Pembury Tavern, (transferred from Marcon Court Estate Community Hall due to mixup with keys)

Members present:
Trevor Parsons (joint co-ordinator, chairing) , Richard Lewis (joint co-ordinator), Brenda Puech (treasurer), David Farnham (secretary), Oliver Schick (committee – council liaison), Marian Farrugia (committee – publicity), Roger Blake, Patrick Field, Jeremy Hill, Melissa Martin, Jenny ?? (Redbridge member).

Martin Slavin.

Tim Evans, Katie Hanson.

Topics discussed:
1. Matters arising
2. Bike Week
3. BBC London event
4. Seminar on shared streets
5. Shoppers’ travel survey
6. Spice Festival
7. Stoke Newington LCC members’ social
8. Summer Publicity Leaflet
9. Olympics Update
10. Consultations: LCN+, Gillett St area 20mph, leisure centres management
11. Treasurer’s report
12. Webspace donation
13. Any other business


1. Matters arising

Rectory Road Car Free Day
Trevor has spoken with Robert Lindsay. Jeremy notes that there is a two-way campaign meeting next Monday at Yum Yums from 8pm. Apparently the Stoke Newington Business Association are relatively warm about the proposals to remove the one-way system though they have not yet commented on parking issues.

Horseshoe Bridge (liaison with Waltham Forest Cyclists)
No action yet.

Annual budget
Submitted to LCC central office by Brenda.

LCN+ route 8 response to draft CRISP report
Draft response completed and intention is to submit by end of week. Request for comments made on mailing list and copy made available for anyone to read at meeting. Still need to send a copy to Geoffrey at WFC.

HBC outstanding consultation responses
Oliver still to write to Olu resubmitting these but pointing out they were submitted previously..

Paul Street stage 3 safety audit consultation
Trevor has submitted our response.

Gillett Street response
Those who had been actioned to put together this response had not got round to it. This left Trevor to compose the response himself. It was eventually submitted to traffic engineer Hassan Hassan a week late. We hope the response will still be considered. Trevor was thanked for this additional work.

Draft Highway Code consultation
Still need to e-mail Driving Standards Agency supporting position on the CCN.

Committee members website update
Trevor still to update website with full list of committee members and responsibilities.

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2. Bike Week

Bike Week events were agreed at last month’s meeting. Since then Trevor and David have submitted information about our activities to LCC central office for an article in the London Cyclist magazine. We have budgeted £500 for the entire week. Organisers of individual events will need to submit budget estimates to Brenda.

Preparations for each event were discussed in turn:

Bike the bounds (24th June)

This ride will last 3-5 hours, starting around 1pm with a picnic lunch at its end. Oliver has fixed the date for the ride as the 24th following earlier confusion.

  • Action 1: Oliver to advise urgently on alternative date

  • Action 2: Committee to consider nature additonal Bike Week event

London Fields Cyclists’ Breakfast (21st June)

Ben Webster is taking primary responsibility. Brenda appealed for help from 6:30 onwards. Martin, Oliver and Jeremy all volunteered. Brenda will talk to Satu Vaisanen at LB Hackney Streetscene who is collaborating with us on this event.

  • Action 3: Brenda to liaise with Satu at HBC

Peak Hour Pitstop (22nd June)

Trevor will co-ordinate this event which will now be held on Kingsland Road rather than London Fields as were the two pitstop events last year. The intention is to make this a proper pitstop with mechanics doing air and lube as quickly as possible, with the option of a longer Dr Bike-style diagnosis. Will need to budget for a couple of mechanics.

  • Action 4: Trevor to advise Brenda of cost estimate for mechanics

Olympic site ride (24th June)

David has done the initial organising for this ride so far speaking only to WFC in order to agree Eastway at 11:30 as a rendezvous point. However, he will be away on holiday during Bike Week so proposed someone else take over and contact other Borough groups. Brenda agreed to do this and Patrick offered to assist. David will forward his correspondence thus far.

