Welcome! We are the Hackney Cycling Campaign, part of the London Cycling Campaign or LCC. (If you’re not yet a member, please do consider joining the LCC.)

We’ve got around 1,000 members in the borough. We work to make cycling safer and more inviting in Hackney, and to speak up for people who cycle in Hackney or who would like to. We lobby and advise the London Borough of Hackney (our local council) and Transport for London to do more to improve conditions for cycling.

In Hackney more than one in every seven commuters travels to work by bike. This is great, but rates of cycling for other journeys are much lower, and few children cycle to school. Hackney Council has ambitious targets to increase cycling, especially among schoolchildren.

We want to see this happen, too. We’re working to support Hackney Council or TfL schemes that will increase cycling, and to challenge the council and TfL where they need to do more to make cycling an everyday choice for everyone in Hackney, of whatever age or ability.

We’ve got some useful information on this site for people thinking about starting cycling, like where’s the bike parking, or how you get cycle training.

As well as our campaigns we help put on public events ranging from cyclists’ breakfasts to bike festivals, and hold social events and fundraisers like Burns Night. Other projects we are involved in include our popular self-help maintenance workshop. and our new Hackney family cycling library which lends out equipment for families to try.

We make decisions at our monthly meetings, and we have a mailing list and Facebook page as well as Twitter.

People who are active in Hackney Cycling Campaign give freely of their time. If you have energy and ideas to contribute to help make cycling in Hackney more popular and pleasurable, we’d like to hear from you.

Some of the people involved…

We have a committee which is elected once a year.
The current committee was elected on 4th October 2017.

Co-ordinator: Jono Kenyon  coordinator@hackney.cc

Secretary: Natalie Gould

Treasurer: Dave Harris

Committee members:

Angus Macdonald

Brenda Puech : Deputy Secretary

Brian Jones

Harry Fletcher-Wood : Consultation Co-ordinator

Matt Saywell

Rachel Aldred : Research and Insight

Ruth-Anna MacQueen : Community Outreach Co-ordinator

Many other members and supporters contribute varying amounts of time to the group’s activities. There’s lots more useful stuff to be done if you have some time and enthusiasm for it. If you’ve got anything in mind, come to a meeting and let us know or get in touch.

London Cycling Campaign | Registered Charity No: 1115789 | Registered charitable company number 1766411 | Constitution adopted 2017