Rochford Walk, London E8

Marian Farrugia, Patrick Field, Therese Kilpatrick, Richard Lewis (secretary), Trevor Parsons (communications), Brenda Puech (treasurer), Oliver Schick (co-ordinator).

Sally Haywill

Topics discussed:
1. AGM and spring seminar
2. Bike recycling project
3. Valentine’s campaign
4. Bike week
5. Burns Night debrief
6. Old Street cycle lane proposal
7. Downs Park Road, Cricketfield Road, Pembury Road
8. STA Bikes and the cycle training budget saga
9. Consultation responses
10. Any other business

1. AGM and spring seminar

Venue and food are booked. Theme will be cycle friendly housing: how can residential design encourage more walking and cycling? Invitations to LCC members and anyone else who wants to see more
cycling in Hackney going out with the Desire Line (new expanded Hackney LCC newsletter), plus to officers in the local authority in planning, transport, housing, parking and community

Panel to include Anna Eager Shoreditch Trust – leads on housing; Dave Holladay of Transport Management Solutions; Barry Mason of Southwark Cyclists (and Southern Homes).

For AGM business, Brenda will do the treasurer’s report, and Oliver will do co-ordinator’s report.

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2. Bike recycing project

Therese is gearing up to start a bike recycling project in Hackney. Has talked to Paul Standeven. Need to contact the Co-operative Development Agency. Need to
publicise via newsletter/website/mailing list, looking for people to join the project. The Waltham Forest recycling project is further along. Therese not so sure she wants it to be so much a
council-sponsored project as WF. But potential to work with other organisations involved with recycling in the borough. Therese has written to Cam Mattheson at East London Recycling Project
but hasn’t heard back from him.

All the threads are coming together. try to get somethinig together by april or so. Oliver has emailed Jessica Crowe asking about premises but not heard back yet.

  • Action: Therese to contact the Co-operative Development Agency.

3. Valentine’s campaign

Oliver would like to run this again this year. “We love you for cycling” in a card. Complaints about litter when people dropped their cards after passing us before. Broadway Market was littered
with cards, says Brenda. Either we give them something that they want to keep, or… Oliver quite attached to having cards. Possibly include chocolate? Could do a survey at Shacklewell Lane.
Richard suggests we could get the council to fund such an after-scheme satisfaction survey. Patrick and Therese interested in helping. Either morning or evening. 0730 to 0930 and 1630 to 1830.

  • Action: Oliver to co-ordinate

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4. Bike week

Hackney parks – LBH community and leisure have asked for details of anything we are doing. Richard: mention that we’d like to talk to them about cycle parking at any events they put on. Marian interested to talk to council about licensing of events. Hackney doesn’t do handholding around putting on events. They need to make the matter of holding events in parks easier for groups, she suggested.

Deadline for details of bike week events is 4th April to go into the Hackney publicity.

Oliver will do Bike the Bounds again. London Fields Bike Breakfast: don’t forget shovel to clear space of dog do. Marian is going to convene a steering group meeting this month for an outdoor
cinema, perhaps a mobile cinema. “The Movies”. Like the last scene in Belleville Rendezvous. Cost for static show last year estimate was £400 for hire etc. Therese interested. Simon likes the idea. Patrick thinks it’s ambitious but is happy to help, perhaps especially on the sound.

We’ll pursue the possibility of doing a cycle pitstop again with council’s traffic team. There was apparently an issue with quality of back lights sold.

Should also organise a feeder ride to Bikefest in Trafalgar Square

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5. Burns Night debrief

Well done to all involved. Slightly fewer people attended than last year because some people paid but didn’t turn up. Made
profit of about £1280 – bit lower because of furniture hire and fee to school (
£150). Could probably accommodate another ten
or 20 people next year. Richard and Marian: seemed to run very smoothly this year. Ben did a thorough survey of bigger venue a few years ago. There’s a bigger room upstairs. Could serve food
downstairs and have seating there, and have the music and dancing upstairs. Stage isn’t as big. Question about cooking capacity. Could cook one third more. Size of ovens is limiting factor.
Trevor reckons we could double the numbers! Use upstairs and have additional entertainment. Let’s have a cloakroom as well.

