ltt_cummins_opinion_piece_on_hackney_2009-01-16_webTransport planner Gary Cummins has written an opinion piece in Local Transport Today, the trade mag for people who work in transport for local authorities. A former Tower Hamlets Wheeler, now living and working in Scotland, Gary is an admirer of the approach we’ve been taking in Hackney, and was keen to get the message out to the rest of the country that you do not need oceans of green paint and quarries-ful of kerbstones to make a place friendlier for cycling. (Apparently transport professionals around the UK are continuously told that London’s boom in cycling is due to ‘segregation’, which is actually very much a rarity in London).

To read the whole piece you have to subscribe or sign up for a free trial, or get the dead-trees version, but you get a flavour from the first paragraph anyway.

For an example of why Hackney Cyclists almost always counsels against cycle lanes as a solution, you can read our detailed comments on TfL’s proposal to put cycle lanes on Old Street (50KB PDF) back in 2005.

TfL withdrew the proposal, to our satisfaction, though it has yet to take up any of the positive suggestions we made in our comments (20mph speed limit, minor kerb realignments etc).