Venue:  Marcon Community Hall

Anja Beinroth (resident in Hackney, treasurer of ICAG)
John Dixon
Tim Evans: cycle training officer
David Farnham: secretary
Hamil Hamil (Hackney council engineer)
Katie Hanson
Jeremy Hill
Therese Kilpatrick: committee member
Sarah Kissack
Vicky Lack
Richard Lewis: joint co-ordinator
Trevor Parsons: joint co-ordinator
Marianne Promberger
Brenda Puech: treasurer
Oliver Schick: council liaison officer
Nicola Wissbrock.

Apologies: Marian Farrugia.

1. Matters arising

Brenda confirmed that a donation has been made to the Cyclists Defence Fund to support their work and especially the appeal against the absurd conviction of Daniel Cadden of Telford for cycling safely on the road. LCN Link 67 (the Hackney section of the new LCN+ route 16 between Victoria Park and Eagle Wharf Road via Whiston Road): the working group meeting to comment on the CRISP report was postponed due to other commitments among volunteers. A new date will be set to complete the work. Richard is still to write to Jean Cantrell at Hackney Streetscene to suggest that the Council should include consideration of carriageway lane widths in safety audits of all schemes.

2. Mourning Lane

On 18th September, Brixton Brady, a 30-year-old fashion stylist, was killed in a collision with a lorry at the Tesco junction on Morning Lane. It is said that friends of hers describe her as an experienced cyclist. The circumstances leading to the collision are not completely clear, and the police are appealing for witnesses. It is known at least that Brixton was hit when the lorry driver veered to the left of vehicles which were queueing to turn right into the Tesco car park. The driver was apparently not arrested or charged.

Hackney Cyclists added flowers to the existing tributes left at the scene last Saturday 31 September. The meeting felt that the lorry driver should not be automatically absolved from blame. While cyclists are generally advised not to pass lorries on the left, lorry drivers nevertheless have a responsibility to exercise caution before moving without warning into their blind spot.

Brixton was from New Zealand and does not appear to have had relatives in the country. We have been able to make contact with friends of Brixton’s to give our sympathies and find out more about what happened. We are concerned, however, that there may not be anyone in a position to speak up for her in the legal process, so it was agreed that LCCiH should investigate how we might usefully do so. Tim offered to contact Doughty Chambers who have represented cyclists in the past regarding the possibility of legal assistance. Brenda will keep in touch with Brixton’s friends regarding the inquest.

Anja suggested that a short vigil might be effective in raising awareness of the incident. These have been held in the past in Islington including one recently on Holloway Road following the hit-and-run slaying of Darren Hughes on 5 September.

It was also agreed that we should request a review of the junction at the next council liaison meeting. Also noted the need to work on reducing HGV traffic in the borough, improving drivers’ awareness, and focusing cyclists’ attention on the dangers of under-taking lorries.

3. Living Streets

Simon Barnet of Living Streets (formerly the Pedestrians Association) recently ran a seminar for LB Hackney officers. He has approached us proposing that we affiliate with Living Streets, and will be giving a short presentation at our next meeting on how this relationship might work. Alan Coombes, Hackney LCC member and all-round pillar of the community, is currently Hackney’s Living Streets representative in the borough, and is understood to welcome any assistance. Affiliation was approved in principle, though we would like to see the development of a strong standalone Hackney Living Streets branch.

4. Thefts and risk assessments

We initiated and organised funding for an event bikepark to be run at the recent Stokefest. Unfortunately, a bike was stolen from the bikepark during the early stages of the event whilst the bike park was still not fully set up. The value of the stolen bike and accessories is understood to be about GBP425. Trevor has proposed to the Stokefest organisers that they should pay a contribution of GBP250 towards this, and that we would pick up the difference, ie about GBP175. This was agreed.

Agreed to review how we conduct event bikeparks to try and improve future arrangements. Critically, a notice about liabilities and collection times should be posted.

On a more optimistic note Richard noted that we have run several bikeparks without incident over the past few years, and that Stokefest had been very positive about the contribution the bikepark made to the event and are keen to see it expanded in the future. Around 300 cycles were successfully guarded at the bike park facility, although plenty more were parked informally around the park. Ideally the event needs a bike park at each of the three main entrances.

With regard to this event and last year’s London Fields West Side Car Free Day, where we received a claim against us for an injury sustained by a child riding without permission on our trailer, we agreed to write a risk assessment in advance for future events where applicable, using a standard risk assessment template.

