Present: Marian Farrugia, Trevor Parsons, Jeremy Hill, Nell Cameron, Brenda Puech, Alan Limbrick, David Farnham, Phil Mills


Sticking with the community centre in Stamford Hill as venue.Discussion about maybe invting TfL Cycling Centre of Excellence, or Daniel Moynan to talk about two-way cycling exemptions in one-way streets. But we decided to stay with inviting local groups to talk quickly about their work. Eg Cycling Club Hackney.

Bike Week

Brenda looking for volunteers for the breakfast. Trevor to give brenda name of police contact so that we can discuss modus operandi with them.. also can the police put upa banner to saywhat they are doing? ANTI THEFT BIKE INFORMATION


A budget of £600 is available for running one bike park. Stall stuff is in Alan Coombs’ shed. David would like the council to exclude through motors from Stoke Newington Church Street at the event next year because there are so many people walking and cycling. David will write a letter about it, having first checked out the position with the stokefest organisers.

Tour de Hackney

Looks as if planning for this council-run event is going strong.

Frampton park estate lockers launch

This is due to happen on 28th June.

Motorbikes in bus lanes

Everybody signed the notice of deputation to council on 25th june.


The plan referred to by the council’s 20mph motion (the road safety scrutiny committee of 2004) seems rather out of date.
David proposed that we write to Alan Laing, cabinet member for neighbourhoods, saying that the action plan they referred to needs to be updated and expanded to reflect the commitment made in the new motion.
Also suggest that the Hackney Transport Strategy be updated in the light of the resolution, and whether the the LIP will be revised to reflect the new commitment.
Northwold Road would be a good candidate for a 20mph limit, but there seems to be resistance to the idea from the council.
[There has been some discussion on the 20’s Plenty which is critical about average speed cameras. Others are saying that we should follow the Portsmouth route and just go for signs.]

Local Development Framework

Trevor summarised the response he has done.


Olympic walking and cycling route

David and Trevor had been to a meeting about proposed invesment in a Finsbury Park to Olympic Park route. We proposed some changes to route alignment, in particular about where to cross the A10 (where we think a routing via Brighton Road and Farleigh Road is likely to be better than via Walford Road and Foulden Road). David is very dubious about a combined walking and cycling route, but if it’s there then take it for everything they’ve got. The aspiration has to be a lot higher. Rather than just some green paint it should be a model for the UK. We also placed high emphasis on the need for a unified route in the Well Street area, where . We totally rejected the use of Cassland Road.

HGV working group

We are still intending to ask for the convening of a working group on HGV danger.

Stoke Newington Church Street

David said that the new lamp columns are likely to get bikes locked to them, which would narrow the effective width of the footway for pedestrians. He suggested that we should flag up this as a potential problem and ask for more formal cycle parking including on-carriageway where possible. Marian to write this letter.

Reinstatement after Thames Water roadworks

Phil – standard of reinstatement of carriageways by Clancy Docwra after works for Thames Water is very poor. We need to ask about the inspection routine for all roadworks.

The Italian connection

Marian reported that she has just returned from Rome after joining a convention of people who run bike workshops around Europe. The highlight was a big critical mass ride. Marian notes that most people’s involvement originates in workshops, and that they are moving into campaigning as a result of that. She passed on fraternal and sororial greetings from LCC.