Venue – Aspland and Marcon Estate community centre

Present – Trevor Parsons, Michael Cordy, David Farnham, Brenda Puech, Oliver Schick,

1 Minutes of last meeting

Wishlist not completed – needs to be completed for Council meeting on 16 Feb (Trevor). Will include that all one-way streets should be made two way for cycling.

DF noted that borough LIPs will be accepted by TfL without any direction.

Park route surfacing – DF suggested resin bonded gravel as surface that will discourage racing.

Olympics – LCC has put in objection to traffic order banning cycle traffic on Temple Mills Lane.

Events- Andrew Boff: BP to invite to April meeting. Arrange room at town hall. Other ideas are to invite other TfL people Bob Bruty, Anthony O Keefe, Streets for People. Other ideas for activities at meeting..

Dalston Sq- Trevor reported that he spoke to Bruce Mcrobie, planner, who said that there is no proposal to ban cycling in Dalston Sq, though area will be quite busy. However DF reported that the shared space component of this scheme has been removed. Planning application not yet submitted due to legal and technical delays. Also Forest Road – plans make it one way for buses entering interchange. Planner agreed to look at revised plans and take cycle access into consideration.

Propose having a meeting with landscape architects Gibbons, as soon as possible, jointly with Living Streets and Disability Hackney. Go through the Council Alan Laing and TfL

2 Streets Liaison Group – trying to influence street development proposal, replicating set up in other boroughs. Meetings with stakeholders – and council officers at key stages of development, bringing all parties round a table. Initially formalising current consultation process, or trying to reform it. DF will take on task of setting up a public realm discussion group to influence the Public Realm Design Guide..Oliver will look at involvement mechanisms. Alan Laing mentioned that it would help if LCC and Living Streets could combine responses.

3 Events –

Cycle East – six day festival covering 600 arts events. Organised by Serious on behalf of GLA. Proposal on Sunday 8 March to link cycling to events. Hackney and Southwark cyclists will lead ride to venues.

Pit stop – jointly organised with LBH, Wednesday 25 February on Kingsland Road near De Beauvoir square. Evening event. TP suggested streamlining event with 5 minute checks, rather than detailed repairs, fitting reflectors and free lights.

Bike week 13 – 21 June Cyclists breakfast, Bike the bounds (1st Saturday), Pit stop, commuter cooldown,

AGM 8 July: Need to look for venues. Room at town hall?

Regular stalls at Broadway Mkt and Stoke Newington Farmers Mkt – Oliver

Marianne is working on website – now able to give it more attention.

4 Shoreditch Neighbourhood Cttee- Trevor attended and heard presentation on what LBH were doing for cycling.

5 Oliver attended NE neighbourhood committee. Gave suggestions for Lea Bridge roundabout which were well received.

6 LCN funding cuts. LCC invited by TfL’s Chris Proctor to help decide programme priorities. Paul St one way is the most important one affecting cycle flows. Also Goldsmith Rd one way, market porter route crossings at Ada St and Andrews Road, westgate Rd Others are Well St one way – could alternative route be found? Boleyn Road is benefiting from a Streets for People scheme with funding for cycling and walking improvements.

7 Haggerston Spine: haggerston west and Kingsland estates are being demolished. A GLA condition was a new N -S walking route going up to Bridge Academy, Laburnum St, aspiration for new crossing of Whiston Rd. Crossing Albion Sq and Richmond Rd into Holly St all the way to Dalston Lane. TP has walked route with local councillor and is looking at permeability possibility for cycling.

8 Mare St town hall square modal filters and cycle parking. Principal road renewal work and tree planting has begun, but no consultation with cyclists. Scheme is only to do with maintenance. Modal filters are being put in Reading Lane and Wilton Way. TP has been in touch with engineers asking them to ensure cycling permeability and provide bike parking.

A raised table being put in at cycle crossing at Richmond Road. Living Streets not averse to having shared surface under the bridge at this route as footpath is very narrow – Streetscene are in favour.

9 Community policing: DF reported meeting with cllrs at police enforcement event in SN, the third one of its kind. Need to encourage cyclists to attend neighbourhood meetings to counter focus on pavement cycling and to move it to motoring offences.

10 Cycle permeability and modal filtering: The LCC board is considering marketing this as a campaign, but wants to sell it as a clearer message.

Meeting closed at 10 pm