Attendees included: Adam Thompson, Marian Farrugia, Bea Yates, Tim Evans, Alix Stredwick, David Farnham, Anna Kidd, Nell Cameron. Katherine (surname ?), Paul (surname ?), Chris Ashby (ICAG), Paul Standeven, John Discombe, Colin Smith, Patrick Field,
Richard Lewis, Trevor Parsons, Oliver Schick

Apologies: Brenda Puech (treasurer), Marianne Promberger,
Nicola Wissbrock

Matters arising:

2007 AGM. No matters were highlighted in the minutes.

Co-ordinator’s report:

Trevor set out his report on activities through the past year (see
separate document). In Brenda’s absence, Trevor outlined the treasurer’s report.


Co-ordinator=Trevor Parsons (re-elected). Proposed by Oliver Schick, seconded by David Farnham.
Secretary= Anna Kidd. Richard Lewis stepped down. Proposed by David Farnham, seconded by Alix Stredwick (enthusiastically!)
Treasurer=Brenda Puech (re elected). Proposed by Alix Stredwick,
seconded by David Farnham

Optional posts

Council liaison: Oliver Schick with assistance from Marianne
Communications–newsletter: Bea Yates (also a photographer)
Committee e-mail–anyone can join this if they want to take an active part in the group.
Community liaison and socials: Marian Farrugia


Thanks to Marian Ferrugia for all her organisational skills regarding
the meeting, and for organising the delicious vegan fare. It was a
great venue this time, and gave the north of the borough a look-in!
We had attendees, not just from Hackney, but further afield too.

Presentations followed the AGM–thanks to Sally Haywill for hers on STA Bikes, and Adam Thompson for a very entertaining talk about critical mass in Rome.