London Cycling Campaign in Hackney

Monthly Meeting

Wednesday, 2nd April, 2014

Marcon Court and Aspland Estates Community Hall

Present: Siobhan Blackshaw (rides co-ordinator), Alex Cooper, Carol Gray, Dave Harris (treasurer), Jono Kenyon (committee member without portfolio), Richard Lufkin, Dave Lukes (sustainability officer), Trevor Parsons (co-ordinator), Brenda Puech (events co-ordinator), Oliver Schick (secretary, minutes), Adrian Weidmann, Chas Wilshere (workshop representative).

Apologies: Kate Charteris (committee member without portfolio), Katie Hanson,


1. Minutes and matters arising

2. Report back from Sustainable Hackney

3. Ward asks review

4. Any other business




June 2013: Morning Lane/Mare Street junction

Take video of the situation to back up our case and to write to the Council with the video. Action carried over.


September 2013: Minutes and matters arising: Morning Lane/Mare Street junction

Suggest to the Council to include some work on this junction in Hackney’s possible bid for the Hackney Central Triangle major scheme funding. Action carried over.


November 2013: Report back from meeting with Hackney officers

Organise a Vision launch meeting with a possible Q&A session with Andrew Gilligan. Action carried over.


November 2013: Report back from meeting with Hackney officers

TP to invite Andrew Gilligan. Action carried over.


March 2014: 2. Promotion of our ward asks and election manifesto

Organise the production of videos and other materials.

Committee, BF

1. Minutes and matters arising

Morning Lane/Mare Street action: We carried this over again. The junction is among our ‘ward asks’, but producing illustrative materials would still be useful to make the case.

Vision launch: Unfortunately, the draft Vision was still not finished. Actions carried over.

Mare Street Narroway: TP said that there was no more need for a Narroway-two way stall, as the arrangements had been made permanent. We had heard that there had been some opposition, but that the majority had been in favour. JK asked why the Council hadn’t published their report.

2. Report back from Sustainable Hackney

DL reported from Sustainable Hackney (SH) that the Stoke Newington gyratory was a major talking-point among cyclists and pedestrians. SH need to have a campaigning point on the gyratory in their ‘greenprint’. Schools in particular were strongly interested in return to two-way.

On the Old Street/City Road junction, SH were in favour of human scale development. DL had shown them our animated image of the crossroads option. SH knew that the peninsula option wouldn’t be a good option.

3. Ward asks review

The Monday after the meeting was going to see the launch of the LCC’s Space for Cycling campaign. Mustafa Arif, the Chair of LCC’s Campaigns Committee, had reviewed our ‘ward asks’ and come back with some queries, mainly relating to the fact that some of the ‘asks’ did not fit into the pre-defined categories for the campaign. Ashok Sinha, the LCC’s Chief Executive, had said that he’d be happy with a generic ‘Space for Cycling’ theme for ‘other’ ward asks. We spent most of the meeting discussing these questions.

Dalston: We discussed Lebon’s Corner and entered into a fairly detailed discussion on design. OS explained the draft Vision that he had prepared. We all agreed that we wanted to see significant through motor traffic reduction at this location and better conditions for walking and cycling. We were in favour of simplifying the junction, reducing the junction envelope, reducing the number of motor traffic lanes, having shareable widths of traffic lanes, removing the eastbound left slip from Dalston Lane to Dalston Lane and binding it into the junction more, having single-stage direct pedestrian crossings, cycling access to and from Parkholme Road, modal filtering of Parkholme Road, a direct crossing from Dalston Lane to Parkholme Road, direct movements from Graham Road to Dalston Lane north, keeping the bus gate in Dalston Lane west, and restoring permeability blocks. We decided to stick with ‘Space for Cycling’ as a category for this ward ask, as it did not fit into any of the predefined categories.

Brownswood/Clissold joint ask: We decided to keep our existing ‘ward ask’ category of ‘Space for Cycling’ here, too, and agreed a slightly revised wording of the ‘ward ask’ description.

Hackney Wick/Victoria joint ask: OS said that there was a draft Vision out to say exactly what we currently envisaged in this area. The ‘ward ask’ was complex in combining several themes (‘safe routes to schools’, ‘liveable town centres’, and ‘no more rat-runs’), and we decided to keep this as a ‘Space for Cycling’ ward ask, too.

4. Any other business

There was none.

The meeting closed at 10:15pm.

Date of next meeting: Wednesday 7th May, 2014, 7:30pm.

  Minutes of Hackney LCC meeting 2nd April 2014 in PDF