Members present

 Trevor Parsons,  Tim Evans,  Marianne Promberger (taking minutes),  Nicola Wissbrock,  Vanessa Fry

Meeting minutes

0.1 Server/ web hosting for new website

Trevor and Marianne looked around for webspace to set up Drupal (CMS); they would like to have shell access and possibly root access.1

T & M have found Mythic Beasts, UK web hosting with a dedicated server for £250 a year. MB have gotten back to us saying they also host Cambridge Cycling Campaign; would give us a discount to £200 per year and increase the monthly bandwidth from 5 GB to 50 GB.

Price comparison: Currently we pay nothing, since it’s hosted on Trevor’s brother’s server, but we should move from there. We do need shell access; root access is very advantageous, though not strictly necessary. T & M have found that cheapo shared hosting plans that offer shell access are not significantly cheaper.

Nicola asks how easy it is to switch in case we’re not happy, both technically and regarding contract. Contract is presumably 12 months (standard), T and M will double check before committing. Nicola also suggested asking Cambridge Cycle Campaign for experience (good idea, Marianne will do that).

Mythic Beasts hosting would also have quite a bit of HD storage space (several 10s of GB, check), good for scanning documents and storing them online.

Own server would also mean we can limit access and introduce hierarchy of access, if needed, but Trevor says we can be quite open.

Vote: accepted without objection.

Addendum 6 Sept:

Marianne checked the following:

Contract is 12 months, typical for these plans.

HD storage is 40 GB.

Setup fee is £50. Is this a problem or can we carry over the vote to this cost of 250 GBP?

Remaining action points

Ask CCC about their experience.

Order plan, set up stuff, especially Drupal, start building trial website.

0.2 Hackney Streetscene Liaison meeting on Monday: issues anyone?

Trevor explains what these are:

Every 6 weeks Oliver Schick and Trevor and sometimes additional members meet senior traffic engineers. Engineers show traffic schemes in development and ask for comments, Oliver and Trevor comment.

Cycle parking and especially residential cycle parking. (Trevor relays bad news of failed secure locker project).

Vanessa suggests bringing up repairs of existing cycle paths and suggests website might have possibility for submission.

Trevor reminds of existing possibilities to report potholes etc

CTC’s fill that hole: Trevor finds this is a bit of a gimmick, since CTC then has to do the actual reporting, so makes sense for London to cut out the middle man.

Nicola suggests that e.g. bad surfacing (not actually dangerous) could be brought up at the Streetscene meetings; Trevor: this is maintenance, unfortunately we don’t meet maintenance people.

Nicola says it’s also a problem what gets put in in the first place, e.g. horrible bad-quality high-friction green tarmac; general agreement.

Trevor’s remark on that: LCCiH was approached by London Fields park people about the deterioration of the green cycle lane in London Fields. LCCiH advised not to relay the same stuff, if possible just pigment/ coloured tarmac. Trevor says much improved surface at Northchurch Terrace.

Vanessa asks about possibility of more cycle paths in London Fields, next to the pub, especially where she takes her recycling. Lots of desire lines in the grass and none get paved. No general agreement whether we need/ want this.

Vannessa asks about limits of borough for issues to bring up, mentions Greenway and Lea Valley examples, but this is not Hackney anymore, so not within the scope of Streetscene meetings.

Possibility for website to have a forum where people can post about issues like this and exchange ideas, get in touch with those who are responsible and get feedback from the other side.

Nicola mentions for Streetscene meeting: often road signs are missing, especially when you are coming from a minor road and getting onto a major road. Signs seem to be put in mainly with cars in mind, not cyclists or pedestrians. Trevor says may be good as a campaign; raise at Streetscene meeting, then follow up.

Tim mentions E side of Clapton Common, sequence of little back streets, broken up by kerbs, to make them permeable for cyclists; says it seems obvious. South Millfields, to give them a nudge to finish treatment of park entrance (LCN route 9 work).

Praise for railing removal. Need to put in more cycle parking. This could be interspersed with trees.

Action point:

Trevor to raise these issues at Streetscene meeting.

0.3 European Funding Application to report on

Trevor: “Optimum,” a fund to encourage people to travel by non-motorized means. One possibility is travelling to events. Trevor has been to brainstorming meeting, where it was said that Hackney Wick should apply for funding, should be linked to Olympics. Region of hundreds of thousands; fair chunk of it should go to residential bike parking.

Any ideas about activities etc welcome; within the next few days.

Action points:


0.4 Social LCC picnic

Suggested date Sun 30 Sept, London Fields, close to Pub on the Park, if bad weather go to pub. 13:00. How will people find each other? Lots of bikes.

Also: need sign for monthly meetings, to put up.

Action points:

Publicize picnic via hackney-lcc.

Hold picnic.

Create sign, possibly use our banner, to put up at meetings.

0.5 Proceedings of meetings

Marianne raises: What is function and and structure of meetings, can they be sped up/ made more efficient/ more comprehensible to new members?

Nicola and Marianne suggest sending last month’s meetings around before the meeting, then speed up the “matters arising” section. Those involved in matters arising could even briefly summarize what has been done; this could be added to the “matters arising” section before it is printed for the next meeting. Members present at following meeting without online access can still inquire about points at meeting, of course. All this is subject to trade-offs in terms of time and effort.

Have meeting minutes include clear “action points” after every section.

Vanessa suggests maybe extra social meeting next to “serious” meeting. Marianne: Oliver suggested something like this a while back on the list. General opinion then seems to have been that as regular meetings possibly too many regular meetings; but encourage Hackney-LCC members to e-mail to the Yahoo list with their own ideas or fully developed plans for socials (as in “a few Hackney LCC members meeting at this and that pub this Sat at X o’clock; anyone wants to join?”). Trevor also mentions “N16” meeting as good example of successful mini-local meeting.

Get more members to attend. Marianne would be happy to e-mail a reminder to hackney-lcc about this.

Trevor reminds: Members can find and join hackney-lcc group by looking for “hackney-lcc” on yahoo.

Action points:

Implement action points in this month’s meetings.

Try to send round info on what was done about them before next meeting, or post this online.

Marianne to send out reminder to hackney-lcc.

0.6 Police working group on cycle theft

Trevor met with police working group: Queensbridge ward: cycle theft is 25 percent of all crime. Figures are going up (could be function of more cycling). Police are pushing Immobilize very hard. Police use CCTV and decoy bikes. Arrested 2 people; one was serial offender, went to prison for 3 months; other one got 20 quid fine; police were disappointed.

False reports might also be made for insurance purposes, police try to detect this; are considering only taking down theft report when victim has certain minimally specific description of bike.

Police are preparing cycle “passes” to have people write down detail about their bikes.

Action points:


0.7 Saturday LCC strategy meeting

Just a reminder that it’s happening.

Action points:


1 Vanessa inquired about rides, and said she wasn’t able to find them on the website. Trevor recommends the yahoo group lcc-rider to stay up to date.