London Cycling Campaign in Hackney

Annual Meeting 2013

Wednesday, 2nd October, 2013

New Kingshold Community Centre

Present: Ruth Allen, Dave Allison, Chris Ashby, Siobhan Blackshaw, Tom Bogdanowicz, Gail Bristow, LapFung Chan, Kate Charteris, David Cohen, Alex Collins, David Dansky, Ahsan Dean, Mark Deloughery, Feryal Demirci, John Discombe, Stewart Dring, James Dunlevey, Calum Eddie, Tim Evans, Marian Farrugia, Caroline Fenton, Noah Fisher, Carol Gray, Katie Hanson, Dave Harris, Brian Jones, Ben Kennedy, Jono Kenyon, Ulrike Kohnen-Zuelzer, Rozi Leyden, Charlie Lloyd, Dave Lukes, Naomi Mahendran, Gerry Matthews, Shaun McDonald, Howard Mitchell, Jean Mowbry, M.Can Ozsen, Trevor Parsons, Andrew Ratomski, Carlton Reid, Pawel Ryczan, Oliver Schick, Colin Smith, Jane Stables, Paul Standeven, Vincent Stops, Amy Summers, Philip Thomas, Adam Thompson, Ben Webster, Aaron Wilkins, Amber Wilkins, Mark Williams.

Apologies: Brenda Puech


1. Treasurer’s Report

2. Co-ordinator’s Report

3. Election of officers

4. Old Street/City Road junction

5. ‘A Vision for Hackney’

6. Any other business

1. Treasurer’s Report

Dave Harris gave a report about the financial situation. We had recorded an income of £1,843.17 (which included the LCC grant of £504.20) against expenses of £2,029.51, resulting in a deficit of £186.34. Our end-of-year balance was a healthy £1,607.51. We had in the past year taken over catering at the feed stop on the Dunwich Dynamo (at Sible Hedingham) and had kept 50% of the net proceeds. We had donated the other 50% to the London Courier Emergency Fund (LCEF). Dave explained his plan to work towards using budgets allocated at the start of the year in a more structured way while still keeping a reserve to be able to react energetically to emergencies.

2. Co-ordinator’s Report

Trevor Parsons gave his co-ordinator’s report, reproduced in the appendix. Other committee members in the past year had been Siobhan Blackshaw, Kate Charteris (co-opted September 2013), Alex Cooper, Marian Farrugia (co-opted September 2013), Jono Kenyon (co-opted September 2013), Richard Lewis, Dave Lukes, Jon Parker (co-opted September 2013), and Brenda Puech.

3. Election of officers


Trevor Parsons stepped down as co-ordinator and Oliver Schick called for nominations for the post of co-ordinator. Charlie Lloyd nominated Trevor, with Siobhan Blackshaw seconding him. No other nominations were received. Trevor therefore stood unopposed and was elected unanimously. He took the chair.

Secretary: Adam Thompson nominated Oliver Schick, with Feryal Demirci seconding him.

No other nominations were received.

Oliver therefore stood unopposed and was elected unanimously.


Oliver Schick nominated Dave Harris, with Trevor Parsons seconding him.

No other nominations were received.

Dave therefore stood unopposed and was elected unanimously.

Other committee posts:

Trevor asked whether existing committee members wished to continue on the committee. Alex Cooper, Richard Lewis, Jon Parker, and Brenda Puech were absent. We had not heard from Alex or Richard but had heard from Brenda (she wanted to continue on the committee) and also assumed that Jon wished to continue, having only been co-opted in September. All committee members present expressed a wish to continue. Chas Wilshere expressed a wish to stand for the committee, having been co-opted in September. The meeting voted unanimously to accept the slate of candidates. Committee members re-elected to the committee were therefore Siobhan Blackshaw (rides co-ordinator), Kate Charteris, Marian Farrugia, Jono Kenyon, Dave Lukes (sustainability officer, link with Sustainable Hackney), Jon Parker, and Brenda Puech.

4. Old Street/City Road junction

Trevor and Oliver gave the meeting a report of how this junction had recently been subject to some experimental drawings in TfL’s Better Junctions Review. These assumed that the junction should be ‘peninsularised’, e.g. one arm of the current roundabout closed, and public space created in the centre. The London Borough of Islington controlled three quarters of this junction and had current planning guidance to this effect. It had been the long-standing position of this group that it was very important that the current roundabout layout be replaced by a crossroads. Trevor proposed an emergency motion about this important junction, to mandate the committee to take a deputation to the next full Council meeting on Wednesday the 30th of October to work with the London Borough of Islington and other stakeholders in changing current planning guidance to ensure that the junction was converted into a crossroads. We drafted a motion as follows:This meeting asks for the LCC in Hackney to send a deputation to a session of Hackney Council to ask the Council to work with Transport for London, the London Borough of Islington, and other relevant stakeholders to ensure that the Old Street/City Road junction is returned to a crossroads layout.’ The motion was carried unanimously, with 19 LCC in Hackney members present in favour, no-one against, and no abstentions. Katie Hanson advised that we should approach Cllr Carole Williams to introduce the deputation at the full Council meeting, as the Hackney quarter of the junction was in her ward. Charlie Lloyd agreed to find out what had been concluded at the Better Junctions design review meeting the previous Thursday (25th September, 2013).