  • Action 5: Brenda and Patrick to contact other Borough Groups

  • Action 6: David to forward correspondence

Oliver noted that Newham Cyclists are up for coming along and suggested that Nick Williams, who is head of 2012 liaison at Greenwich Cyclists, should be contacted since he is likely to be willing to lead, having previously undertaken similar rides. Oliver will pass on his contact info.

  • Action 7: Oliver to pass on Nick Williams contact info then Brenda and Patrick to contact

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3. BBC London event

Trevor has received a call from BBC London inviting us to attend a couple of live broadcast events was part of its ‘Is London fit for 2012?’ tour. The tour is intended to promote physical activity and will
involve bringing a lorryload of exercise equipment etc to public spaces whilst getting school kids and other local groups involved. On 24th May they will be doing a live broadcast from Hackney Town Hall square during the ‘drive time’ (sic) late afternoon show, from 4pm-7pm. We have been invited to do a bike maintenance stall or something similar and to talk on air. It was noted that this would clash slightly with Marian’s Stoke Newington members’ social (see below) but that this shouldn’t be a problem.

Oliver warned that, given that it is a live discussion, there is a potential danger that others might comment on negative issues like footway cycling or people running lights. Martin suggested we ought to be proactive about taking ideas to the editors as these can be the basis for our on-air discussion. Trevor appealed for further ideas. Generally considered that our involvement ought to include a proper ride rather than stationary cycling on bikes in the square, and Trevor confirmed that BBC London had suggested this. David suggested doing commuter time trials between cyclists and other modes which was considered a possibility. Trevor requested that people contact him with further ideas for the end of next week as this is fairly urgent.

  • Action 8: Members to forward event ideas to Trevor

  • Action 9: Trevor to discuss proposed events with BBC contact

Patrick suggested we speak with London Fields Cycles who are located next to the square. Discuss further by e-mail.

The following weekend, the same roadshow will be in Victoria Park and we are also invited to attend that. Brenda suggested we could do a stall offering anti-theft cycle audits as these have proved very popular in the past. [we need someone to coordinate this].

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4. Seminar on shared streets

Richard has been proposing for some time to get a major speaker in for an urban design seminar on this theme. He is hoping to make it large enough to open it up as an evening event to non-members. Last meeting it had agreed that he ought to look to arrange this for July/August. On reflection all agreed that these are probably not the best months as people are likely to be away on holiday. Trevor noted that there won’t be a Shoreditch Carnival again this year, so we could hold the seminar on or around the Car Free Day, possibly in conjunction with or as part of a smaller Car Free Day event. Agreed that this made sense. Date added to diary for Friday 22nd Sept.

  • Action 10: Richard to approach potential speakers

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5. Shoppers’ travel survey

David had arranged a working group meeting for 9th May to progress proposals to undertake a new set of surveys. Lots of people reported they were unable to make this date or his back up proposal of the 17th May. David explained he had chosen these dates as they were most convenient to Robert and Rachel who are assisting him on this sub-committee and agreed to contact them to sound out alternative dates. He will then advise urgently.

  • Action 11: David to look into alternative meeting dates and advise by 11th May

Date since agreed as Tuesday 24th May, 8pm on Broadway Market – which pub or cafe tbc.

Marian suggested that Dalston should be included in the surveys. David considered this was likely to be the case since it had been covered in the previous surveys and it would be silly to lose the opportunity for temporal analysis.

Oliver noted that there is a particular need to consider the car parking requirements of specialist shops who are often most vociferous in claiming the need for additional provision.
David suggested that this could be discussed at the meeting.

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6. Spice Festival

Richard has been contacted about running a stall at this event that will take place in Hackney Town Hall square and Hackney Empire on 24th July. This coincides with the second edition of the Mile Of Art public art event running down the foot/cycle path on the eastern side of London Fields. Richard would like to run rickshaw rides down the mile whilst Marian suggested a cycling choir. Marian proposed we contact members via the mail list to see if anyone wants to contribute cycling art.

