Hackney LCC meeting 2nd March 2011

London Cycling Campaign in Hackney

Monthly Meeting

Wednesday, 2nd of March, 2011

Marcon Court and Aspland Estates Community Hall

Present: Michael Cordy (treasurer), Charlie Lloyd, Richard Lewis, Richard Lofthouse, Siobhan Owens (joint events co-ordinator), Trevor Parsons (co-ordinator), Brenda Puech (joint events co-ordinator), Oliver Schick (secretary, minutes).

Apologies: Patrick Field


1. Minutes and matters arising
2. LIP suggestions
3. Kingsland Road cycle parking
4. Britannia junction
5. Elsdale Street scheme
6. Suffolk Estate cycle parking
7. 20mph
8. Events (particularly Bike Week)
9. Social rides
10. Dalston curve
11. Any other business

1. Minutes and matters arising
TP noted that we hadn’t responded to the Cycle Hire scheme extension proposals and apologised for not getting around to this. This was relevant in the case of at least one location, in Hoxton Street south of Fanshaw Street. As this is replacing car parking spaces, we fear that this may jeopardise future chances of success in returning Hoxton Street to two-way operation. We might still be able to discuss this with Hackney officers, or campaign in the future to have Hoxton Street modally-filtered in the future. TP to speak to Hackney officers.

East Marsh bridge: We submitted our comments slightly late and hope that they will still be taken into account.

Burns Night: We are still planning a publicity event for the part of the money donated to the ‘No More Lethal Lorries’ campaign. Action carried over.

2. LIP suggestions

OS and TP gave a report back from the LIP2 Stakeholder Workshop. The consultation on the LIP2 is running from the 7th February to the 6th May. We will be producing detailed comments.

It was noted that the modal share figures from the Traffic in London reports (based on London Travel Demand Survey data) were unreliable and the local authority should be encouraged to draw on a wide range of data, including data gathered locally. This is important as the calculation of modal share influences borough targets.

We have previously congratulated the Council on the draft LIP2, as it will address a large number of our priorities and will have a visible and lasting effect on the borough. Being broadly very happy with it, we discussed a number of additional suggestions that we will make as part of the consultation:

  • There is relatively little east of Mare Street. We would at least like to see a scheme included for dealing with the Darnley Road-Elsdale Street rat-run, ideally a full filtered permeability scheme for the whole of the Frampton Park area. RLe has drawn an excellent map to explain this.
  • We also discussed other possible filtered permeability schemes, including combining work on 20mph, CPZs, and filtered permeability to make comprehensive zones. Among other advantages, such zones would scarcely require street humps (as rat-running and through motor traffic would not occur, only local access).
  • BP mentioned the Queensbridge Road / Dalston Lane / Graham Road junction. OS and TP explained that unfortunately we had missed the opportunity to provide input to the consultation on this junction at the time. The current layout of the junction is widely felt to be inadequate.
  • Cycle Skills Network Audit done by Transport Initiatives: We should meet the Council about this and discuss progress. This is really good work in which we take a very keen interest.
  • We want to encourage the Council to include provisions in the LIP2 on anticipating imminent changes to DfT guidance on ‘No entry except cycles’, which could greatly accelerate returning one-way streets to two-way operation.
  • We also think that it would be helpful to split up permeability restoration and filtered permeability as two separate projects. The former would be potentially much quicker and easier if the new DfT guidance became available.
  • It would be a good idea to modally filter Bridport Place/Hyde Road to cut out the risk of Hyde Road-Hoxton Street rat-running. This might be a problem at the new Britannia Junction.
  • Finally, we brainstormed about what we would like to see in the next LIP (3), to start in 2014/15, to inform our campaigning up to then. We came up with a list of priorities as follows (this is assuming that Stoke Newington will be returned to two-way operation in the span of the current LIP2):

1. Return the Victoria Park one-way system to two-way operation.
2. Return the Lea Bridge roundabout to a normal junction.
3. Simplify the Pembury Junction, reducing carriageway space, ideally splitting it up into two separate junctions.
4. Return the Median Road one-way system to two-way operation.
5. Do a street review of Southgate Road and Queensbridge Road and treat these two streets, which have characteristics all along their length that make them uncomfortable to cycle along.