Actions: Trevor to organise a deputation. Charlie to report back about the outcome of the design review meeting.

5. ‘A Vision for Hackney’

Oliver introduced the Vision for Hackney process. We had campaigned for change all around Hackney for several decades and had well-informed views on a great number of locations. We had already compiled our draft Vision for Shoreditch and were aiming to widen this out to cover all of Hackney. He said that visioning helped set the agenda and to publically communicate our views, as well as providing a solid basis for other work. We were going to use it as our template for influencing Hackney funding priorities around the 2014 local election campaign. Oliver invited all to our November meeting (Wednesday 6th November, 7:30pm), at which the draft Vision was going to be the main agenda item.

6. Any other business New activism co-ordinator:

Trevor introduced Amy Summers, the newly-appointed activism co-ordinator at the London Cycling Campaign. Amy briefly outlined her role as ‘the new Gerhard’ in supporting groups and helping them develop, with a particular focus initially around the 2014 local election campaign.

Bethnal Green Road improvements:

Gerry Matthews announced the next meeting of Tower Hamlets Wheelers, where the Council and consultants will introduce the new Bethnal Green town centre improvements for consultation. Wednesday The formal part of the meeting closed at 8:36pm.

Following formal business, Carlton Reid gave a fascinating and well received talk about his forthcoming book ‘Roads Were Not Built for Cars’.

Date of next meeting: Wednesday, 6th November, 7:30pm.


London Cycling Campaign in Hackney annual (general) meeting 2013: Chair’s report

We all sense that cycling is continuing to grow strongly in Hackney, but getting good figures is notoriously tricky. The most reliable statistic comes just once every ten years, from the travel-to-work question in the Census. The 2011 figures released earlier this year showed an increase in the already atypical pace of cycling growth of the 1990s, and a huge increase in overall numbers. Over 15% of commuters chose cycling as their usual method of travel in 2011—the highest mode share in London and one of the highest in the country—while in some wards this topped 20%. Compare with 20 years ago, when Hackney’s mode share was very similar to other inner London boroughs. Meanwhile, car ownership is plummeting, with the proportion of car-free households rising to 64.6%, with just 170 motor vehicles per 1,000 people, and about 3,200 fewer cars owned overall, even though the population has increased by some 44,000 in the past ten years. Many factors have influenced these trends, but we like to think that the work of this organisation has assisted. We know there is a lot more to do, and our ambitions are as serious as the potential is great.

Probably the most eye-catching change on the ground this year has been the experiment to route buses away from Mare Street Narrow Way, the very heart of Hackney town. People are now able legally to cycle northbound here for the first time in decades, re-establishing the continuity of the ancient Porters’ Route that runs through our borough from the crossing of the River Lee in the north to the newly (and permanently, thanks to Hackney Council’s firm stance) motor-free section of Goldsmith’s Row in the south. Meanwhile, despite budgetary constraints, less flamboyant but nonetheless important schemes have continued to accumulate, in the shape of permeability restoration, junction improvements, speed controls, modal filtering and parking facilities.

The comprehensive set of proposals we set out last year for the Shoreditch Place and Space Shaping Plan, together with the outcomes of a modal filtering workshop we ran with the Canal and River Trust, formed a large part of the council’s recent submission to the Mayor of London’s Cycling Commissioner. We look forward to much of this coming to fruition.

We continue to network with other organisations in the borough and to reach out to the wider public, and perhaps this year’s best example of this was our Hackney Cycling Showcase, in which we brought together a number of exhibitors in London Fields in a format which we plan to repeat. Meanwhile, we ran two very successful fund-raising events: our traditional Burns Night dance; and the Dunwich Dynamo catering. A series of rides were run under our banner this year, with intriguing themes and destinations, and our long-running self-help cycle maintenance workshop, also known as the Hackney Bike Workshop, continues to serve the community thanks to a fine set of committed volunteers.

Finally, I am glad to report that we have enjoyed increased participation by LCC members in the local group this year, and I look forward to us building on that enthusiasm with new tools and initiatives in the coming year, both in the run-up to the local elections and beyond.

Trevor Parsons

   Minutes of Hackney LCC Annual Meeting 2nd October 2013