London Cycling Campaign in Hackney

Monthly Meeting

Wednesday, 4th of May, 2011

Marcon Court and Aspland Estates Community Hall

Present: Feimatta Conteh (Sustainability Projects Manager, Arcola Theatre), Michael Cordy (treasurer), Tim Evans, Richard Lewis, Richard Lofthouse, Siobhan Owens (joint events co-ordinator), Trevor Parsons (co-ordinator), Oliver Schick (secretary, minutes), Chas Wilshere.

Apologies: Gail Bristow


1. Minutes and matters arising

2. LIP2 response

3. Wilson Street scheme

4. Other upcoming schemes

5. LCC name change

6. Events

7. Arcola Green Sunday with cycling theme (June 12th)

8. London Open 30th/31st July

9. Bike Week

10. Rides

11. Accounts

12. Any other business

1. Minutes and matters arising

There had been no progress on the Hoxton Street Cycle Hire station. TP still to action.

OS had again written to OPEN Dalston about the Dalston Curve proposals, but had had no reply. FC was in touch with them and agreed to enquire about the proposals.

The Britannia junction scheme launch was now going to be in the week starting May 16th.

TP reported back on a meeting about cycling events co-ordination. This will now occur annually, the next being in October, and will be called the Hackney Cycling Forum.

OS reported back on an event at Kynaston Avenue on the 8th of April. Very few people chose to travel along the Avenue on that particular morning, and the second event that had been planned for the 15th April had been postponed. Another event might be arranged at some point, ideally when it’s busier.

The letter of objection to the OPLC Alternative Velopark scheme had been sent.

TP reported back on the path next to Haggerston Baths. All our requests had been accommodated in a new design.

2. LIP2 response

OS outlined the current content of the draft LIP response. This was due to be submitted on Friday 6th May.

TE gave some additional information on Millfields. He mentioned that the decision following consultation about access to the electricity sub-station on South Millfields was imminent.

The Black Path was to be re-signed and re-marked as fully shared-use. We had advocated removing the demarcation, but resurfacing would be too expensive at the moment and burning off the demarcation would be cheaper. We were satisfied that this was a good intermediate step.

There will likely be LIP money to improve a path through Millfields Orchard on the western side of the Lea Navigation. This will be done using a technique that avoids digging deep, as this might damage the tree roots there.

RLo mentioned the ‘no cycling’ sign at the bottom of Queen Elizabeth’s Walk behind Stoke Newington Town Hall. He said that all that would be required there would be a dropped kerb and a change in permission to cycle.

We also reaffirmed that we would like to see a bus-and-cycle gate on the Cat and Mutton bridge.

Action: OS and TP to finalise the LIP2 response and to submit it on Friday.

3. Wilson Street scheme

We have just heard about a proposed scheme at the junction of Wilson Street and Worship Street, where a developer wants to create a shared space scheme, described as a place where workers could enjoy their lunchtime. We had seen a drawing which we thought was still in need of a few changes. In particular, while we very much support the idea of creating such places, we wouldn’t want the through cycle route to be de-emphasised too much. We will feed back the need to make the cycle path a different surface and will hopefully ensure that a few other design changes will be made.

Action: TP and OS.

4. Other upcoming schemes

OS introduced several upcoming schemes that we will work on with LB Hackney.

Pritchard’s Road junction: This junction will be revisited soon. We would like to see the junction tightened and the traffic signals removed.

Goldsmith’s Row Phase Two: We will soon meet officers on site to discuss this.

RLe mentioned the problem with the sharp edges of the existing humps in Goldsmith’s Row. It would be quick and easy to remedy this. OS mentioned that that section of Goldsmith’s Row might be included in Phase Two. We will enquire. It would in any event be a fairly easy job.

5. LCC name change

The meeting discussed the LCC’s proposed name change to ‘London Cyclists’. None present liked ‘London Cyclists’ as a name. The general feeling was that it was too generic and that the change would cause a loss of established identity. It was also felt that the change of emphasis from ‘cycling’ to ‘cyclists’ would reinforce the public perception of people who cycle as belonging to an ‘out group’.

All present agreed that the impression had been given that members had no real say in the name change decision, and that the request for views in the current issue of London Cyclist magazine did not amount to a proper consultation.

The meeting passed a resolution in principle (subject to gathering members’ views on the LCCiH mailing list) to ask the LCC’s Board to suspend their decision on whether or not to change the name until a proper consultation process had been carried out.

Action: TP to mail LCCiH mailing list.

6. Events

A full events programme is guaranteed this year. We took a long sneak peek at the calendar:

18th May, 7-10am: ‘Exchanging Places’ lorry event at Shoreditch Fire Station run by Metropolitan Police.

