Members: Trevor Parsons (chair/co-ordinator), Anna Kidd (secretary), Brenda Puech (treasurer), Alan Coombs. Guests: Juan Ramos

1. Matters arising

Item 2 – Wishlist

Trevor continues to keep a list of requests from members for improvements, which are typically items such as restoring cycling in one-way streets and providing dropped kerbs. We will schedule the map idea for another time to gain input from wider membership. Actions: Trevor to pass to LB Hackney the current list of requests.

Item 4 – Police HGV/cyclist education and enforcement campaign

Members haven’t noticed the enforcement action which was apparently planned to follow the education work, but Tom Bogdanovich and Charlie Lloyd are taking this forward as a special interest. Alan Coombs noted that a substantial number of police officers are now well trained and experienced in using cycling in their work, which should help with the general understanding of the HGV issue within the Met.

Item 5 – Millfields path

Alan Coombs suggested that perhaps Groundwork could source the funding for the proposed changes to the path. Action: Information to be passed to Tim Evans

Item 7 – Olympics

Concerns continue over whether the Olympic Park will turn out to be as permeable to cycling post-games as promised. Oliver and other members of the LCC’s Olympics working group will continue to monitor the situation.

Item 9 – Meetings format

We discussed drawing up a list of potential speakers to invite. Brenda suggested Gideon Amos, the Hackney-resident chief executive of the Town and Country Planning Association, who was recently awarded an OBE. Mayer Hillman is always good value, although he has spoken at one of our events already. We may also wish to invite local representatives of the political parties to discuss their policies. Action: Brenda to contact Gideon Amos to see if he would be willing to come.

Item 10 – Cycling in parks and other shared spaces

Brenda has passed along the information to Living Streets and it has been briefly discussed. Living Streets is not unified on the issue.

AOB Dalston Square – Trevor has spoken four times to the responsible person at J&L Gibbons, the landscape architects, but it is proving difficult to get useful information regarding any decision that may or may not have been made on cycling in the new square.

2. Stoke Newington One Way Feasibility Report

The office of Jennette Arnold, London Assembly member for North East London, has kindly supplied us with the report on the feasibility study commissioned by Transport for London on returning the Stoke Newington one-way system to two way. Two options were examined, and neither was considered viable. The report was more or less completed in April 2008 but has only just been released now at the request of ourselves and other interested organisations and individuals. The impression given is that the consultants, or perhaps more accurately the people who commissioned them, did not exactly go the extra mile to pursue the goal of returning the High Street to normal two-way working.

Jennette is said to be very disappointed with the outcome and will continue to campaign for a permanent solution.

Action: We will try to call a meeting of relevant interested parties – Transition Town Stoke Newington, Living Streets, NARG and other residents associations, and ourselves. Oliver will approach the LCC’s cycle planning and engineering group to discuss possibility of producing a detailed technical analysis of TfL’s report.

3. Motorbikes in Bus Lanes

Bus lanes on Transport for London Road Network streets in Hackney, but not those on borough streets, are now open for motorbikes for the next 18 months. LCC is encouraging cyclists to report on any incidents with motorbikes in bus lanes. We have information cards for cyclists in regards to this. Actions: organise an event to hand out cards to cyclists in the Spring; monitor key stretches of A10. To be discussed again in a future meeting.

4. Juan’s collision

Juan told us the story of his collision with a car door outside Holborn Police station, and the catalogue of difficulties which followed, not least of which is the long-term health problems he is suffering as a result. We listened to the details of his case sympathetically, but in the end the only advice we could give was that he should see a solicitor or the Citizen’s Advice Bureau.

5. Burns Night

Oliver has spoken to Adrian and he indicated that he would be doing the dinner. Ticket sales progressing well.

6. HGV working group

Trevor attended a scoping meeting in December along with Charlie Lloyd. The borough officers seemed to be wanting to broaden the remit to cover all cycling safety issues, but we requested that the focus be kept on the HGV danger. Invitation list drawn up of those to invite to regular meetings. Looking at Lambeth’s project to train public service fleet drivers. Trevor noted that public service drivers and vehicles are already the model for how all HGV’s should be

7. Any other business

Oliver drew attention to a Hackney proposal for bus priority measures on Homerton Road. Our view is that this would not particularly benefit cycle traffic, although it is not likely to be as much of a problem as the proposal to squeeze an extra lane onto New North Road.