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6. Old Street cycle lane proposal

Trevor explained the proposal received from the TfL Streets area team for Old Street, and presented comments he has drafted, which suggest kerbline changes in place of cycle lane, which we think would discourage people from taking the primary position on the road, which is what you need to do often on this winding section of street with much kerbside activity.

Marian said there is confusion for northbound cycle traffic entering Pitfeld Street. Trevor thinks that may be best left to when Pitfield St is readdressed. Apparently Steve Decker of TfL Streets and Steve Walker of Hackney Streetscene are now once again talking about banning the right turn from Great Eastern Street into Pitfield St and (we hope) reordering the ‘apex’ junction as a whole.Andy Best confirmed that they had engineered the apex junction with a view to removing the right turn. We hope they are also talking about Curtain Road going two-way.  The meeting approved the draft comments.

  • Action: Trevor to present our comments to TfL Streets

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7. Downs Park Rd, Cricketfield Road, Pembury Road

Looks as if a street closure is being put in without a cycle gap. Danny Gayle is the engineer working on this. We are concerned.

  • Action: Trevor to call and/or drop a line to Danny and investigate.

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8. STA Bikes and cycle training budget

STA Bikes finance remains a worry. The council has apparently still not released on the funding for this year (04/05). Sticking point appears to be STA Bikes unwillingness to compel use of
conspicuity apparerel and crash helmets. Still with the legal team. Financial year ends in April. In the meantime no cycle training has taken place.

Agreed to monitor, and if necessary do an action insert for the forthcoming issue of Desire Line.

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9. Consultation responses

We rounded up the various responses we have done to consultations recently.

We have given info on STA Bikes to a physical activity mapping project being done for the Primary Care Trust.

Hackney transport strategy: councillors are encouraging us to encourage our members to write in. Individual lettters matter. Petitions are counted as almost worthless. Richard is drafting a
follow-up on our strategy response.

On-street cycle parking audit done for Hackney by TPI: we have given positive feedback on a good piece of work done. Richard thinks a lot of Adam Bowes of TPI.

Broadway Market junction scheme: Brenda to find out what’s happening.

Crime and disorder audit consultation: we have done a good response, pushing to get road user behaviour to be included in priorities.

Lower Clapton traffic review: Oliver has sent quick letter.

Upper Clapton neighbourhood renewal consultation: Oliver attended drop-in session run by Llewelyn Davies.

Lower Clapton Road bus priority scheme: we are concerned about this because it proposes to set loading bays into the footways, reducing pedestrian space, and potentially increasing speed and
therefore road danger. Richard to help draft response with Brenda.

CRISP response on LCN+ route 10: we’re very late with that, and routes 8 and 16 also need doing.

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10. Any other business

Brenda said that there are lots of cyclists on her estate. No cycle parking, but about 100 garages. Residents being asked to pay for the upkeep of the garages. £120 each resident, even though
we’re not even allowed to enter. The non-car owning people are now challenging this. Previously the £5k environmental improval budget always used to go into the garages. Now it’s going on flowers and more generally pleasant stuff.

Richard: Robin at London Fields Cycles is no longer stocking/promoting LCC membership, because the London Cyclist magazine carries an advert from Evans and Cycle Surgery offering discounts on
new bikes. There is very little profit on new bikes, therefore his business being severely undermined. LCC as an organisation should, he says, rule against that sort of predatory LCC
discounting working against small shops. LCC needs to review this. Oliiver to bring it up with the Finance & Admin Committee and with Anna the marketing and membership officer at LCC.

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Next Meeting
Wednesday 2 March 2005, 7pm [note unusual time], Hothouse. See diary.