Katy Andrews

Simon Hughes

Thérèse Kilpatrick

Vicky Lack

Richard Lewis (minutes)

Melissa Martin

Brenda Puech

Oliver Schick

Paul Singer


Katie Hanson, George Peretz

Matters Arising

There were no matters arising. However, for the Campaign’s records:

  1. The Christmas stall at Chatsworth Road was considered to be a great success. On reflection we should have charged more for the mulled wine, say £1, because we did experience some conflict with other stallholders also selling mulled wine.

  2. We still need to identify speakers for the AGM and should do so as soon as possible or it will not be possible to book them.

Bike Recycling

Thérèse updated us on progress with Bike recycling, which was introduced as a concept in December 2004. She circulated a list of ideas so far.

Suggestions were made:

  1. The workshop could be set up as a workers’ co-operative because this is a way of tapping directly into EU funds;

  2. The beneficiaries could include charities for the homeless such as St Mungo’s

  3. Potential premises – Cllr Jessica Crowe could be contacted (this was also mentioned in December)

  4. Could joint premises be identified for the cycle maintenance workshops and bike recycling.

Actions: All to spread the word about the bike recycling workshops

Write a note to Jessica Crowe about potential workshop space (Oliver)

Explore ideas for funding

Therese to update the group every month

Burns Night update

The Burns Night event is being organised via a wiki and a Yahoogroup. Much of the organising has been finalised; and as ever more volunteers are needed to help both before and during the event.

Ben and Sally are working on a rota.

Actions: All to distribute leaflets and posters (supplied) to bike shops and other poster sites.

AGM update

We still need to identify speakers.

Oliver has contacted Pogo’s regarding food. The group agreed that they should be given a budget (£150) for producing vegan finger food.

Registration will be from 6.30-7pm at the Hothouse (hire approx £250).

New suggestions for speakers included Christian Wolmar, Bob Davis and Jenny Jones.

We should also have a display of photographs, a map and something interactive such as an enlarged Borough map.

Actions: Continue to follow up possible contact with Jon Snow (RL)

Write invitations to prominent Hackney members (RL/Oliver)

Speakers should take part in a panel debate on a subject – any suggestions?

Obtain large-scale map of Hackney

Make sure that directional signs and food are in place! (RL / Oliver)

The AGM will be advertised in the next newsletter (Oliver / Trevor)


A newsletter is currently being written, and Trevor presented a mock up which was well-received.

For future editions, Vicky said that she would be interested in helping Trevor. There is a newsletter wiki as well.

Actions: Volunteers to stuff and stick envelopes

Stamps (Brenda)

Address stickers (Oliver)