Hackney LCC meeting 2 September 2009


Marcon Court Estate Community Hall

Members present:

Rachel Aldred, Ben Edmonds, Patrick Field, Charlie Lloyd, Trevor Parsons (co-ordinator, chair), Oliver Schick (Council liaison co-ordinator, minutes)

Topics discussed:

1. Matters arising
2. Streetscene liaison
3. ‘Cycle highway 1’
4. Wick Lane
5. Haggerston West and Kingsland
6. ‘Share the Street’ video
7. Clissold Park
8. Events
9. Research project
10. AOB

1. Matters arising
20mph letter to Alan Laing: Not sent yet, as the report on the Portsmouth report hasn’t come out yet.

Kynaston Avenue: No reply sent as yet (long overdue). TP to reply to Jean Cantrell.

Gascoyne Road: The meeting noted that the consultation had been successful.

Pit Stop and HGV events: BE reported that the Pit Stop event had been very busy. TP reported that the HGV awareness event had been less busy, but still successful.

Copenhagenize.com: OS reported back from the visit to Hackney by Mikael Colville-Andersen.

Green Sundays: BE arranged a Dr Bike for August’s Arcola Green Sunday on behalf of Hackney Cyclists, with mechanics paid for by the group. BE is keen to continue having a presence at these events.

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2. Streetscene liaison

Lower Clapton Road crossing
We have seen three options for the crossing of Lower Clapton Road between Churchwell Path and Clapton Square, and we have responded to nominate our preferred option, which is to keep the square two-way, and stop up the eastern junction of the square with LC Rd. It is worth noting that the engineers say that one-way operation would not offer any significant advantages under any scenario.

Downs Lane
We have seen a very good first drawing proposing cycle permeability improvements on the southernmost section of this important but under-recognised local link, alongside the old Downs Hotel. As noted at our meeting in July, the potential exists for a quiet, high-quality connection between Hackney Downs and Kenninghall Road / Nightingale Road avoiding the Lea Bridge roundabout. The currently proposed work would be a good first step towards this, although the remainder of the work will be more demanding since it will require partnership working between Streetscene and Hackney Homes.

Paul Street
The scheme to reintroduce northbound cycling in the southern section of Paul Street is due to go on site in October.

Palatine Road mode filter
A good-looking new scheme is being proposed to improve the existing mode filter which prevents motors going between Wordsworth Road and Palatine Road, on LCN+ route 10. The plan would widen and centre the cycle cut-through and landscape the area. The scheme drawing is marked as being funded by the Olympic walking and cycling route programme, which struck us as a little odd since although the location is close to the proposed route it is not actually on it.

Small permeability improvements in Hoxton
Streetscene has been considering making improvements to encourage shared use of Bacchus Walk, an alley running between Hoxton Street and Regan Way, but engineers had their doubts about the proposal and we have agreed with these. It’s just a short, narrow alley. Consequently there is a relatively modest budget going spare for permeability improvements in the area, and we have been asked to make suggestions for where it should be spent. We are suggesting two improvements in Grange Street — a gap in the closure across the street near Whitmore primary school and a gap in the gate at its junction with Hoxton Street. We are also suggesting a dropped kerb at the junction of Ivy Street and Hoxton Street. These small improvements will be welcome, but of course there are much bigger permeability issues in the locality which are overdue attention, most notably one-way Murray Grove and the one-way section of Hoxton Street, for which a northbound contraflow facility, originally proposed ten years ago, has yet to be advanced.

3. ‘Cycle highway 1’
TP informed the meeting about the Mayor of London’s ‘Cycle Highways’ project. Veteran LCC campaigner Rik Andrew is co-ordinating the campaign’s responses London-wide, and he has asked us for input on the proposed Route 1, which would run on or parallel to the A10 between Tottenham and the City. Returning the Stoke Newington gyratory to two-way operation is the greatest priority, and our position is that we would support Cycle Highway 1 if this was achieved, and that we would not support it if it was not. We will be feeding this back. We also talked about the continuation of LCN Route 10 north of the borough and identified options to improve cycle access there, as well as the potential for a new back-street route parallel to the east of the A10.

