London Cycling Campaign in Hackney

Monthly Meeting

Wednesday 4th August, 2010

Marcon Court and Aspland Estates Community Hall

Members present: Gail Bristow, Michael Cordy (treasurer), Ben Edmonds (secretary, joint events co-ordinator), Ben Kuenzel, Siobhan Owens, Trevor Parsons (co-ordinator), Oliver Schick (minutes), Prisca Thielmann

Apologies: Rachel Aldred


  1. Matters Arising
  2. Consultation methods
  3. Residential cycle parking on-street
  4. Tesco planning application
  5. Finsbury Park station area scheme
  6. Speed cushions on Boleyn Road
  7. Victoria Park Road scheme
  8. Hackney Central Safer Neighbourhood Team
  9. Pritchard’s Road scheme
  10. Southwold Road scheme
  11. Cycle Hire
  12. Social Ride
  13. Any other business
  1. Matters Arising

Southgate Road/Northchurch Road meeting: TP still to arrange. Action carried over.

Wick Festival: Action carried over as BP absent. scheme: Action carried over.

FoE CO2 reduction campaign: Action carried over.

Eastway/Ruckholt Road: Katherine Gillett is back in touch, so TP will arrange a site meeting.

Olympics mailing list: SO had not received invite to the LCC Olympics mailing list. OS to re-send.

  1. Consultation methods

TP has requested a meeting with Feryal Demirci, the new Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods.

Action: We decided to use a separate mailing list to discuss engineering and planning to keep the potentially high number of messages concerning these away from the main mailing list. OS and TP to pursue. TP to upgrade the old wiki software. BE to talk to TP about wiki migration.

  1. Residential cycle parking on-street

BK and PT explained that where they live in Queensdown Road, they have no space for their bikes. They would like to explore the possibility of having a bike locker installed on-street. OS commented that Queensdown Road might be a good opportunity, as it only has houses on one side of the street and clearly an over-supply of parking, with low parking stress. TP mentioned that there was also another person in Allen Road who wanted to do something similar.

BK thought that it would be necessary to get several residents together to show demand for lockers. OS said that it would be best to get the offer and administration of on-street parking lockers into the bloodstream of the Parking Service, to be offered alongside their regular offers of car parking permits and the like.

Planning permission would be needed for each installation of a locker. We would need a formal working group to be set up. We’d ideally get local councillors for Hackney Downs Ward involved.

Actions: BK and PT to draft an initial contact e-mail to Andy Cunningham. BE to get information on members in Queensdown Road from Matthew at the LCC office. We will try to get as many people as possible to express their interest in this to local councillors. There might also be interest from people living in Cricketfield Road.

  1. Tesco planning application

OS gave a brief presentation on how our objection to the Tesco planning application resulted in the scheme being refused by the Planning Committee.

  1. Finsbury Park station area scheme

We discussed this Sustrans Connect 2 scheme and the response by ICAG. ICAG felt that the scheme was too unambitious, aiming to introduce crossing Seven Sisters Road via Toucan crossings and footway cycling.

Action: We resolved to support the ICAG comments. OS to e-mail Sustrans about it,

  1. Speed cushions on Boleyn Road

Ralph Smyth alerted us to poor reinstatement of speed cushions on Boleyn Road, across the bridge. They’ve been installed to be very difficult to ride over.

Action: TP to write to Streetscene about this.

  1. Victoria Park Road scheme

Ralph Smyth made suggestions about improving Victoria Park Road. We have previously replied to Cllr Jessica Webb about our opposition to a proposal for footway cycling. We agreed that we should begin the discussion and ask LB Hackney about the progress on the traffic model for the area.

Action: We will take this to the next Streetscene liaison meeting to assess current progress.

  1. Hackney Central Safer Neighbourhood Team

Charlie Lloyd has had contact with PC Ferhat Murad of the Safer Neighbourhood Team in Hackney Central ward. Ferhat is setting up some events, e.g. Dr Bikes, and is keen on using our yellow anti-theft campaign bike tags.

Action: We will look for volunteers to join the police at these events.

  1. Pritchard’s Road scheme

We discussed a new scheme proposed for Pritchard’s Road. TP and OS had drafted comments on this, which TP presented to the meeting. OS had e-mailed David Farnham of Hackney Living Streets about the comments to discuss a joint response, as this is badged as a scheme to improve walking and cycling.

Action: We will await the response from Hackney Living Streets to hopefully submit joint comments. OS to team up with Brenda Puech and contact Andy Veitch of the Broadway Market Traders’ Association for their views.

  1. Southwold Road scheme

This is a new scheme to significantly change some aspects of the streetscene in this area. There are a number of positive aspects to the scheme, but also some drawbacks, such as a proposal to increase car parking on Southwold Road.

Action: TP to submit comments.

  1. Cycle Hire

BE recounted his experience of using the new Cycle Hire scheme. He had encountered problems with the lack of availability of hire stations and spaces at hire stations.

  1. Social Ride

Members reported back that previous social rides haven’t been very well-attended.

Action: We decided to discuss future social rides with the Wheelers and to join them on theirs. BE and BP to lead.

  1. Any other business

North London Cycle Map: GB and BE reported on a new initiative concerning mapping. BE to provide information back on this.

Minutes of Hackney LCC meeting 4th August 2010 in PDF