This is not an exhaustive list and will be extended or reordered.

OS suggested drawing up a vision document. BP suggested a workshop to work on this.

Action: OS to write up suggestions. We have two more meetings before the consultation deadline.

3. Kingsland Road cycle parking

TP introduced this item. The footway has been upgraded in the southern part of the A10 Kingsland Road. Existing cycle stands, for which we helped select the locations, were taken out. New stands were put in and in larger clusters than before, as well as often diagonally to the kerb. This should be rectified—existing street furniture hasn’t been replaced and new budget quite probably been used.

TfL guidance is now for Camden-style ‘M’ stands, which we would also advise against. We are in favour of a simple ‘Rounded A’ design.

Action: CL to enquire about this with TfL contacts for TP to follow up.

4. Britannia junction

We are very happy with this scheme and beginning the process of engaging with planning to hopefully foster the creation of a new local centre there.

There has been a bit of local negativity about the new junction, mainly on the De Beauvoir councillors’ blog. This will hopefully change to approval once the scheme is finished (people were alarmed by the scheme in an unfinished state). As we noted in the discussion on the LIP2, a modal filter west of the junction would improve the state of things in the area further.

5. Elsdale Street scheme

The meeting praised RLe’s scheme drawings and agreed that we should ask to have this proposal included in the LIP as a filtered permeability pilot scheme. We should use RLe’s work as a basis for work with the local community.

OS suggested holding a meeting for local residents at Frampton Park Baptist Church in the near future to anchor a locally-based campaign.

Actions: All to continue discussing setting up the campaign. TP, RLe, and OS to work on technical details. Event co-ordinators to think about events. TP and OS to take this forward through the LIP process.

6. Suffolk Estate cycle parking

The Suffolk Estate is between the canal and Pownall Road. TP was contacted by a local resident and member of the TRA to ask about options for cycle parking on the estate. TP helped with drafting an options paper. There are storage sheds integrated into the fabric of the building which could easily be converted. He put the residents in touch with the The Beckers estate, which recently very successfully converted a set of external pram sheds. BikeAway lockers would be another possibility, but they’d require planning permission. OS suggested they might be able to apply for ‘Ways Into Work’ funding.

7. 20mph

TP met Feryal Demirci, Hackney’s Cabinet member for Neighbourhoods, to discuss upcoming 20mph zones. We strongly support 20mph zones and limits and will be re-iterating this in the upcoming consultations.

Action: RLe to send Feryal a new study on 20mph limits.

8. Events (particularly Bike Week)

No More Lethal Lorries campaign day of action: CL mentioned that on the 30th March 2011 there would be a day of action to gather signatures for the campaign at key locations in Hackney. Lots of volunteers will be needed. We might be able to do several locations in Hackney. There’s also the possibility to do a Hackney bike shop on a Saturday morning.

lccih-events list: We resolved to promote the lccih-events list more to involve more people who are keen on events.

Bike Week: OS reported on a possible bike polo tournament. This could take place on Hackney Downs on the 18th/19th of June (first week-end of Bike Week). OS to liaise.

Bike festival on Mabley Green on the 31st July: TP mentioned this possibility.

Magnificent Revolution cinema night at TTSN: We decided not to make a donation to this event, but were definitely keen to support future events with volunteers.

9. Social rides

SO is keen to do at least one social ride a month. She’s working closely together with Caroline from Tower Hamlets Wheelers. The next ride will be the Thames Barrier ride on the 13th March. It should also be advertised on the LCCiH site, on the LCC events page, and on the lcc-rider mailing list.

10. Dalston curve

OS introduced the item and said he would circulate more information. There is a proposal to introduce a walking route from Dalston Lane to the Kingsland Shopping Centre through the Dalston Eastern Curve garden. OS suggested that a better alignment would be via Ashwin Street and was awaiting further information from the Dalston Eastern Curve Garden volunteers before submitting comments.

11. Any other business

RLo volunteered to revive the newsletter. TP and RLo to compare notes.

The meeting finished at 10:30pm.

Date of next meeting: Wednesday 6th April, 2011, 7:30pm.

Minutes of Hackney LCC meeting 2nd March 2011 in PDF