Pub on the Park, London Fields, London E8

Jane Willdigg, Brenda Puech, Marian Farrugia, Jon Boodle, Trevor Parsons, Richard Lewis, Oliver Schick
None received.

Topics discussed:

1. Bike Week
2. Finances
3. Al fresco film show
4. Feedback on AGM
5. Borough [transport] Spending Plan 2005/06
6. GLA North-East London transport hustings 20th May
7. Shoreditch Car Free Day
8. Hackney draft Community Strategy response

1. Bike Week, 12 to 20 June 2004
STA Bikes (Sir Thomas Abney primary school cycling project) will be holding a breakfast on Thursday 17th June. See our diary for details.

Bike The Bounds – Oliver will once again lead the great circumnavigation of Hackney’s borough borders on Saturday 12th June, meeting at noon at Hackney Town Hall, Mare Street.

Second edition of the Hackney Sundown Cool Commute Wind-Down – Marian has contacted Alison of the Islington Cyclists Action Group about the event, and they’re keen to do it again, though this time on the Friday of Bike Week, which makes it Friday 18th June. Food, drink, music and massage at the south-west corner of Clissold Park for those making their way home from work or wherever.

Our main Hackney Cyclists breakfast will be in London Fields on the morning of Wednesday 16th June. Ben Webster has agreed to organise it. We allocated it a budget of £100.

Details of all these events are now on our diary page, and Marian has volunteered to submit the listing of our events to the National Bike Week site.

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2. Finances

For the purposes of claiming our grant from the LCC centrally, we have to produce a budget for our projected spending for the year ahead. We currently have a £1500 reconciled bank balance.

So here are the items we decided to allocate money for:

  • Bike Week: £200
  • Newsletters 3 x £40 = £120
  • Room hire for meetings: £100
  • Workshop: £200 for tools
  • GLA hustings: £150 premises hire split between three boroughs, so will cost us £50.
  • Car Free Day seed funding, strictly for startup costs such as printing, communications, etc (not as a subsidy to the main budget): £500
  • Marian’s proposed al fresco film event: £300 total budget estmate. Richard suggested getting in contact with the Lea Valley Park Authority to see if they’d like to host and co-promote the event. [Marian has spoken to them and they are fully committed for this year but could be interested in such an event next year].
  • Doctor Bikes at summer events, say four times £60 = £240
  • Cost of stall fees: £100
  • Pitstop event: free lube/air, Doctor Bike and perhaps also subsidised/free lights, at a main road location. £400 because of the cost of buying equipment for distribution/subsidised sale. (Check with Bob Davis of Ealing for cheap suppliers).
  • Social event: ‘buffet and drinks to meet your fellow LCC members’: £200

We make that about £2300.

3. Al fresco film show

Marian is proposing to put on an al fresco film show for people arriving by bike, showing bikey films. She’s researching costs and potential locations, as well as films that would make up a good evening’s entertainment. We said, ‘more power to your elbow, Marian’, and approved some funding in anticipation.

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4. Feedback on AGM

Richard has in his possession the flipchart wishlists written up by visitors to our AGM. He will deliver them to Marian who will digest them and write up the results.

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5. BSP

We were recently asked for ideas for items to be added to Hackney’s bid for transport funding for the financial year 2005/06. Trevor went through the suggestions (4KB PDF file) which he and Oliver gave to Hackney’s cycle projects officer Olu Soyoye, together with suggestions contributed by Marian and Ray King, which have also been passed on.

Marian was keen to see bids to fund adult training as well as the funding for the Super Nova federation of schools cycling projects that we already suggested. She also was interested in ways to improve crossings of Balls Pond Road, though these are more or less covered by the London Cycle Network Plus process. She further suggested an improvement in the Lordship Road area.

Richard, who is currently working for Haringey Council on the cycling side, suggested a very interesting cross-boundary route that would take people from Finsbury Park through Woodberry Grove and out onto traffic lights across Seven Sisters Road, potentially providing an excellent new community link and leisure route. The main items of expenditure would be turning a pelican crossing into a toucan and widening the gate into Finsbury Park. Richard to provide written details of the proposal, so that we can put it to both Hackney and Haringey.

Richard also mentioned, in passing, some seriously bad-sounding proposals by London Buses for the Manor House junction. One to monitor.

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6. GLA hustings

We discussed arrangements for the hustings which we are organising on Thursday 20th May at which members from Hackney, Islington and Waltham Forest can ask the candidates for the GLA North East London seat about their policies on transport.

The candidates have been invited and the venue booked. The reason why the hustings is quite early is that people can start sending in their votes from the 24th, although the election day itself is on June 10th.

The most important thing now is publicty. Unfortunately there is another conference that evening in Hackney being organised by the Community Empowerment Network, which is a bit of a clash, but our hustings is a cross-borough event. Marian is consderng going to the CEN conference as our delegate.

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7. Shoreditch Car Free Day

Trevor gave a quick update on the progress being made so far with plans for another Shoreditch Car Free Day & Carnival on Sunday 19th September. It was suggested that Rose Ades of TfL’s Cycling Centre of Excellence might be able to help with publicity.

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8. Community Strategy response

Trevor outlined the response [10KB PDF file] we have put in to the council’s draft Community Strategy. We want to encourage our members to write individually as well (to in support of our official response, and adding own comments. Brenda said she would like to add a comment about the importance of enforcement of motorists. Richard said he would be suggesting to the council that they should sign up to the charter of the Road Danger Reduction Forum.

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Next Meeting

Wednesday 2 June, 8pm, Pub on the Park.