In attendance

Oliver Schick (Co-ordinator)

Brenda Puech (Treasurer)

Richard Lewis (Secretary)

Trevor Parsons (Communications / List Moderator)

Vicky Lack (Borough News co-ordinator)

Paul Singer,

Melissa Martin,

David Dansky CTUK

Summary of key dates

13 April: Meeting about cycle training in Hackney. To be held at Sally Haywill’s house from 6pm

21 May: Well Street Common Festival. Volunteers needed to run stall.

5-12 June: London Sustainability Week.

6-10 June: Week of possible cycling action plan workshop (date and time to be determined)

11-19 June: National Bike Week

Minutes of February meeting – Report on action

The AGM and Valentines’ Card hand-out went well.

Brenda reported that a grant application has been submitted to Central LCC for the £583 membership allowance.

Bike Week 2005

This will run from 11-19 June. Initial proposals were that:

Saturday Bike the bounds leading to picnic at location to be determined. Marian to lead on picnic.

Sunday Stokefest. This clashes with Bikefest in Trafalgar Square. Stall – volunteers needed.

Wednesday Bike Breakfast and evening Pitstop in London Fields.

Saturday Stoke Newington Village Fete. Or possible stall in Broadway Market including a bike park

Sunday Possible Historic Buildings ride – Oliver to contact Malcolm of the Hackney Society.

Oliver will draw up a timetable of events for publicity – the above list is subject to change.

Well Street Common Festival will be held on 21 May. A stall and volunteers are needed.

Cycle Training

£168,000 has been raised from TfL for cycle training in Hackney, which will be carried out by STA Bikes with CTUK as sub-contractors, and London School of Cycling with additional staff.

A meeting is to be held on Weds 13 April to discuss how the funding should be spent in Hackney.

David expressed the view that it would be better for the training organisations to teach parents how to ride bikes and how to teach their children, as this could have a potentially wider benefit.

Trevor suggested that training could be made available where Homebikepark installations have been made, particularly on the Gasgoyne Estate.

Congratulations to Sally for achieving the funding, which puts cycle training in the Borough on a firm footing.

Bike Recycling

Jessica Crowe has been helping to identify sites for a Bike Recycling and Workshop venue.

Hackney Housing is keen to provide and possibly refurbish a potential venue, but security would have to be improved, remembering the experience at Jack Watts estate, where stock and tools were stolen from the refugee bike recycling project run by Paul Standeven.


No hustings event will be held this year because of the timescales within which candidates are working and because of poor attendance at the last meeting. Action: RL to identify candidates so that we can e-mail them to get their commitment to cycling. LCC can supply the pledge that was used for the GLA candidates.


Whiston Road / Pritchard’s Road / Goldsmiths’ Row junction

Brenda reported that a letter has been sent to Hackney Council to comment on the proposed signal-controlled junction, about which we are not happy. She said that the Residents’ Association had agreed with LCCiH’s proposal to request alternative designs from the Council, and that once this request had been relayed to the Council, the Council did not comply, despite agreeing to.

Action: A letter will be sent to Andrew Cunningham and Vincent Stops, outlining our concern and including a copy of the original e-mail correspondence.

Lower Clapton Road Bus Lane

Brenda has written to Vincent Stops to complain that TfL has acted unacceptably by consulting on the LBPI scheme having completed part of it. The scheme is leading to an unacceptable footway take.

Pembury Road / Cricketfield Road junction.

A cycle-unfriendly street closure with no mode filter (other than for pedestrians) is being constructed at this junction which will become signalised. There is demand from cyclists crossing Pembury Road which has not been catered for. The Council claims that this is for safety reasons once the signals are in place – but cyclists will continue to travel on this desire line, so the Council should have put more thought into the design.

Cycle Strategy

Olu has suggested a workshop to help write a cycling strategy, which would reflect the priorities of LCCiH.

Action: A weekday evening is proposed for the workshop, say 6pm, in the week leading up to National Bike Week.

TfL proposals for Old Street

Andy Best at Transport for London ‘listened carefully’ to the views expressed by LCCiH and Olu, having received the response mandated by last month’s meeting, and it looks as if TfL may just drop the proposal.

Other Business

Our glossy publication Desire Line has been gratifyingly popular. The next edition will be published ahead of National Bike week; an overrun of 2,500 will be ordered.

A large amount of money is available for street resurfacing. The LCCiH List has been asked to identify problem areas not on the LCN+. The LCN+ has been surveyed by TfL, whose contractors will be carrying out remedial works in this financial year. A special e-mail address has been set up for reporting purposes.