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4. Wick Lane
TP talked about current proposals for Olympics-funded improvements to Wick Lane, just over the border in Tower Hamlets, at the eastern end of Victoria Park. The initial options had been reduced by LB Tower Hamlets to unfortunately rule out the best option that would have introduced a modal filter for through motor traffic. However, there are still improvements that will hopefully be achieved, such as wider footways and the removal of guard railing. We have submitted a response jointly with Tower Hamlets Wheelers. Another option which hasn’t been considered yet would be to introduce weight restrictions in Jodrell Road.

Action: LCCiH to continue joint working with Tower Hamlets Wheelers on this scheme.

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5. Haggerston West and Kingsland
We have had ongoing liaison with the developers and landscape architect on this scheme, as well as local councillors and LBH Streetscene. We see considerable potential in opening up new links through this project. We propose that the Council should seek formal Rights of Way through the estate. We have not had replies to our earlier input and will need to chase this (London and Quadrant).

Action: TP to speak to ward councillors to put forward our suggestions.

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6. Proposed campaign film on street user etiquette (‘Share the Street’)
BE is proposing creating a film on street user etiquette. He has some contacts who would be able to assist in volunteering their professional skills such as filming or editing. His initial idea is for a one-minute film that could be used in various contexts. This could be a London-wide campaign. PF commented that in such a short film, the message would have to be very simple and that it would have to be very clear what the function would be. We thought that it would make a nice counterpoint to the ‘Share the Road’ campaign.

Action: OS to liaise further.

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7. Clissold Park
There have apparently been continuing complaints by residents about people cycling inconsiderately in Clissold Park. There will be a meeting of the Clissold Park User Group on Saturday 5th September.

Action: BE to attend meeting to represent LCCiH. TP to forward Scrutiny Commission presentation about cycling in parks to BE.

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8. Events

European Mobility Week event
Streetscene is putting on an event on Saturday 19th September in which they are working with residents of Whiston Road to take the cars out of an estate courtyard for the day and use the space for more pleasant and creative purposes including gardening. We have been asked if we would like to have a stall there.

Committee elections
We have advertised for elections to committee posts in the magazine. The meeting will be taking place at the usual venue (7th October).

Green Sunday ride
BE will lead a ride from the Canary Wharf Film Festival to the Green Sunday event at the Arcola Theatre from 3:30pm this coming Sunday (6th September). Along the way the ride will be stopping at places of interest in local cycling history.

The event formerly known as Freewheel
LCCiH is to lead two rides to the event formerly known as the London Freewheel. CL is looking for marshals. 9am and 11:30am at Hackney Town Hall. There will also be rides from Finsbury Park and Haringey.

Action: CL to put out call for marshals on the mailing list. OS to marshal.

Annual borough cycle forum
We want to propose convening a networking event involving all organisations who are interested in promoting cycling in the borough, with presentations and catering. We would invite councillors, relevant council officers, training organisations, the police, the PCT etc. A date after Christmas was proposed, ideally in the spring. BE provisionally put himself forward to co-ordinate the event.

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9. Research Project
RA has a research grant to study ‘Cycling cultures in a mass-motorised society’. This will be a qualitative research study involving interviews and other methods. RA handed out copies of the non-technical summary. She will be working together with a researcher. Members of the group are welcome to join the Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG). There will also be an interactive web-site. CL suggested speaking to CycleNation and its network of member groups.

Action: RA to keep the group updated.

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10. Any other business

Upcoming events and projects: BE mentioned a number of projects and events that he and friends of his were keen to organise, such as a photography project called ‘Me, My Bike, and I’.

Cycle training: The meeting noted approvingly that Alison Butler had been appointed by LBH to work in the Road Safety section, following her excellent work at Tyssen School.

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Next meeting
The next meeting will take place on Wednesday 7 October, same venue.