Finally, Tim had the unhappy job of reporting that a number of STA Bikes cycles that Richard had been kind enough to store in his garage had been stolen following a break-in. This underlined the ongoing need to find permanent parking arrangement for LCCiH’s cycles including the Brox quadricycle and the Vitelli megatrailer and accompanying Pashley tricycle. Brenda reported that parking in an estate garage would cost GBP15 a week. Richard said that there may be space for a secure cage in the Strand Building where LCCiH currently store equipment. There is a further possibility that the room could be used as a workshop for The Bike Project and office space for STA Bikes. Brenda noted that the Pedal Power cycling club is also looking for storage space. Richard to contact the landlord and discuss.

5. Regents Canal Safety Audit

Anja reported that British Waterways have been carrying out a number of audits in London including one in Hackney. Based on a number of observation periods, the reports have already been completed and published. They are available here. Anja was happy to report that these conclude that cyclists and pedestrians continue to coexist on the towpaths happily. Nevertheless, BWB have put aside money for improvements and are looking for ideas of how to spend this. The meeting’s generally considered that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, though Nicola’s suggestion that some of the money be used to train schoolchildren to use the canal towpath as a quiet route received enthusiastic support.

Anja to email the report to committee members.

6. Cycle training update

LB Hackney have finally awarded the new contract to provide cycle training in the borough following a protracted tendering process. As in previous years, this goes to the coalition of STA Bikes, CTUK, the London School of Cycling, The Bike Project and Pedal Power. STA Bikes received the contract a couple of days ago, though Tim understands this was quickly followed by a call from LB Hackney suggesting they might want to change some aspects! Tim summarised the main initiatives that will be funded:

National Standards cycle training at many schools (mainly primary)

‘Schools New to Cycling’ – a longer-term initiatives at a smaller number of schools to embed cycling in the school’s culture (Tyssen School, Rushmore and a couple of others)

Subsidised or free individual lessons for Hackney residents, workers and students over 11 (run by CTUK and the London School of Cycling)

Bike pools run by The Bike Project

Support for the Pedal Power cycling club

Tim was happy to report that the contract will run for four years this time round, presumably with annual reviews. This will, we hope, avoid the gaps in training that have occurred in the summer months in this and previous years. People who live, work or study in Hackney who are interested in taking advantage of free/subsidised individual cycle training should contact CTUK directly. Parents and governors interested in getting cycle training at their school should contact STA Bikes.

7. Events

School travel plan event

This event will take place from 3-6pm on Tuesday 17th October at Hackney Free and Parochial School and is a gathering of schools involved in the school travel plan process. LCCiH will be running an information stall — volunteers welcome to assist. The Brox and big trailer will be there to demonstrate the possibilities of cycle travel.

Shared Space seminar

Richard has contacted David Bonnett who has agreed to speak. Dates yet to be advised. Brenda agreed to contact Sunand Prasad to gauge his availability.

Bike breakfast

Oliver proposed we do another event (probably in December). Agreed Oliver to proceed and advise on date. Therese suggested this could take place on the canal to promote courteous cycling. Oliver proposed this be opened to pedestrians as well. Enthusiastic support for both ideas. Anja noted that British Waterways have promoted similar awareness events in the recent past, and are likely to be happy to come along and hand out freebies. Agreed Anja to pass on contacts to Oliver who will co-ordinate.

8. Council liaison

We have another liaison meeting with Hackney Streetscene at the end of the Month. Trevor appealed for anyone with suggestions to contact our liaison officer Oliver. He will endeavour to add these to the agenda.

9. A.O.B

Climate change rally

Jeremy reported that the above rally on Saturday 4th November will start with a mass cycle ride on taking in the London offices of major alleged ‘climate criminals’ including ExxonMobil and the US Embassy. This will be followed by a demonstration at 11:30. The meeting point for the ride is is Lincolns Inn Fields at 10:00.


Katie noted that Meg Hillier MP is keen to promote linkages between pedestrians and cyclists. Plenty of possibilities here including supporting our hook-up with Living Streets.

Latham development – detail of discussion unfortunately not recorded.

LCN+ Link 38 CRISP

This proposed route goes from Holborn Circus to Arnold Circus, and therefore a substantial section passes through the borough in the South Shoreditch area. Trevor will attend the cycle route inspection meeting and report back.

Date of next meeting: Wednesday 1 November 2006