Hackney Cyclists’ trailer stolen recovered

We were pleased and somewhat surprised to be able to recover our Vitelli super-trailer on 28th January 2007. An eagle-eyed friend of committee member Tim Evans (pictured towing below) spotted it in a Clapton street with a collection of other bikes and parts. We consulted the police, who were too busy to be able to provide same-day assistance, so Tim and joint co-ordinator Trevor went to take possession directly. The, er, curator of the bike collection emerged to query the re-possession, claiming that he had found the trailer abandoned (which may well be true), but did not argue after Tim and Trevor produced evidence of ownership.

The trailer had been stolen during the night of 2nd/3rd December 2006 from a secured indoor vehicle parking area. We are delighted to have it back, because it is very useful for all sorts of freight moving, including transport of bikes for training sessions and of display materials for stalls at events, as well as for use by members. (LCC members in Hackney, please feel free to contact the co-ordinators if you would like to borrow the trailer).