Present: Ben Edmonds (Secretary and Events Co-cordinator), Trevor Parsons (Co-ordinator), Oliver Schick (minutes), Chas Wilshire.

Apologies: Michael Cordy (Treasurer), Marian Farrugia, Brenda Puech


  1. Matters Arising
  2. Ball’s Pond Road crossing
  3. Red Path/Eastway
  4. Cycle Traffic at Roadworks
  5. Events
  6. 20mph zones
  7. Sustrans Greenways consultation
  8. Haggerston West and Kingsland Estates
  9. Tottenham Hale
  10. Rivington Street
  11. Boleyn Road/Barrett’s Grove
  12. Streetscene Liaison
  13. Olympic Park
  14. The Cost of Cars
  15. Any Other Business

1. Matters Arising

Portsmouth: We have not evaluated the report yet but will liaise with Hackney Living Streets and Twenty’s Plenty for Us about the findings to write to LB Hackney.

Butterfield Green: OS attended a meeting with councillors, Council officers and residents.

Ridley Road consultation: We noted that there was an encouraging level of consensus about this idea, including with OPEN Dalston.

Stoke Newington count: The data has not been evaluated yet. BE volunteered to number-crunch. OS to provide counting sheets to BE.

Hackney Public Realm Design Guide: We noted that our Policy Officer had submitted comments.

LCC AGM: The meeting noted that STA Bikes had won a third London Cycling Award for their Bikes on Estates project and congratulated them.

Deputation to the Council: We assisted in bringing a deputation to the Council asking them to put whatever pressure they could on the Mayor of London not to close the Commercial Vehicle Education Unit.

Broadway Market: Ben had done some more work on designing signs. We decided to make the signs green and to offer to pay for them. Action: BE.

Cycle stands in Church Street: The cycle stands outside Wholefoods Market have gone back in following roadworks.

2. Ball’s Pond Road crossing

The latest LCN+ Exceptions Report states that Ball’s Pond Road is no longer part of Link 66 (Route 10). The CRISP Report recommended a cycle crossing from Kingsland Passage to Belfast Road.

Action: TP to write to Suhed Aklas at LB Hackney requesting a meeting to discuss this and other issues.

3. Red Path/Eastway

A new toucan crossing is being proposed at the junction of the Red Path and Eastway. The bus garage is due to have a dedicated button to trigger the phase so that buses can get out. We discussed continuing the cycle permeability further on into Hackney Wick as a possible complement to this scheme, but it did not seem likely that this could be included. We also discussed the proposed jug handle.

Action: TP to contact Hackney Living Streets about this scheme proposal.

4. Cycle Traffic at Roadworks

We have been contacted by one of the managers at Volker Highways, Hackney’s term contractor. They are keen to improve their existing good practice in providing for cyclists at roadworks and asked for advice. Two of their site supervisors have been cycle trained to use bikes when visiting sites around the borough.

Together with Tower Hamlets Wheelers, we would also like to meet LB Tower Hamlets about good practice at roadworks, following on from a blockage of the cycle crossing at Hackney City Farm.

Actions: Volker Highways have invited us to a launch of their good practice guide in January or February. We will have sight of draft materials prepared by Volker Highways to approve them prior to our logo being put on them. Tower Hamlets Wheelers to be informed for them to liaise with LB Tower Hamlets about attendance.

5. Events

The first social ride went well with eight people attending. Ben and Brenda already busy thinking about the next event (the Winter Warmer). Two rides will go to the Wave event from Hackney. We also thought about doing regular cycle counts and discussed again the possible Hackney Cycling Forum in the spring. BE mentioned the arts project by Kaffe Matthews in Gillett Square on Sunday 6th December. We also noted that Burns Night planning is well under way.

6. 20mph zones

OS updated the meeting about three new proposed 20mph zones, in the Shacklewell Road, Dalston Lane, and Homerton Areas. We noted that Shacklewell Lane was not included in the proposals and resolved to ask for it to be included in the scope of the zones.

Actions: OS to respond to the notices. BE and TP to write to Bath House children’s centre, Shacklewell Primary School, and the Jack Petchey Academy to ask for their support in making the street 20mph.

7. Sustrans Greenways consultation

We responded to the consultation a while ago and have invited Sustrans to attend one of our meetings.

9. Haggerston West and Kingsland Estates

BE, TP and OS attended a residents’ liaison meeting with London and Quadrant, and we have just heard back from London and Quadrant that they would be happy to make the proposed new streets through the estates contraflow for cyclists. There are currently no plans for the local highway authority to adopt the streets. We are keen for them to be established as rights of way. We also heard that cycle parking provision would be one space per unit.

10. Tottenham Hale

OS updated the meeting on the plans for Tottenham Hale. LCCiH takes a strong interest in this owing to its impact on Hackney. We are extremely keen to see motor traffic reduction through this scheme at this point.

Action: OS to submit LCC response.

10. Rivington Street

We discussed the return to two-way of this street. We noted the problems of minicabs touting in the area illegally and very high pedestrian footfall in the evenings and thought a partial solution could be a rising bollard on the eastern side of the junction of Curtain Road and Rivington Street.

Action: TP to request a site meeting with Streetscene.

  1. Boleyn Road/Barrett’s Grove

The protective islands for the right turn have over time been turned into mere ghost islands as motorists apparently kept knocking over the illuminated bollards.

Action: TP to write to Suhed Aklas to discuss this issue.

  1. Streetscene liaison

We have not had a liaison meeting with Streetscene for some time and it is time that we resumed this.

Action: BE to write to Andy Cunningham to discuss working arrangements.

13. Olympic Park

OS is going to a meeting with the Olympic Park Legacy Company on the 9th December. This is a new Urban Development Corporation, under Baroness Ford, to be the planning authority. Newham Cyclists and members of the Olympics Working Group will also attend.

  1. The Cost of Cars

We are commissioning a feasibility report for a study into how much car ownership costs motorists. The cost is £350 and we agreed to fund this to seek other funders for the next stages.

Action: BE to take this forward.

15. Any Other Business

Account signatories: We agreed new account signatories.

The meeting concluded at 10:05pm.

Date of next meeting: Wednesday 6th January 2010.