London Cycling Campaign in Hackney

Monthly Meeting (and Annual Meeting)

Wednesday 3rd November, 2011

Marcon Court and Aspland Estates Community Hall

Present: Rachel Aldred, Michael Cordy (treasurer), Ben Edmonds (secretary), Siobhan Owens, Trevor Parsons (chair, co-ordinator), Brenda Puech (joint events co-ordinator), Oliver Schick (minutes).

Visiting: Nicola Irvine (Hackney Cycle Crime Unit), Amanda Lovegrove (Hackney Cycle Crime Unit)

Apologies: Katie Hanson.


  1. Police update from the Hackney Cycle Crime Unit
  2. Election of officers
  3. Hackney Marshes
  4. Stoke Newington two-way campaign
  5. Any other business

1. Police update from the Hackney Cycle Crime Unit

Amanda and Nicola relayed the good news that their work was going to be made permanent owing to their success in the initial trial period. They had also had interest from five or six other borough forces about setting up similar units in their areas. They were now likely to gain more resources in the process. They had returned bikes worth a total of over £12,000 so far to their grateful owners. On a search warrant, they seized seven altered bikes, including painted-over and seized frame numbers. More of this type of success will no doubt arrive in due course.

Plenty of bikes that couldn’t be returned to owners had been donated to local charities (22 to STA Bikes, ten to Tyssen School, seven to London Youth Rowing, nine to Pedal Power, and 40 to Interlinkx (which takes incomplete bikes to do up, hence the high number).

There’s also been press coverage in the Evening Standard and Hackney Gazette.

The meeting congratulated Amanda and Nicola on their success and we said we’d be happy to welcome them back any time for further updates.

2. Election of officers

Trevor stood down as co-ordinator and Ben took over the chair for the election of co-ordinator.

Trevor was nominated as co-ordinator. There were no other nominations.

Nominated OS

Seconded SO

Re-elected unopposed.

Trevor re-took the chair.


Michael Cordy was nominated. There were no other nominations.

Nominated BP

Seconded BE


Ben Edmonds stood down from the post and Oliver Schick was nominated. There were no other nominations.

Nominated BE

Seconded BP

Elected unopposed.

Events co-ordinators

Brenda Puech and Siobhan Owens were nominated. There were no other nominations.

Nominated TP

Seconded OS

Re-elected unopposed.

3. Hackney Marshes

We reviewed the proposals for bridge-building and other initiatives on Hackney Marshes and identified areas for further action and information-gathering. We decided to submit an objection to re-invigorating the existing car parking on the Marshes and also to the proposed new bridge to the East Marsh. We also noted as progress that the initial proposals had been amended to allow cyclists to use the main carriageway of the bridge rather than to have to use the new footway attachment.

Action: RA and Tim Evans to take forward and keep the group informed of further progress.

4. Stoke Newington two-way campaign

The longest part of the meeting was dedicated to planning the further progress of the Stoke Newington two-way campaign. TP and OS updated the meeting on recent progress on the Stoke Newington campaign.

TP added that the Cazenove Area Action group had just re-affirmed their support for returning Stoke Newington to two-way operation.

We agreed a raft of actions (banner, publicity materials, stalls, micro-site, campaign events, etc.) and allocated a £500 maximum spend to the initial phase of the campaign.

TP also suggested a Dr Bike in Church Street.

Actions: BP and SO to co-ordinate stalls (Saturday mornings/afternoons) and door-to-door activity; BE to do graphics; TP to work on text and co-ordinate printing. We’ll also seek to produce ‘before and after’ illustrations. Other actions will be decided as the campaign progresses.

5. Any other business

The Hackney Bicycle Film Society is organising a talk by Ian Boal, a bicycle historian, at their December meeting. We decided to make a grant of £75 to the Hackney Bicycle Film Society in recognition of their excellent efforts in promoting bicycle culture and putting on so many great events.

Date of next meeting: Wednesday, December 1st, 2010.

  Minutes of Hackney LCC meeting 3rd November 2010 in PDF