Yesterday we brought a deputation to Hackney council requesting it to maintain the current regulations for bus lanes on borough-controlled streets, and to oppose any moves by Transport for London to permit motorbikes to use bus lanes on Hackney streets under its control. Charlie Lloyd spoke convincingly on our behalf and provided well researched answers to councillors’ questions. Our deputation was followed by a motion, proposed by Councillor Vincent Stops and approved by a large majority, which confirmed the council’s opposition to the use of bus lanes by motorcycles, and instructed officers to bring forward a report setting out the council’s options for opposing changes to bus lane regulations. Labour and Liberal Democrat councillors voted as one in favour of the motion, many of them declaring their membership of LCC as an interest in the issue, and speaking from personal experience of cycling. In sympathy with their new London mayor, the Conservatives on the council spoke and voted against the motion, a few with evident relish, it has to be said, and others with less conviction, or so it seemed to us in the public gallery. We await the options report with interest.