London Cycling Campaign in Hackney

Monthly Meeting

Wednesday 5th Jan 2011

Marcon Court and Aspland Estates Community Hall

Present: Katie Hanson, Siobhan Owens (joint events co-ordinator), Trevor Parsons (co-ordinator), Chas Wilshere.

Guests: Mary Convey, William Convey.

Apologies: Oliver Schick

1. Workshop

Chas Wilshere gave a report on the Hackney Bike Workshop. Attendance by volunteers and members of the public is very healthy, and the new workshop evening in Northwold Road, run in collaboration with Transition Town Stoke Newington, is an instant success. There are always tools we need. Already supply brake cables but could maybe get more supplies in such as brake blocks, possibly chains.

Chas said that there is some concern that if our workshop offers more parts for sale it may harm trade local bike shops. After some discussion, the consensus of the meeting was that this probably wouldn’t be a significant problem. The cycle trade seems to be doing very well in the borough – witness the doubling of the number of shops in the past decade or so, and the long waiting lists for workshop service at London Fields Cycles. We could offer to provide a float for that. And maybe look into setting up an account with a supplier such as Chicken’s.

We currently pay the rent for the workshop – £240 per year – plus odds and sods of other spending.

2. Amhurst Park bus lane

There is apparently a proposal for a new bus lane in Amhurst Park, approaching Stamford Hill. We weren’t consulted – is there a problem with Hackney Council’s online consultation system? Trevor signed up to be appraised of all consultations by email but has not received anything. Some 20 buses per hour use Amhurst Park at peak times, including the 253, and there’s evidence of buses having to queue. Some objections from local car-dependent people. TP to send a note approving bus lane to Andy Cunningham.

3. Motorbikes in bus lanes

Katie will ask a members’ enquiry to cabinet member about whether there’s any evidence of whether or not the experimental permission for motorbikes to use TfL streets (red routes) has increased the incidence of motorbikes illegally using borough bus lanes.

4. Stoke Newington gyratory

Consultation closes on Monday. We did two stalls on 4th and 11th.. We estimate perhaps 80 per cent approval among the public. Some entrenched against change including, surprisingly, some people who cycle.

5. Burns Night

Chas photographer + peeling. Katie will ask her choir colleagues to see if they will come along to volunteer. Trevor to co-ordinate for the moment. Katie will invite Feryal Demirci to Burns Night, and to a future Hackney Cyclists meeting.

6. Any other business

Social rides

Siobhan is thinking of doing a local one to the Thames Barrier, will coordinate with Wheelers.

Victoria Park User Group.

Tuesday next week. Katie going as councillor. Anyone else going? Bow East, Bow West, Wick and Victoria. Might be worth informing CC Hackney.

Well Street Common Festival

Sunday May 22nd. Can we do a doctor bike? Approved payment at usual rate? Do a stall?

Minutes of Hackney LCC meeting 5th January 2011 in PDF