London Cycling Campaign in Hackney Monthly Meeting

Marcon Court and Aspland Estates Community Hall

Wednesday 1st September, 2010

Present: Rachel Aldred, Roger Blake, Ben Edmonds (secretary, joint events co-ordinator), Richard Lewis, Tony Motture, Siobhan Owens, Trevor Parsons (co-ordinator), Brenda Puech (joint events co-ordinator), Oliver Schick (minutes), Chas Wilshere.

Apologies: Katie Hanson.

1. Matters Arising

2. AGM

3. Events (social rides)

4. Engineering group

5. Elsdale Street area

6. Cow Bridge

7. Cycling and Walking scheme on crossing of A10 (Farleigh Road/Brighton Road)

8. Three Sisters junction

9. Homerton Road scheme

10. Any other business

1. Matters Arising

Southgate Road/Northchurch Road meeting: TP still to arrange. Action carried over. Action carried over. We will raise this at a liaison meeting.

Friends of the Earth CO2 reduction campaign: Action carried over. TP had begun to do some research.

Eastway/Ruckholt Road: The site meeting hasn’t taken place yet. TP to pursue.

Meeting with Feryal Demirci: A meeting time has been set. TP informed the meeting that Feryal was an LCC member. RB queried what had become of the Parking and Enforcement Plan (PEP). It might be worth raising the issue. TP regretted that we had not submitted a response to the PEP this time around, unlike five years ago. We also did not submit comments on the Hoxton area residents’ parking scheme.

On-street residential parking scheme: We had not heard back yet from Ben and Priska, who wanted to instigate such a scheme in Queensdown Road. BE to chase them and to get member information in Queensdown Road. TP to put Ben and Priska in touch with the Lambeth Residential Cycle Parking Officer.

Speed cushions on Boleyn Road: TP to add to list of issues for Streetscene liaison meeting

Hackney Central Safer Neighbourhood Team: The team have set up an event on Thursday 23rd September from 8am to 1pm, partly against bike theft. Charlie Lloyd may go along. TP called for more volunteers. RA mentioned that the police were also doing bike marking in the Town Hall Square. She has some information on her blog at

Pritchard’s Road: We briefly discussed the scheme again and will raise it at the upcoming liaison meeting.

Southwold Road scheme: Action carried over. TP to submit comments. RB raised the problem at the southern end, where there is no dropped kerb to access North Millfields.

2. AGM

We talked about planning the AGM on Wednesday the 3rd November. It was suggested to invite Feryal Demirci to the event. Various venues were suggested, including Hackney City Farms, Hoxton Hall, or estate halls.

Actions: BP and SO to form the organising committee and to think about a venue and format.

3. Events (social rides)

BP reported that social rides were poorly-attended and that she was unwilling to organise any more.

SO wanted to do a week-end ride to Barnes Wetland Centre.

OS wanted to do the Bike the Bounds ride in late September.

RB mentioned that there might be an event in Goldsmith’s Row during European Mobility Week.

Actions: BP and SO to take forward social rides and think about format. We’ll discuss the possible event at the next liaison meeting.

4. Elsdale Street area

TP introduced the area and the current problems. It was noted that there was also a lack of controlled parking. We looked at the results of a quick count done by TP and TM in the evening, which found that car movements out of Elsdale Street were very dominant (65 movements in 15 minutes. Further analysis suggests that rat-running causes long delays at the Well Street/Cassland Road junction owing to rat-runners constantly joining Cassland Road via the uncontrolled filter at the Terrace Road/Cassland Road junction. We decided to suggest a modal filter on Elsdale Street between the junctions of Loddiges Road and Milborne Street. It also looked as if the area’s problems were partially a consequence of the successful filtered permeability treatment of the Lower Clapton area, as this was done in anticipation of the building of the M11 Link Road—some of the traffic seems to have been displaced to Lower Clapton.

Actions: We will develop the scheme proposal, backed up with research, e.g. a full count at the location (in the afternoon/evening peak, as this is when the problems manifest themselves. We should ask Hackney Council about the traffic model that was done for east of the A10. TM and SO to gather local support. RE to make a page on the committee wiki

5. Cow Bridge

RA introduced the item. Cow Bridge had been closed to motor traffic since 2005. New proposals suggested that there would be a new bridge for motor traffic, 200 car parking spaces on Hackney Marshes, and a separate build-out for cyclists and pedestrians. RA said that Tim Evans had seemingly succeeded in having the separate build-out idea reconsidered. The officers are apparently working up more detailed proposals and a planning application.

Actions: RA to work together with Tim Evans to find out what’s behind the scheme, e.g. where the money comes from and who’s behind it, and to feed in a response to the scheme. We take a particular interest in the car parking, which we don’t think is necessary.

6. Engineering list

BP asked for more context to be provided on schemes that appear on the list, e.g. 20mph schemes, when they are forwarded.

Actions: All members to provide context to schemes when first posting them. OS to forward some former responses on 20mph zones to the list. TP/OS to add SO and TM to the list.

7. Cycling and Walking scheme on crossing of A10 (Farleigh Road/Brighton Road)

We discussed this scheme but decided to continue the discussion on the new engineering list as we couldn’t come to a consensus at the meeting.

Action: OS to post the scheme to the list.

8. ‘Three Sisters’ junction

TM raised his concerns with this junction (Cricketfield Road / Downs Road / Pembury Road / Clarence Terrace). It also happens to be on TfL’s list of signal removal schemes which they have suggested to the local authority.

Action: We will raise this at the next liaison meeting to ask whether there has been any progress.

9. Homerton Road scheme

We briefly looked at this scheme and compiled some initial thoughts on it. The main benefits seem to be to pedestrians. We noted that guard railing was not slated to be removed on this bridge. The carriageway would also be too narrow.

Action: Response required by the 6th September, to be compiled on the list.

10. Any other business

There was no other business and the meeting closed at 10:10pm.

Date of next meeting: Wednesday, 6th October, 2010, 7:30pm.

Minutes of Hackney LCC meeting 1st September 2010 in PDF