cycles). Photographs of a D-lock and the fin shaped cycle stand would be included on the survey form.

It was agreed to have a foldable stamped A4 form, which would make it unnecessary to enclose a return envelope.

It was agreed the survey form would be sent out with a flyer for the Shoreditch Two Way celebration party on the 24th November. (Date and flyer to be confirmed by Trevor)

Trevor would also set up the survey form on the website, and Tim would try to get email addresses as a database from the office to enable direct emailing of survey [this is now arranged].

3. Shoreditch Two Way Tea Party

Trevor reported that there would be a celebratory tea party at 3:00 pm at the Shoreditch Town Hall on Sunday the 24th November, with Roland Jefferson of the Shoreditch Town Hall Trust, to celebrate the conversion of the gyratory to two way traffic.

This would be preceded by an anti- clockwise cycle ride around the former gyratory.(Trevor)

4. Meeting Venue

It was noted that a member had expressed concern about access to and security of cycle parking at Pub on the Park. It was discussed whether there might be other concerns over a pub venue.

It was decided that Tim would consult the membership on this issue in the next newsletter (Tim)

5. AGM in December

We reminded ourselves that we would be holding the AGM in December, in order that post holders have time to prepare for the busy summer months. It was noted that a new Stalls Coordinator would be needed, as Lucy wanted to step down.

6. Increased membership involvement

There were suggestions made to increase membership involvement which included:

  • Having meetings on specific issues of interest, and inviting guest speakers to these, separate from the standard procedural meetings and forming a Special Event Committee to plan these.
  • Having new member evenings hosted in people’s homes.

7. Burns Night

It was noted that Sally was unlikely to organise Burns Night, but that as it was our biggest fund raiser and helped to raise our profile, it would be good to attempt to continue the tradition.

Oliver to contact Sally about the using the Sir Thomas Abney School venue again. Brenda to contact Clare Tansley to see if she would like to get involved. Ben to check out Directory of Venues and to contact Kay Wagland of Groundwork Trust.

8. Trailer Club

Douglas presented an idea for a trailer club. He has discussed this with Cllrs Vincent Stops and Jules Pipe, with a view to using disused garages as storage space for the trailers.

Hackney Community Transport are said to be interested in the project and may be able to provide premises.

Brenda to investigate use of garages on her housing estate as possible storage for trailer club and also to test out council policy on allowing garages for cycle use and not exclusively car storage use.

9. STA Bikes

The funding for Sally’s STA Bikes project has been seriously delayed due to concerns expressed about on-road cycle training for children by LBH road safety officer, Roger Kite. Tim to attend the Hackney Transport Sub-Partnership meeting tomorrow to support and follow progress of Sally’s application. [Tim did attend and the delay has now apparently been overcome].

10. LCN Comments

We had been asked for comments on the maps/guides and LCN routes by Anna Trafford, Map Coordinator, LCC. A five minute brainstorm was held for ideas. The following blockages on the LCN were noted:

  • Shoreditch gyratory
  • Stoke Newington gyratory
  • Southern end of Broadway market, where cars have right of way across path of bikes.
  • Goldsmiths Row, where cyclists have to make sharp right turn and cars have right of way across path of bikes
  • Tim to send questions out to Hackney e-list again and to compile responses to send back to Anna.

11. Chatsworth Road Festival (early Dec)

Tim reported that this festival was to revive Hackney’s oldest street market. It was agreed we would not run a stall here, but that we would recommend that they hire cycle taxis (eg Bug Bugs) for the event. (Tim)

12. Woodberry Down Estate Planning

It was noted that the consultants for the master plan wanted to consult with us on provision for cyclists and that this was very encouraging. It was agreed Brenda would draft a response to them recommending:

Use of a consultant to ensure adequate and effective provision
Consulting the UDP for cycling standards for developments
Investigating best practice for domestic cycle storage from the Netherlands.

13. Consultation on Traffic and Planning

Oliver would write to Vincent Stops to ensure we receive all relevant traffic orders and traffic management schemes. Planning applications could be monitored from the council web-site, though it was noted that it was down at the moment.

14. City Cycling Group

It was noted that the City Group was important for Hackney, as it was a neighbouring borough, and many Hackney-domiciled cyclists move through that borough every day.

Oliver reported that he and Sarah Bickford have involved themselves in the City Group, to help with Ralph Smyth’s workload. Sarah, who is an architect, will do alternative layouts for traffic schemes. Vincent Stops is also keen to get involved.