London Cycling Campaign in Hackney

Monthly meeting

6th October 2010

Marcon Court and Aspland Estates Community Hall

Present: Trevor Parsons (coordinator), Ben Edmonds (secretary), Brenda Puech (events), Rachel Aldred, Tim Evans, Siobhan Owens (events), Michael Cordy (treasurer)

Visiting: Amanda ‘Maz’ Lovegrove and Nicola Irvine (Hackney Police Cycle Crime Unit).

Apologies: Oliver Schick


  1. Hackney Cycle Crime Unit

  2. AGM

  3. Barnes Wetlands social ride

  4. Hackney Bicycle Film Society

  5. London Fields Cycle Pitstop in November

  6. Stoke Newington self-help maintenance workshop

  7. Goldsmith’s Row Car-free day

  8. Pritchard’s Road consultation

  9. Cow Bridge and Hackney Marsh

  10. Manor House consultation

  11. Stoke Newington gyratory consultation

  12. Any other business


  1. Hackney Cycle Crime Unit

Presentation and discussion:

  • Focus on bike thief, reuniting bikes with owners

  • Two full time constables for 3 month trial

  • Currently: lots of bikes in stations (approx. 200 bikes, bikes held at least three months), some info missing when crimes are reported (frame numbers, vague bike descriptions in Met database, not fully centralised information), in the first week five bikes returned with combined value of £7000

  • Suggestions of frame number, pictures of bike, specific identifying features

  • Promotion of bike description awareness with public, bike shop co-operation

  • Cycle Task Force—linked but not centralised, AM and NI to be liaising

  • ‘Distribution’ / sale of used bikes

  • combines advertisements of London bikes offered on Ebay and Gumtree

  • All other bike crime to still be covered by regular Met officers

  • Marking bikes—Immobilise, CheckMend

  • Bikes that come in ‘attached’ to a suspect/prisoner—checked against reported crimes

  • Locations of bikes after leaving borough stations (Borough police choose where they go): Central bike pound in Lambeth, auctions, charities (TP mentioned Cycling Club Hackney, Interlinks, Tyssen School in Stamford Hill, Pedal Power)

  • bike parts theft—promotion of secure wheel locks, correct locking (two locks)

  • Publicity of work being done—public perception of attention to cycle crime will affect the ongoing potential of borough Cycle Crime Unit

  • Feedback on trial is welcomed by the Hackney Police Senior Management Team

  • London Fixed Gear & Single Speed forum (LFGSS)—suggestion of large reach and high activity

  • LCC promotion—LCCiH mailing list, London Cyclist Magazine

  • Statistics: 200 reported whole bike theft crimes per month in Hackney on average, TP noted that this should be read in context with rate of bike ownership as this is on the rise, NI noted the same idea should be applied to stats for reuniting bikes

  • Aims: increase of registered bikes, increase promotion of prevention

  • LCCiH to introduce Cycle Crime Unit to LCCiH mailing list, and any forum messages relating to bike crime to advise the victim to email:

  • Signage on crime hotspots—Council officers to be liaised with

  1. AGM

The AGM was set for the November 3rd monthly meeting.

  1. Barnes Wetlands social ride

Monday 11 October – arranged by SO, needs a back-marker

  1. Hackney Bicycle Film Society

Tuesday 12th October 7pm– ‘Beijing Bicycle’ and ‘Hoima Bicycle’, Calthorpe, Gray’s Inn Road

  1. London Fields Cycle Pitstop in November

A left turning flashing light device will be demonstrated on a council lorry.

  1. Stoke Newington self-help maintenance workshop

There is a new regular event at St Michael’s and All Saints Church Hall, every second Tuesday of the month.

  1. Goldsmith’s Row Car-free day

Feedback to Council: More info should be displayed on why the event was taking place.

It was noted that consultation was not displayed at the event. BP, RA, OS among those in attendance. Discussion on proposal, especially the direct crossing across Hackney Road, noted again the difficulty of the situation as Tower Hamlets Council is not engaged with the area, LCCiH to enquire with Tower Hamlets Wheelers if anyone is able to contact their councillors / officers.

  1. Pritchard’s Road consultation

    Further comments were given by OS on our behalf, primarily concerning the proposed change of priority. OS met with officers and the Council agreed not to maintain the current priority.

  1. Cow Bridge and Hackney Marsh

    TE updated the meeting with regard to Hackney Marshes User Group (HMUG). A car park (200 spaces which have been out of use since 2004) and motor vehicle access to bridge to be reinstated. LCCiH objects to this and suggests that this is in conflict with the Council’s transportation strategy. RA has written comments, TE to add comments, TP to submit comments to Council.

    TE also mentioned that a new bridge to East Marsh is proposed by Parks. HMUG doesn’t think that this is necessary and a potential eyesore that would block the riverside path—a waste of resources.

    TP’s motion to oppose this new bridge was carried unanimously. TP to write expressing opposition.

Concerning the proposed new hard path across Hackney Marsh (East-West), there is no current evidence of a desire line. LCCiH members present had mixed opinions on this. TE suggested a circumference-of-marsh hard surface route, with the only addition to the surface on the north side of Homerton Road to complete the route.

TP also noted the poor quality of the route from Hackney to Leyton, as the A12 Lea Interchange is not very pleasant. TE noted the placement of 50 Sheffield stands staggered in random-seeming positions.

10. Manor House consultation

Three options are available for public comments, LCCiH has already fed in comments at an earlier phase. TP pointed out the history of efforts to reduce traffic lane capacity (down to one traffic, one wide bus lane) on the northern section of Seven Sisters Road.

Pre-phase cycle filter light: BE talked about the idea of a potential modal filter green cyclist traffic light at large junctions where cycle volumes fill up the advanced stop line, i.e. a green cycle traffic light for 5-10 seconds before the general green light comes on.

Action: TP to send a message to the LCCiH main and engineering lists for comments.

  1. Stoke Newington Gyratory consultation

  • Opportunity to consolidate opinion in favour of two-way, putting pressure on TfL

  • LCCiH in almost full agreement with ideas and comments from Hackney Living Streets

  • BP suggests that an LCCiH member should lead co-ordination on reinvigorating momentum

  • An event to be held to raise interest and awareness, perhaps as the Winter Warmers?

  1. Any other business


Minutes of Hackney LCC meeting 6th October 2010 in PDF