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1. Co-ordinators’ report
2. Treasurer’s report
3. Council liaison report
4. Workshop and rides report
5. Cycle training report
6. Report from LCC office
7. Motions
8. Elections

1. Co-ordinators’ report

Trevor Parsons and Richard Lewis presented their joint report as co-ordinators in 2006-7. The report set out the events of another busy year, including
the completion of our response to three major CRISPs; various successes at achieving permeability, an increase the amount of funding for cycle training; and topping 1,000 members. None
of this could have been achieved without the tireless work of our volunteers whose work, from occasionally helping at our public-facing stalls to active campaigning, and from running
our twice monthly workshop to establishing a new bike recycling centre, is recognised London wide.

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2. Treasurer’s report

Brenda presented her report which shows a healthy balance. We started the year with GBP2475.48 and made an additional GBP1100 from Burns Night, GBP200 of which has been donated to
Pedal Power. So we start the year with a comfortable GBP3,375 in the Hackney Cyclists’ account.

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3. Council liaison report

Oliver presented his report. He has been attending the new, six-weekly liaison meetings with the council’s Streetscene department in order to build Hackney LCC’s engagement with
officers. He said that he is keen to extend the campaign’s involvement with the local authority to include planning officers and others whose work may have an impact on cycling. His
aim is to bring everyone together to sing from the same hymn sheet – a move away from old-style policies based on accommodating the motor car.

Highlights of Oliver’s work include:

• The LCN+. It is essential to ensure that this most important local project is delivered to a high standard. We continue to work to influence the way in which the money is

• Improved permeability and the entrance enhancements at Hackney Downs.

• Olympics. The jamboree offers the opportunity to improve walking and cycling links to further east London. This is a big project to influence – in the coming months, the ODA will
expand from its current small size.

• Eastway. The latest planning application has resulted in a reduced size of the circuit to be provided. A campaign is needed and Oliver will develop a template letter for members
to submit. The shape of the track will be an issue as well as the fact that it will not incorporate off-road facilities

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4. Workshop and rides report

Adam reported that the workshop is going strong on the Frampton Park Baptist Church hall, regularly achieving 10-15 trainees per session. Adam said that new volunteers will be welcome
to extend the level of service that can be provided.

The bike rides were a big success, with a full programme of monthly Sunday day rides. Attendance varied from zero to 15, with good weather on every ride. From March, rides will
continue with a strong waterways and Essex theme.

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5. Cycle training report

Sally and Tim reported on their various activities relating to cycle training. STA Bikes now has 12 cycle trainers, some of whom started as complete
beginners (unable to balance a bicycle). Last year, a total of 1,500 people were trained and the scheme is swamped with demand. A similar budget has been made available for 2007/8,
although it is never sufficient.

At Tyssen School, with the support of the head, cycling is about to take off. A new bike shed has been completed with new bikes supplied at a discount by Trek. At the start of the
scheme, none of the children cycled to school–this is beginning to change and is likely to really take off once a new cycle route is established to the Lea Valley across Upper Clapton
Road and through Springfield Park. The school will use the route to take children to outdoor study in the valley which is a fantastic educational resource. The school is so supportive
that it has ploughed GBP10-15k into the scheme and employs Tim on a part time basis. To give some context, 50 per cent of the children at the school are entitled to free school meals,
so the scheme is very beneficial indeed.

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6. Report from LCC office

Charlie (membership sec) reported on progress on the Tour de France in London (prologue on 7 July, first stage on 8 July), and on a dramatic rise in cycling. TfL has asked LCC to
attract several thousant cyclists to the prologue and a cycling fair in Hyde Park. Several streets in central London (a total of 15km) will be opened to cycling (and walking) and
closed to motors. LCC will organise several rides for which ride leaders are needed. Following the publicity cavalcade, there will be three hours of race cycling. LCCiH has a budget
of GBP300 to spend on publicity and ride co-ordination. At the end of the organised ride, a reserved space overlooking the prologue has been provided – on a ‘grassy knoll’ in Hyde
Park. Secure cycle parking is to be provided. There will be a ride assembly point in Victoria Park.

7. Motions
Sally Haywill moved that there should continue to be two co-ordinators. Trevor Parsons spoke against the motion, saying that experience of the past year showed that having two points
of contact can give rise to problems in communication. He conceded that a deputy co-ordinator post could offer a solution to sharing the workload, and proposed an amendment to the
motion to this effect. The amended motion was carried nem con.

8. Elections
Oliver Schick took the Chair. Richard Lewis stated his intention to step down. Trevor stated his interest in the post.
No other interested parties were forthcoming.
Proposer: Brenda. Seconder: Jo. Trevor Parsons elected with no objections.

Deputy co-ordinator
No interested parties were forthcoming. No deputy or co-coordinator was elected. The post remains vacant.

Trevor took the chair. Richard Lewis stated his interest in the post. There were no other interested parties
Proposer: Trevor. Seconder: Brenda. Richard Lewis elected with no objections.

Brenda stated that she would be willing to be Treasurer but would be happy to pass the task on to another member.
There were no other interested parties.
Proposer: Oliver. Seconder: Tim Evans. Brenda Puech elected with no objections.

The following persons were elected to other positions:
Communications: Marian Farrugia and Marianne Promberger
Rides: Adam Thompson
Membership: Ben Raikes

Committee posts for events and training are currently vacant. Vacant positions may be created and elected by co-option at monthly meetings. Any changes will be reported at the 2007
AGM in March 2008.

Next meeting
Wednesday 4 April 2007, 7.30pm, Marcon Court Estate Community Hall, E8