Venue: Aspland and Marcon hall

Present: Brenda Puech, Tim Evans, Vicky Lack, Therese Kilpatrick, Marian Farrugia, Sally Haywill, Sarah Kissack

Apols: Oliver Schick, Ben Webster

Matters arising

We went to Murray Grove site visit – discussing ways to implement two-way cycling there. Simon Hughes may have done some pro-pedestrian leaflets for tow path.

Burns Night

Will have a meeting this Sunday. at least Brenda & Sally. Vicky too. Need people to take resp for task, or bring a volunteer. Enough vols for cooking (Brenda i/c). Trevor to continue publicity. Marian confirming that we are covered by PL insurance. Vols minimum 4hr shift. Sally: graveyard shift is often understaffed. Also need clearers up on Sunday.


7th March. Richard considering inviting a speaker about removing signals. Venues: Hothouse not finished yet. Hackney Central upstairs? Pub on Mare St opp Well St. £500 quid budget approved. 7-12. accessible? not nec. Troy café? Working group: Trevor, Sally, Marian. Advertise in LC & invite nominations. 7 for 7.30 + food & drink

LBH Streetscene liaison meeting

Questions to add to the agenda? Sally: wld like to know about any info about funding sources. Richard: what did they get for LCN+ and non-LCN+ schemes, cycle training, travel awareness for 07/8? Also what about Cycling England Bikeability funding aimed at children? It may be underclaimed. What have they got in mind for scheme locations next year? Marian: timetable of consultation? Cycle training money: a chunk of Cycling England money is administered through TfL, Sally hears. We don’t seem to be in the loop. Tim: the next tranche will be at a more local level. Current tranche through local authorities.

A researcher working for TfL asked Sally about the way TfL child training money is delivered. The case needs to be made for cycle maintenance to be funded as well (eg through the Bike Project) which isn’t at the moment. (Hackney said they were told by TfL that they woulnd’t fund training for trainers — is this because Hackney didn’t make the case for it in the borough spending plan?

Mid-feb liaison meeting: please put training and maintenance/recycling on the agenda. Ask for attendance by recycling officers, school travel plan officers, Sandra Hamilton Walker from road safety.

Also: Upcoming Local Implementation Plan application to TfL – we’d like early discussion. Date for the planned annual Hackney cycle forum?

The Bike Project and premises generally

Therese: we are training our second class at Hackney City Farm. Details on website and in borough news. Planning to repeat through the year and offer masterclasses on wheel building & hub gears.

Recycling: The Bike Project has been approved by Islington Council for a recycling centre. Could share a centre between the two boroughs. Sally: part of money for bike pools is for enhanced adult bike pool out of hours. A Hackney contribution could help to contribute to that.

Brenda: we still need to look into garaging for our vehicles. Also Trevor to ask Hackney Community Transport about this again. Sarah: estate housing officer in Lordship, Matt Collins, is offering some garages. We should also ask about this at Streetscene liaison meeting.

HCT: Pedal Power have money for a portacabin. Could that go into Ash Grove bus garage? Let’s arrange a meeting with HCT to include Therese, Sally & Tim. Pedal Power container currently planned to be in front of Victoria Park Harriers running club. Ask Janine about future plans for Marcon building that we hold this meeting in. Could it be a cycle centre?


Sally: rides to Tour de France and London Freewheel mass cycle (July & Sept, respectively). Sally will try to get lots of kids down on those from Hackney. Draw lessons from Richard’s feeder ride to the climate ride last year. Do it through schools & take hundreds down!

Take proposal to CLM.

Clapton Park: we put in a suggestion for REAP funding to improve access and paths.

We need to get together the main dates together for this year.

Our bike workshop apparently going well in the new venue.