Members present:

Marian Farrugia, Richard Lewis, Keith Magnum, Trevor Parsons, Brenda Puech


Oliver Schick, David Farnham, Charlie Lloyd

1. Matters arising

  • Hackney cycle training tender: still no word.
  • Spice Festival: we’ll reserve our comments on organisational aspects to the runup to next year’s event.
  • Powerscroft Road: Tim Evans and Richard have still not received a reply from Hackney Streetscene to their emails about the uncomfortable road humps.
  • Brox: Richard hasn’t yet bought a lock.
  • Old Street bridge works: finally resolved, offending dismount signs removed, briefing to be sent by ELLP to all their bridge engineers.

2. Events

Good Going Week

No Car Free Day event is planned in Hackney this year, for the first time since we started it in 2001. Ah well. Lack of volunteer time. There is talk of the council sponsoring a big CFD on 22nd September 2007 on Kingsland High Street, seeing as it falls on a Saturday. We look forward to that!

Monday 18th September is the themed cycling day, in line with European Mobility Week. Hackney Streetscene’s travel awareness people have offered to fund a cyclists’ breakfast, but do not have personnel available to help out this time. Marian criticised the short notice, and also queried whether other groups have been made aware that funding is available to support travel awareness events? Brenda said she was happy to do breakfast in London Fields, but would prefer a Tuesday or Wednesday. It was felt that people would be least likely to stop on the journey to work on a Monday. It would be nice to do it in a different location for a change but London Fields is the easiest logistically for us. Suggested budget: £150 ingredients, £100 for Dr Bikes, £50 quid for giveaways. Marian suggests adding a 17% management fee, which apparently is a standard fee charged by voluntary groups.

We also discussed doing a cycle pitstop in the evening. Trevor to ask Douglas Carnall whether he would be interested in organising that.

Stokefest 24th September

The Stokefest organisers were already thinking of doing a bike park. We are facilitating the covering of the costs of this by Hackney’s travel awareness team. Stokefest will provide 50 metres of crush barriers and stewarding. Signage very important. Richard in charge of signs. He will also co-ordinate volunteers for our stall. We will also add to the budget the cost of two Dr Bikes to be provided by CTUK.

Mile of Art 1st October

Stall paid up already. Looking forward to another barnstormer. Richard to co-ordinate.

Seminar on ‘naked streets’

Decided to delay this to March, or possibly December. Richard to write to speakers ASAP. New president of RIBA is a Hackney cyclist and keen environmentalist. Also try Sunand Prasad.

E8 Members’ Social

Charlie Lloyd leading on this. We need to find a pub that will do a buffet.

Hackney Cyclists rides programme

Thanks to Adam for putting together Hackney Cyclists’ first rides programme in years.

2. Street schemes liaison

Lea Bridge roundabout

We have been consulted on diversions associated with the scheme to put a bus stand in the middle of the roundabout. This will be operating from mid-October. We view this scheme as a stopgap before the roundabout is removed completely and the original street lines restored, so money spent on making the current scheme look any more permanent than it need be is a waste.

Grazebrook School travel plan works

Lordship Lane pseudo-pedestrianised on first narrow section. Shared space. They haven’t put in a dropped kerb. No closure is marked on the plan but Richard thinks they were planning a mode filter. Need to clarify these points. Marian was concerned about visibility for cyclists at the Church St junction but others think permeability more important and that people will make their own decisions about risk. Keep-clears outside school plus entry treatments. Richard has suggested removing centre line in order to remove any impression that this is a fast road. Let’s ask Streetscene to remove the lines and use this as a case study. Marian would like to circulate the plan to people in the Stoke Newington area. Richard to draft response for Trevor to sign.

Hackney Free school travel plan works

Several variations of this scheme have been presented. We have asked for two-way cycling the length of Paragon Road. Ideal solution would be to remove car parking on north side. Fallback is cycle symbols contraflow. They should at least remove car parking opposite the school entrance.

Consultation programming

Let’s work out the dates of our postcode/area members’ socials coming up and let the council know so they can programme consultations to coincide. Marian to collate responses from the N16 social for us to bring to our end-of-October liaision meeting with Streetscene. The same should be done for the upcoming E8 Social.

3. Hackney Grants

Grants are available, but we don’t have projects ready to rock. It would be good to set up a working group to work up projects for funding.

4. Cyclists Defence Fund

We agreed to send the CDF £250 to support the Daniel Cadden appeal. Release press release to publicise our donation..

5. LCN+ Link 67 CRISP report comments

Richard, Keith and Brenda will meet to work on this.

6. Raising awareness of lane widths in safety audits

Richard intends to write to Jean Cantrell at Hackney Streetscene to ask safety audits to include consideration of lane widths with a view to avoiding the critical widths which make passing of cyclists difficult for motorists.