Cycle Superhighway 1 (CS1) should be a great route for local families and commuters, but streets that are meant to be safe for cycling are too often full of motor traffic, creating an unsafe and hostile route.

Hackney Cycling Campaign have sought improvements since the route opened and as a result of our campaigning, Hackney Council have agreed that further measures are needed to make CS1 much safer.  Please take a minutes to defend proposed improvements to CS1 before Friday 26th January.

The proposals include more filters in Stoke Newington, preventing drivers from rat-running down residential streets and creating safer space for people cycling and walking: you can see the full details here.

The results of filtering a few streets south of this area: streets safe for pedestrians, cyclists, and dogs!

A few local residents are arguing against these improvements, and even suggesting that existing filters along CS1 should be removed.  While some of their concerns are understandable, similar schemes nearby have removed rat-running and reduced traffic across a wider area.  Access will be maintained for people who need to drive – although they may have to use a slightly different route – and roads will be far safer for people walking and cycling.

Please take one minute to support these improvements by responding to the consultation

The council have offered two schemes: both have merit although neither is perfect.  It’s important to demonstrate support for the improvement of CS1 and for the crucial principle that through-traffic belongs on main roads, not residential streets.  We suggest saying you prefer Option B, and, in the comments, suggesting additional measures to avoid displacing traffic onto Dynevor Road: the need to filter Nevill Road is paramount.

Further improvements on West Bank

Another proposal that could use your support is a few minutes ride further north. The council are also proposing removing parking to create a protected cycle track along West Bank, further north on CS1. Please support this proposal too, before Friday 26th January.