Oliver Schick (Co-Ordinator), Trevor Parsons, Richard Lewis


Oliver reported that we had plenty of positive comments on the Hothouse venue – we would pass these on to them. In the meantime, letters still need to be written to the speakers, Mayer Hillman and Ken Worple.


The CRISP process has commenced, with a study having now been completed on routes 8, 9 and 10. A new route 16 was also explored for possible suitable links: these need to be ironed out as there are potential issues of personal safety on the quieter off-road sections.

Oliver reported that he attended the CRISP and commented that there had been no consultation on possible dates for this (effectively meaning that if anyone from LCCiH was unable to attend, there would have been no representation from the CRISP’s key stakeholder).

[Update May 2004: LCN+ workshops will be held to inform cycling officers about the CRISP / CRIM process. RL will take notes and be able to disseminate information as required]

Trevor commented that Eagle Wharf should be considered for two way working as part of route 16.

GLA Hustings

The GLA hustings will be an opportunity for the local candidates to strut their stuff on transport issues generally. This ties in nicely with the recent Mayoral Candidates’ signing of the LCC charter for cycling in London, which commits the candidates to guaranteeing attention and expenditure for cycling.

Hackney Cyclists, together with Islington and Waltham Forest local groups will jointly host the event.

A decision was made to await information about the availability of rooms in the Town Hall before investigating the hire of other venues including Hothouse. In the meantime Richard will make initial enquiries and a provisional booking for 20 May at the Hothouse. [Update May 2004 this has been done – Hothouse is now booked – RL].

The event will be advertised through press releases, LCC Magazine [this proved not possible due to timing] and via the Yahoo Group. Actions Richard to write an article for N16 magazine and for Borough News in LCC Magazine. [Update: article for LCC Magazine written and sent via Oliver].

Community Strategy

Oliver and Trevor are working on a response to the Community Strategy. The deadline for this is 30 April, and there will be a transport-themed meeting on 20 March in Dalston Lane.

Transport Sub-Partnership

Trevor reported on the Transport Sub-Partnership’s proposals for spending for the coming financial year. Central government is now cracking the whip on the importance of meeting their so-called ‘floor targets’, which may or may not necessarily correspond to local priorities.

There is some important information about non-LCN+ routes and the use of floor targets which is limiting the TSP’s ability to take into account community contributions.

Audit Commission

Trevor attended this meeting at the Town Hall as our representative. The Auditors were assessing Hackney’s transport section. He talked for half an hour about our activities and liaison with the council over the past few years. The Council stated that it is interested in consultation, which it is undertaking in an ad-hoc fashion. He reported that LCCiH is now on the TSP and told the auditors that the group would like cycling liaison meetings – partly because LCCiH has taken on a lot of work that the Council should be doing itself (including Homebikepark).

Bike Buses

An item on bike buses was deferred

STA Bikes

LCCiH needs to help STA Bikes and Super-Nova to get the money it needs. Money is available from a number of funders – the issue is how to get hold of it! [Update May 2004: Super-Nova has now been formed in response to interest from 13 schools and the need for an organisation to campaign for funding. The organisation is separate from STA, because STA operates primarily as a business]

Car Free Day

Trevor reported that an open meeting was held at Shoreditch Town Hall. 20 people attended and that 1200 letters had been sent (??). No local people attended. There are a lot of positive people wanting to become involved with the event. Trevor has been working on a brochure to show to potential sponsors.

A budget of £65k has been established on the basis of attracting 7,000 people. This includes a stepped-up budget for activities including additional stalls promoting sustainable travel.

Trevor is looking for a title sponsor to put up £50,000 [Update May 2004: Pilsner Urqhart wants to sponsor £30k; and additional non-drink sponsor will now be sought to make up most of the difference – Trevor].

Trevor explained that Shoreditch Carnival Committee is a sub-group of LCCiH; it is also a separate Limited Company which was set up to limit the liabilities arising from running the event. Hugo wants to incorporate the Car Free Day in his company – detailed advice is needed, and Hugo is prepared to foot a bridging loan.


Trevor reported that money has still not turned up from Hackney Council to begin implementing Homebikepark and to pay for consultancy so far. All of the preparatory work has been completed – forward funding is now needed as soon as possible. Two projects will cost a total of £16,800; the survey and report is a further £3200. LCCiH has advanced a further £1600 to Dave Holladay (consultant) which will be repaid on receipt of monies from Hackney Council. Orders for equipment will not be placed until finances are secure. The delays and problems are principally the fault of the Council, and the auditors’ appraisal process is causing further delays.