  • Action 12: Richard to confirm interest in running stall with Spice Festival organisers

  • Action 13: Marian to invite members to submit cycling art

The organisers of the Mile of Art have proposed that the cycle route be closed for the day. Apparently Olu (LB Hackney cycling officer) has been contacted about this. Richard took an executive decision earlier in the week to e-mail opposing this. It was eventually agreed that this was the correct course since most people will dismount in any case when the path is busy with pedestrians, whilst official closure would be costly and time consuming.

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7. Stoke Newington LCC members’ social

Marian has confirmed that she will organise a social for LCC members living in N16 event on Wednesday 24st May. Meeting at 6:30pm outside Rose and Crown (Albion Road/Church St junction), attendees will proceed on a cycle audit ride around the local area before returning to the pub for drinks at 7:30pm where a Dr Bike will be on hand. LB Hackney cycling officer Olu will be attending. Apparently he is happy as he was intending to set up a similar event himself. There was concern that this would clash slightly with the BBC London event on Mare Street which takes place between 4-7pm, but it was eventually agreed that the events have different audiences and that the clash is unlikely to be a problem.

Marian went on to propose that we use this event for a press announcement of our having signed up our 1000th member. Some discussion followed as to whether this would be better done
during Bike Week but it was eventually agreed that that would be too late and the Stoke Newington members’ social would prove a better occasion. It was agreed that the lucky member ought to be awarded a prize – perhaps a bottle of champagne or potentially even a weekend in the New Forest (already offered by Richard’s mum who runs a B&B there). Oliver has agreed to liaise with Charlie (membership secretary) to establish who the member is. Marian has agreed to co-ordinate the press release / invitees etc…

  • Action 14: Oliver to liaise with Charlie to establish who 1000th member is

  • Action 15: Marian to organise publicity and invitations

  • Action 16: committee to confirm prize

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8. Summer publicity leaflet

Marian is putting together a leaflet which will eventually include diary events and information about LCC membership. She requested a small sum from the budget to cover photocopying costs. Marian suggested that the leaflet could be initially distributed at the Stoke Newington social and revised subsequently for future events. Brenda pointed out that Richard had already put together such a leaflet. Richard offered that they wouldn’t really be repeating one another as Marian’s would be more of a semi-newsletter. David proposed that we budget for this. Trevor reminded Marian that we usually use WCS Digital Print for our newsletters and we have an account with them. Agreed that Marian should contact Brenda (treasurer) with a quote from WCS for a small run.

  • Action 17: Marian to advise Brenda of quote for digital print run

On a similar theme, Trevor said that he is working with Sally Haywill of STA Bikes to help her produce a briefing leaflet for new cyclists.

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9. Olympics update

Agreed that we need a short Olympics update every meeting. This can be provided by Oliver, who set up the LCC Olympics Group that he continues to attend. Oliver summarised developments so far. Outline Planning for the Olympics Park was granted in 2004 with plenty of conditions as expected. The London Development Agency have produced numerous strategy and framework documents to discharge the conditions. Oliver summarised the main current issues for LCC:

  • The Eastway Cycle Circuit: this will be closed shortly and an alternative facility opened elsewhere.
  • Access routes to and through the park: these should conform to our permeability principle of maximum route choice / minimum diversion. The plans as they currently stand won’t leave many through routes.
  • Ensuring that the games pursue our policy of ‘active spectatorship’, which has been committed to by all parties.

Oliver also explained that the LDA is serving compulsory purchase orders on lots of land at the moment and a public enquiry is taking place into this. The LCC has objected and may appear at the Public Inquiry on Friday 19th May.

Brenda raised concerns about the Arena Fields towpath along the River Lea navigation which will be close during construction works. Martin noted that the canal will used to transport construction materials. Oliver noted that whilst this doesn’t require closure of the towpath per se it is likely to be pursued as the developers will want to protect construction materials etc. Brenda also noted that the LDA have said that the Eastway cycle circuit will be reinstated in the Lea Valley.

