Venue: Hothouse

Speakers: Mayer Hillman and Ken Warpole spoke on the topic: “Hackney cycle traffic rose by 70% in a decade. Can we meet the target of quadrupling it by 2012?”

Attendees: Gavin Bailey, Jed Keenan, Brian Catchpole, Nathan Carr, Douglas Carnall, David Moreno, Ian Fillingham, Sara Davies, Lucy Davies, Che Sutherland, Richard Evans, Philip Loy, Louisa Sington, Margaret Doherty, Ken Worpole, Carol Gray, L.D.Elb, Katherine Pitt, Marto Zygler, Mark Rogers, David Tuckwell, Frank Merrigan, Roger Blake, Penny Wallis, Olu Soyoye, Adam Thompson, Stephen Taylor, Cherie Lloyd, Mark Douglas, Andy Doyle, M Smith, Dave Holladay, Sally Haywill, Bibsi Haywill.


1 Co-ordinator’s report

Oliver Schick thanked Tim Evans for his work as co-ordinator until he had to step down from the position for personal reasons a few months ago. He then outlined and commented upon the campaign’s performance over the past year, including:

  • Achieving a membership increase of 60%, from 520 to over 800;

  • The need to recruit more active volunteers, as despite the encouraging increase in membership, the number has remained constant;

  • The Campaign’s running order of events through the year, including Burns Night, the Spring Seminar, Bike Week, Car-Free Day and attendance at numerous local festivals have enabled the campaign to maintain a continuous visible presence in the Borough.

  • Campaigning and liaising with the Borough Council and joining forces with other groups, such as the Hackney Society.

  • Other projects, including cycle parking and training schemes; and

  • Our ongoing fortnightly cycle maintenance workshop at the recycling shop, on the Nightingale Estate.

Oliver then outlined the Campaign’s objectives for the year ahead:

  1. Increasing the number of active members is the key priority: in particular the campaign needs help with co-ordination and treasury responsibilities.

  1. Lobbying on planning issues, particularly car-free housing which will make a very positive contribution to the sustainability and environmental quality of the Borough;

  1. Helping with programming the London Cycling Network in Hackney;

  1. Extending our involvement with the Local Strategic Partnership, which is providing funding for on-and –off street cycle parking projects; and

  1. Continuation of our current list of events, as outlined above.

Oliver concluded by welcoming potential active members and others to future business meetings, which are held upstairs in the Pub on the Park, on the eastern side of London Fields on the first Wednesday of every month, from 8pm.

2 Treasurer’s report 2003-4

Brenda reported the Campaign’s income and expenditure in the past year. She said that the balances are healthy: the campaign’s income was £4948.19; its expenditure was £3020.65.

The largest slice of the Campaign’s income came from Burns Night (£1,600); our largest expenditure was on Car Free Day in Shoreditch.

3 Events report

Oliver outlined the events held over the past year:

  • Our seventh annual Burns Night Dance was held at Sir Thomas Abney School saw our best ever attendance (there were insufficient tickets to cater for demand!). The event raised over £1600 for the Campaign. The amount of money raised was less than last year, however this was due to additional costs, including the hire of tables, in response to comments in the previous year about the low height of the school’s own tables.

  • In Bike Week 2003 we organised very successful breakfasts in London Fields and at Homerton Hospital, and pioneered our ‘sundown cool commute wind-down’ event in the evening at Green Lanes, Stoke Newington.

  • We rode the borough boundary and helped organise the Eastway Summit 2003, featuring a discussion about the merits of different modes of transport.

Car-free Day:

  • Trevor reported on the success of the car-free days in September 2003, which were held at Cazenove Road and Shoreditch Triangle. Considerable emphasis was placed on travel awareness and environmental issues at these events, which also featured such attractions as street food stalls and entertainment. At Cazenove Road, local members worked with the Kyverdale Area Action Group, Hackney Council Transportation section and local schools to organise the event.

In 2004, the Shoreditch event will be repeated with enhanced travel awareness input. Negotiations are ongoing with two potential sponsors for this and future years. Car free day will only be held at Shoreditch, due to the organisational complexities of holding two events.


  • Trevor reported on the HomeBikePark scheme, Hackney’s pioneering cycle parking project, which is focused on local authority and housing association estates. The project is being funded with £20,000 of Neighbourhood Renewal money.

We are hopeful that the project can be rolled out in future years to enable the provision and maintenance of first-class residential cycle parking. In addition, the scheme provides a model for other Borough Groups to use in negotiation with their own Borough Councils.

4 Elections

Nominations were received for the Management Committee of Hackney Cycling Campaign. They were submitted by those attending the meeting, or written on a display sheet provided for the purpose. Elections took place, with the following result:

Co-ordinator Oliver Schick

Deputy Co-ordinator Vacant

Treasurer Brenda Puech

Deputy Treasurer Vacant

Secretary Richard Lewis

Events, Website, and Publicity Co-ordinator Trevor Parsons

Oliver said that the AGM is not the only opportunity for interested members to become involved at officer level: the campaign constantly changes as people move on or become interested in active membership. In particular, we are looking to welcome anyone who is interested in filling the roles of Deputy Co-Ordinator and Deputy Treasurer to assist Oliver and Brenda.

5 Constitution

The Constitution of the London Cycling Campaign in Hackney was agreed and signed.