Attendees: Trevor Parsons, Richard Lewis, Brenda Puech, Dave Evans, Jeremy Hill, Oliver Schick, Therese Kilpatrick

Apologies: Sally Haywill, Marianne Promberger



Burns Night

DIY Streets suggestion


Cycling Club Hackney

Climate Change ride


Matters arising:

Server: Marianne and Trevor attended a Druple workshop and are making progress on developing the LCCiH site.

Street resurfacing: Suggestions are welcomed. Trevor to collate.

RL updated the group on UI’s work for TfL and LB Hackney

Local Area Agreements will be a new mechanism. RL to find out more (still to be done Dec 07)

Burns Night

January 26th 2008 at STA. We need to find out whether Doug can do the ceremony or find another Great Scot.

Engineering—comments invited by LBH:

Churchwell Path resurfacing—after some discussion it was agreed that the Council’s general approach was acceptable with the proviso of having the entry/exit paths clearly defined as being for cyclists. Brenda said that the results of Living Streets’ consultation on shared space should be available.

Green Lanes—The motorcycle island is contentious and the cycle lane is not a proper solution to the problem. It was agreed that the island should go.

Pitfield Street—It was agreed that we should object in principle to the use of LCN+ money for footway resurfacing. The proposed buildouts should be smoothed and a comprehensive urban realm design should be implemented using LCN+ and s.106 funding.

Powerscroft Road—Cushions appear in the design. They should be sinusoidal humps. We cautiously welcome the cycle contraflow noting that the street should be two-way.

Letters have been sent to underperforming LCN+ boroughs—including Hackney. Reasons suggested for Hackney’s poor performance included understaffing and a failure to maintain the rate of implementation.

Action: Trevor to forward our comments.

DIY Streets suggestion by David Vale / David Farnham’s Sustrans suggestion

A whole area treatment for Brooke Road and side streets to resolve problems caused by one-way streets. A mixture of mode filters could be used. Action: progress sketch designs (still to be done)

Cycling Club Hackney

Trevor informed the meeting of a new cycling sports club that has become established. Its inaugural meeting took place over a few pints at the Pembury Tavern. Apparently the Police are keen to see it become successful as a means of giving younger people in the borough something to do other than burgling their grannies. The next meeting will be at Hackney Wick, with the intention of starting rides in 2008.

Climate Change ride

Jeremy informed the meeting of the Climate Change Ride, to start outside Hackney Town Hall at 0900 on 8th December, to join the rally towards Millbank and Gloucester Square.


Trevor floated the idea of having monthly A10 Pitstops. The idea of an evening Soup Stop was also put forward—with a possible event on 30th November, weather permitting.