22nd May: Well Street Common Festival with Cycling Club Hackney (CCH) grass track racing.

12th June: Arcola Green Sunday with cycling theme

Bike Week:

18th June: Bike the Bounds

18th/19th June: Bike Week polo tournament on Hackney Downs with opportunities for newcomers to get involved.

22nd June: Cyclists’ Breakfast in London Fields

23rd June ‘Bike Across the Borough’: A ride along the Olympic Walking and Cycling Route

26th June: CCH grass track racing at Haggerston Park

31st July: Mabley Green Bicycle Festival with CCH grass track racing

27th August: CCH grass track racing at Hackney Downs

Car-free Day 21st September: Location TBC, but there are tentative plans to hold Car-free Day on Cat & Mutton Bridge this year. This could be a good opportunity to test-drive our proposal for a bus-and-cycle only gate on the bridge.

Hackney Cycling Forum annual networking event in October: This was agreed at the recent events planning meeting that TP attended (see under matters arising).

SO asked about Pit Stops. We had talked about the dates with officers.

Cycle Pit Stops courtesy of Hackney Council’s Streetscene department:

15th June Pitfield Street / Grange Street 4-7pm

19th June (Bike Week): London Fields 4-7pm

28th July: Wordsworth Road/Palatine Road 4-7pm

21st September at Car Free Day (location TBC but may be Goldsmith’s Row / Cat & Mutton Bridge)

7. Arcola Green Sunday with cycling theme (June 12th)

FC introduced this event, which will next take place in the week after the London Green Fair. It will be called ‘Cycle Sunday’ and will be organised in partnership with Arts Admin, who are based at Toynbee Hall in Commercial Street, and House of Hot Breath will organise a ‘Bike Bingo’ ride, which sounded like a lot of fun. There will also be a cycle tour looking at graffiti in East London.

The Arcola contribution will be based around the theatre and in the Dalston Curve Garden. She asked if someone from the group could talk about what campaigns are going on. OS volunteered to do this. She also suggested a workshop around cycling and road safety. TP suggested someone to talk about Bikeability and to contact the Cycle Training Officer at Hackney Council, CTUK, or the London School of Cycling.

We also heard that bike parking will be provided using scaffolding poles in Ashwin Street. We commented that bike parking should be ‘valet parking’ to prevent theft.

Actions: FC and OS.

8. London Open 30th/31st July

OS described the proposed London Open bike polo tournament in Hackney Downs, which will be the biggest polo tournament in London this year, with more than 45 teams expected, and possibly more. He was looking for volunteers to help with this. RLe tentatively volunteered, subject to other workload.

9. Bike Week

OS mentioned the small polo try-out tournament in Bike Week on the 18th/19th of June. This was in the works and would be a great event for newcomers to polo.

A joint ride between Hackney and Newham Cyclists was proposed. This might be linked with an Olympic theme, with the proposed Newham Cycling Summit, or the Hackney Bike Across the Borough group might meet Newham Cyclists at the ViewTube on the Greenway.

Action: Joint events co-ordinators to liaise.

We still have to decide on doing an event in the north of the borough.

Action: Joint events co-ordinators to liaise.

We decided to do an insert in the magazine for Bike Week.

Action: TP and RLo

10. Rides

SO reported back from the last ride to the Brunel Engine House. 15 people came along, had lunch in Southwark Park and visited the Prospect of Whitby. It was a great day out.

The next ride was going to take place on the same day as the Arcola Green Sunday, and SO was going to have a think about a possible ride linked with this event or about moving the next ride to another date.

Action: SO.

11. Accounts

We checked the accounts that MC tabled and clarified any items we didn’t understand. We looked at the support that we have given to the workshop this year and decided to clarify workshop governance arrangements. We would like to see accounts for it.

We also discussed the donation to the LCC’s ‘No More Lethal Lorries’ campaign. A press call with a comedy cheque is still to take place.

MC mentioned that we should again submit a budget to the LCC this year. This does not have to be very detailed.

Actions: TP and MC.

12. Any other business

RLe mentioned the new measures outside the Royal Inn on the Park in Grove Road and further measures in Grove Road. These include cobbles which are not at all cycle-friendly. He had observed avoidance behaviour by cyclists who ride onto the footway and then back into the carriageway, a major cause of crashes. This is in LB Tower Hamlets and we were not aware of any input from our local group to this. It was likely that future amelioration work was going to be required on these.

The meeting closed at 10:15pm.

Date of next meeting: Wednesday 1st June, 2011, 7:30pm.

Minutes of Hackney LCC meeting 4th May 2011 in PDF