London Cycling Campaign in Hackney Monthly Meeting

Wednesday, 6th of April, 2011

Marcon Court and Aspland Estates Community Hall

Present: Charlie Lloyd, Trevor Parsons (co-ordinator), Brenda Puech (joint events co-ordinator), Oliver Schick (secretary, minutes), Siobhan Owens (joint events co-ordinator), Vincent Stops.

Apologies: Gail Bristow, Michael Cordy (treasurer), Tim Evans, Katie Hanson.


1. Minutes and matters arising

2. LIP2

3. Roadside Memorials

4. Tottenham Road/Stamford Road scheme

5. Britannia Junction launch

6. Events

7. Bike Week

8. Rides

9. LCC Rebranding

10. VeloPark planning application

11. Haggerston Baths path

12. Any other business

1. Minutes and matters arising

OS hadn’t finished a LIP2 write-up yet, as this is turning into quite a long document. This will be circulated on the mailing lists when it’s done.

TP was yet to speak to Hackney officers about the Hoxton Street Cycle Hire intensification proposal.

There had been a reply by the Mayor of London about mistakes made when implementing new cycle parking on the A10. We will assist contractors in rectifying these.

There had been no progress on the Suffolk Estate cycle parking, as the residents were otherwise disposed.

It was unknown whether Richard Lewis had sent Cllr Demirci a new study on 20mph.

We hadn’t submitted comments on the Dalston Curve walking route yet as we hadn’t received relevant information on it from the Dalston Curve activists yet.

2. LIP2

Reviewing the minutes of the discussion at the last meeting, we noted that we hadn’t included mention of the Valentine Road route. This will be added to the list of desirable LIP2 schemes.

We discussed car parking problems in the Victoria Park area and ways of taking forward returning the one-way system there to two-way. We should also think about Wick Road, which would be the easiest street in the area to return to two-way operation, as there is sufficient carriageway width and no tradition of established on-street car parking.

We noted that the LIP2 was only one section of the total transport funding and that other pots of money were going to be available.

At the LIP2 stakeholder workshop, there was mention of an updated Hackney Transport Strategy. We will need to engage with this soon.

VS suggested encouraging officers to place cycle parking in the carriageway without expensive buildouts.

The consultation deadline is the 6th of May.

Action: OS to circulate draft LIP2 comments to the mailing lists.

3. Roadside Memorials

VS addressed this issue with particular reference to ghost bikes, but also other deaths on the streets—murder victims or pedestrians killed. He was minded to suggest a policy to Hackney for dealing with roadside memorials.

The question is how long these memorials can be there. Roadside memorials can get vandalised and become very unsightly. However, they clearly fulfil an important function and it is important to manage the issue sensitively.

OS explained some recent history on ghost bikes and how some roadside memorials had been subject to negotiation with councils to be in place for a previously-agreed amount of time.

TP outlined our position on such memorials. We would support RoadPeace-style memorials (a sign and a poppy) for all victims of road danger. If the Council were to work with RoadPeace, very appropriate, consistent and sustainable memorials could be created. We also pointed VS to other contacts to discuss the issue.

VS thanked the meeting and said he would take this forward.

4. Tottenham Road/Stamford Road scheme

OS introduced this scheme and our preliminary comments on it. There’s a proposal to modally filter the junction and to create turning circles in both Stamford Road and Tottenham Road. Our suggestion was to move the Stamford Road modal filter further down to the Buckingham Road junction, where there is a lot of space. We will continue to liaise with officers on this.

5. Britannia Junction launch

We hadn’t heard anything new about a possible launch of this new scheme.

TP suggested that we take the initiative and do a launch of it, with a press call and a Dr Bike.

We decided on a budget of £200 for it.

6. Events

OS reported on another possible hardcourt bike polo tournament on the 30th/31st of July. This is proposed to take place on Hackney Downs. There is the possibility of a slight clash if the proposed Festival of the Bicycle happens at Mabley Green. We might investigate the possibility of holding the polo tournament alongside it, subject to good quality hard standing, although Hackney Downs would most likely be the better venue just in terms of what’s already there. OS to pursue this.

OS and TP are going to go to a meeting on events co-ordination on the 20th of April, where many of the people organising events (like the police) will be present.

OS mentioned that he was helping with a stall at Kynaston Avenue on the 8th and 15th of April. There had been a little work done on cycling through the alleyway.

NMLL Day of Action: BP reported back on the stall at London Fields. Three volunteers helped in the morning session and another three in the evening session. However, there were not enough volunteers to keep up with the numbers of passing cyclists. While we obtained over 300 signatures in the evening session, we could have obtained many more if there had been more volunteers.

7. Bike Week

OS reported on progress with the Bike Week polo tournament on the 18th/19th of June. This would be a warm-up tournament for the the European Championships a week later. He was helping the organisers with the initial steps.

BP also mentioned organising an evening event in Bike Week, possibly in the north of the borough, but one that should not clash with the Tower Hamlets Wheelers Glamour Ride.

CL talked about possible parking rides/foot patrols and whether they could be in Bike Week or not. TP advised that this was best done on foot, and that it would be best for the really problematic locations, like market streets. CL suggested that around 300 bikes were parked at Broadway Market of a typical evening. CL thought that parking rides might work better for other boroughs.

8. Rides

SO reported that 19 people had come to the Thames Barrier ride in March. This had been a very good success and she was thinking of organising more rides.

There will be one on the Easter week-end to the Brunel Engine House Museum.

9. LCC Rebranding

We discussed the LCC’s proposed rebranding, largely as an information item. All present were encouraged to respond to the consultation.

10. Haggerston Baths path

VS had left the meeting when this item was taken, as he is Chair of Hackney’s Planning Committee. TP introduced a new plan to vary the path alongside Haggerston Baths as part of the Haggerston West development. The new plan had not yet included any solution as to how to get on and off the path. There needs to be a dropped kerb at Laburnum Street and ideally a shallow table on Whiston Road at the southern end. TP in conversation with the developers had also pointed out that the choice of materials should be different, as the proposed block paving would be most likely to get distressed, especially during the proposed redevelopment of Haggerston Baths.

11. VeloPark planning application

OS suggested that we object to the OPLC’s ‘Alternative’ Velopark scheme. The deadline for comments was the coming Monday the 11th of April.

Action: OS to draft a letter of objection.

12. Any other business

Public bicycle pumps: We had had an enquiry from a Hackney officer about these. We were in support of the idea and suggested to the Council officers proposing this that they should arrange for maintenance. We also thought that one should be installed at Hackney’s Technology and Learning Centre.

The meeting closed at 10pm.

Date of next meeting: Wednesday 4th May, 2011, 7:30pm.

Minutes of Hackney LCC meeting 6th April 2011 in PDF