Oliver Schick (Co-ordinator)
Brenda Puech (Treasurer)
Richard Lewis (Secretary)
Trevor Parsons (Communications)
Vicky Lack

Katy Andrews (supporter)
Debbie (supporter)

Sally Haywill
Katie Hanson
George Peretz

(1) Matters arising from the minutes of the October meeting

Bike Theft: Richard needs to pick up a crime reporting form for stolen cycles and mark up the ten most important items. The next Southwark Cyclists’ meeting will have a police officer present to discuss cycle-related crime

Action: Oliver to follow up.

Canal path: The issue with the cycle path at High Hill Ferry has not progressed further as Robert Vaughan of Waltham Forest LCC has not been available recently. The issue is ongoing.

Action: As before.

Chatsworth Road Winter Market 4th December: We need volunteers. We could do a bike park for free (it was agreed that we ought to consider collecting donations, though there are good reasons for not charging or appearing to charge for the facility). We need a sub-group, comprising so far, Richard and Oliver.

Action: Liaison with Chatsworth Road Market organisers, investigation into the possibility of providing bike park and mulled wine.

CRISP responses: Ongoing. We spent some 70 hours on route 9 alone!

Action: Ongoing.

(2) Lower Clapton

A meeting has been organised at Chats Palace for 24 November. The meeting will be exclusive to local LCCiH members from our mailing lists. The purpose of the meeting will be to ensure that we can present a united front at public meetings about changes to the road system. The meeting will not just concentrate on cycling; it will look at traffic issues in the round.

Actions: Richard to draft a letter; Oliver to produce mailing labels.

(3) Burns Night 24 January 2005

Raised ticket prices have been agreed – rising by £2 compared with last year. Drinks prices will also increase. Unwaged ticket prices are unaffected.

Doors will open at 7pm; dinner will commence at 7.30; dancing will begin at 9pm with the raffle break at 10.30 (for ten minutes) and the event will close at midnight.

Actions: Plenty of actions ongoing, mainly done via Burns Night mailing list and wiki.

(4) Constitution

It was agreed that the constitution would need to be amended to deal with the issue of ‘supporters’ and ‘members’. It was agreed that only members can speak on the Campaign’s behalf at external meetings.

With regard to supporters, the Constitution should be discouraging in tone because normally we would like people to be members of LCC as the central organisation provides us with funding based on member subscriptions, and it is generally desirable to be part of a bigger organisation.

Action: Suggested constitutional amendment has been drafted to be presented and voted on at the next AGM.

(5) Consultation Responses

Responses have been drafted and sent to Hackney Council regarding the Parking Enforcement Plan and the LCN+ CRISP studies (ongoing). We are also responding to Hackney’s cycle training proposals and the recent Cycle Parking Audit carried out by TPi.

Actions: Oliver to respond to cycle training provider’s brief and TPi Cycle Parking Audit.

(6) AGM 2005

The AGM will be held on Wednesday 2 March 2005.

Actions: Discussion is ongoing on speakers, venues and the need for tighter control over the amount of time allocated to different parts of the AGM. Crispin Truman was suggested as Chair, since he did an excellent job at the LCC AGM – which, incidentally may have been inspired by Hackney’s successful event in March 2004 at the Hothouse.

(7) Cassland Road

The recent fatal collision between a car and a child on the Cassland Road bus lane has led to the bus lane being burnt off. The meeting regretted that this tragic incident had occurred and established a position on the issues arising from it, which is fundamentally that:

LCCiH opposes large one-way gyratories and has held this position for a number of years, as they increase certainty for drivers, who react by speeding up. They also provide more space for motor vehicle parking, which is contrary to the principles of sustainable transport, and increase the distances people have to travel; this is a significant problem for cyclists.
LCCiH supports the provision of bus lanes, as they act as wide ‘cycle lanes’ and remove capacity for general traffic. In this instance, however, the bus lane might have delayed removal of the one-way gyratory, as it strengthened the one-way provision at this point, and our support for it would therefore have been conditional on its implications for the wider traffic management in the area.
We would prefer a more long-term solution to be adopted.In this case, the removal of the bus lane was due in part to it not having been opened officially, which allowed cars to travel along it at high speed. We understand that the reason for this was ongoing work by a utility company. However, we consider that the timescales for the lining of the bus lane and the delay until its full implementation were extremely unfortunate.

(8) AOB

On 10 December there will be a seminar on the Olympics and sport for women where the environment and transport will also be discussed. Brenda will circulate a letter.