Martin reported that he has been researching the Olympics proposal with some interest. He is only now beginning to get to grips with all the documents and is in the process of setting up a ‘Games Monitor’ website. The next stage for his group will be to come up with a list of themes regarding critical issues. Trevor asked whether the group has a view on permeability and cycling issues. Martin responded that it did not.

We agreed that to provide a link to the ‘Games Monitor’ site when it comes online.

  • Action 18: Trevor to update website with a link to Games Monitor.

Oliver and Martin discussed proofs of evidence which Martin suggested are the only real way of getting a true understanding of what’s being proposed. These are available on the planning enquiry website. Oliver suggested that those by Hedley Walker and Jason Prior of EDAW are most relevant to cycling. Agreed this could be discussed further at LCC Olympics working group.

Lastly, Patrick suggested that it might be a good idea to use the Olympics as a means of allowing cycle sport to take place in Finsbury Park, perhaps through a demonstration event. Agreed that this would be worth pursuing.

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10. Consultations: LCN+ route 10 & bus route 38; leisure centres management

LCN+ Route 10

The implications of the bus route 38 improvement proposals for Kingsland Passage need to be considered further as they have a major bearing on our own proposals for a crossing over Balls Pond Road in this location. Oliver suggested that this could be discussed further at the CRISP stage 3 review meeting. Part of the affected route being in Islington, Oliver has written to Alison Dines of Islington Cycle Action Group to notify her.

  • Action 19: Trevor / Oliver / Richard to raise implications at Stage 3 meeting

Leisure centres management consultation

Trevor noted that a consultation on the contents for a new contract to run leisure centres and pools in the borough is currently ongoing. He recently attended a consultation drop-in at Kings Hall and discussed the problems of cycle parking and access. Others suggested that the contract should perhaps include a requirement to run events to promote cycling or simply to provide secure cycle parking. Trevor will co-ordinate our response, which will draw on proposals we presented during a Learning and Leisure Action Plan consultation a few years ago.

  • Action 20: Trevor to co-ordinate response

Marian noted that there is a Hackney Parks consultation day occurring on Saturday 20th May at Ocean in Mare Street (lunch provided).

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11. Treasurer’s report

Brenda reported that we have £4000 in our account. Part of this is restricted (a small surplus from last year’s Car Free Day) whilst it also includes contribution of a £200 lecture fee from Ben Webster. There was a vote of thanks to Ben for his generosity.

  • Action 21: Brenda to write to Ben Webster thanking him for his donation

Given the comfortable surplus, Trevor proposed that we use some to purchase a Brox freight quadricycle as Patrick knows of one currently being offered second hand at a bargain £500. Agreed that Trevor and Richard should look further into this.

  • Action 22: Trevor/Richard to look into purchasing Brox, including garaging arrangements

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12. Webspace donation

Trevor reported he has accepted an offer of free hosting from Gordon Hodgson, a friend of David’s, on a server which has various free software content management systems pre-installed. This should help us to set up a new dynamically produced website over the
coming months. All agreed that Gordon should be thanked for this. Trevor warned that we should keep the domain where it is, safely parked on a UK server, rather than transfer it to a US server over which we would have little control in case of problems, which have occurred in the past and resulted in us dropping out of the domain name system for nearly a year. It should be possible to keep our DNS in the UK while forwarding traffic to Gordon’s server in the US.

  • Action 23: David to buy Gordon a pint on behalf of the committee to say thank you. Trevor to work with Gordon and our current kind web hosting provider and DNS hoster Wham Ltd to effect the transfer.

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13. Any other business

Richard said that Alison from Islington Cycle Action Group had approached him about running an event during Bike Week on the boundary of Hackney and Islington. Agreed we should contact her requesting she provide further info on what they are proposing and who will fund it.

  • Action 24: Richard to contact ICAG

David inquired if we were consulted about the current conversion of zebra crossings into puffin crossings on Church Street. Oliver confirmed that we were consulted last year. We objected but without success.

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Next meeting
Wednesday 1 June 2006, 8pm, Marcon Court Estate Community Hall, E8