London Cycling Campaign in Hackney

Monthly Meeting

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010, 7:30pm

Marcon Court and Aspland Estates Community Hall

Present: Tim Evans, Richard Lewis, Charlie Lloyd, Juwel Malique, Siobhan Owens (joint events co-ordinator), Trevor Parsons (co-ordinator), Brenda Puech (joint events co-ordinator), Oliver Schick (secretary, minutes).

Visiting: Andreas Erickson (UCL project Justice in the Green), Lou Perrin (UCL project Justice in the Green), Eddie Wong (UCL project Justice in the Green)

Apologies: None.


  1. Minutes and matters arising
  2. ‘Justice in the Green’
  3. White Post Lane bridge upgrade application
  4. Stoke Newington Two-way campaign
  5. ‘Double our Voice’ campaign
  6. Kingsland High Street proposals
  7. Burns Night
  8. Co-optations to the Committee
  9. Any other business


  1. Minutes and matters arising

Cow Bridge: The meeting noted that we had formally objected to the proposal to reopen Cow Bridge for motor traffic. We also noted that Hackney Living Streets and the CPRE had likewise submitted objections.

  1. ‘Justice in the Green’

    Andreas, Eddie and Lou updated the meeting on their project of looking at mobility issues on Hackney Marshes as part of their course on ‘moving through nature’. This involves looking at projects and plans affecting the Marshes, as well as the aspirations of local people and users of the Marshes. They are keen to find out how users of the Marshes are involved in how decisions are made on shaping the Marshes.

    We answered for the group as a whole and stressed the importance of permeability and good-quality access points to green spaces, but also warned of the dangers of increased ‘creeping urbanisation’. We put this in the wider context of east-west permeability across the Lower Lea Valley. We also gave them quick briefings on local groups and organisations in the area and some of the planning history.

    We offered to circulate a survey and request for information to our mailing list.

  1. White Post Lane bridge upgrade application

    We considered this new application. When it first came up, the LCC commented that there should be a bus-only gate for the 276 bus, but no through motor traffic. We did not have access to the plans yet but resolved to submit a comment on behalf of this group. We should also encourage the Tower Hamlets Wheelers to respond. The LCC as a whole was also going to submit input. We wondered what the view of Hackney Council was and thought we should find out. The deadline for pre-application comments is the 6th December.

  2. Stoke Newington Two-way campaign

    We will be doing a stall in the High Street this Saturday, starting at 11:30am, outside the Post Office. At the same time, there will be a consultation by the Council in the Farmers’ Market. We will have 5,000 postcard-sized leaflets to hand out before then, as well as a petition. A separate web-site, We could distribute them to local properties or at bus stops in the morning. We should also seek more volunteers for the campaign, especially among local people in N16. RL has produced very useful diagrams of the area. The meeting praised and considered them and suggested additions. OS suggested also producing 3D drawings of our vision for the area/specific locations to illustrate it better. Our response to the Hackney Council consultation is also still outstanding.

    Actions: OS to send a list to RL of possible additions to the diagrams. TP to ask Tony Motture about possibly producing drawings of junctions under our proposals.

  1. ‘Double our Voice’ campaign

    This is the LCC’s new ‘member get member’ campaign. Juwel from the LCC office came to the meeting to brief us on it. There is a plan to get ‘recruitment champions’ in each local borough group. We resolved to publicise the campaign heavily and to contact our members. All to spread the word.

  1. Kingsland High Street proposals

    We discussed the current proposals for Kingsland High Street. We have been compiling comments on it. The proposal letter seems to include a possibility to meet on-site, so we should try to pick them up on that.

    Action: OS and BP to contact TfL to arrange a meeting. All to compile a response.

  1. Burns Night

    We decided to hold Burns Night on the 22nd January 2011. We also discussed a need to raise ticket prices, as costs have risen, and agreed a price of £20 for the full ticket and £10 for the unwaged rate, as well as £12 for dance-only tickets. We also decided to contribute half of the profits to the LCC’s ‘No More Lethal Lorries’ Campaign. We need to check with some existing volunteers about their availability.

    Proceeds from last year’s Burns Night also need to be transferred to our new bank account.

Actions: BP and SO to co-ordinate the event and TP to do the ticketing.

  1. Co-optations to the Committee

    RL was co-opted to the committee as an officer without portfolio.

  1. Any Other Business

E-mail newsletter: CL suggested doing an e-mail newsletter. This might be a useful complement to other communication methods.

The meeting closed at 10pm.

Date of next meeting: Wednesday, January 5th, 2011.

Minutes of Hackney LCC meeting 1st December 2010 in PDF