The easy way to keep in touch

hackney-lcc: the LCC email discussion list for Hackney

Around 350 Hackney LCC members and supporters are on the hackney-lcc mailing list, keeping up to date on local cycling issues and co-ordinating urgent business that can’t wait for our monthly meetings. N.B. We try to keep this list as relevant as possible to topics about cycling in Hackney.

How do I join?

So simple – just send a blank message to:

At the moment there’s an average of one or two messages a day, so don’t worry about having your mailbox filled up!

lcc-issues: the London-wide LCC email discussion list

If you’d like to hear about and discuss topics affecting cycling in London as a whole, you might like to subscribe to the lcc-issues mailing list, also hosted at Yahoo. Many members are on both lists.

To join – just send a blank message to: