Present: Trevor Parsons, Michael Cordy, Sarah Kissack, Siobhan Owens (formerly Newham LCC co-ordinator), Brenda Puech, Charlie Lloyd

Apols: Ben Edmonds, Tim Evans, Sally Haywill, Oliver Schick

1. Matters arising

Portsmouth report – still no news.

Butterfield modal filter – Sarah interested, will talk to Butterfield Green contact.

Ridley Road consultation – TP still to respond.

2. Stoke Newington gyratory

Oliver still crunching numbers. Volunteers had problems counting all modes. Needed more than one person at each complex junction. Brenda queried why we were counting motors – reason: so we could compare with TfL figures. Charlie has found some mechanical counters in the LCC office, which would make it easier.

Sarah: Northwold Rd junction had more movements than were counted on the sheets.

We estimate we missed 10% of cars. CL says you can count in 15 minute chunks with 5 minute breaks. That’s accepted as statistically acceptable.

BE and BP thought that cycle counts would be a good way to get members involved, and do them annually. Need better counting sheets. Thinking of being ambitious and doing ten key junctions. TP: we could speak to Streetscene about this as well re their plans for counts and advising on which junctions to count. BP: observed people doing ‘interesting’ contraflow manoeuvres southbound.

3. Hackney public realm design guide

Response due by next wednesday. TP to check with Richard Lewis, who is drafting our comments.

4. Burns Night

Agreed on 30th January 2009. Sally offering a meeting on 26th. But the group is quite meeting-averse, so maybe the meeting is not necessary. We’ll reactivate the mailing list. That list will decide ticket price and numbers. Concern about too many people on the dance floor so limits numbers.

5. New website

Marianne and Ben have met to discuss progress on developing our new site. We are using the Drupal content management system, and we are in good company since both the White House and Brent Cyclists sites are using Drupal!

6. LCC AGM 17th November

NB all were asked to register, and too many registered – so location is almost certainly moving & if so it will have good bike parking. Will be advised.

7. Disbanding of Met police commercial vehicles education unit

Diane Abbot’s EDM – she got involved because of one of her constituents was killed in Whitechapel. LCC newsletter call going out tomorrow (email) for people to write their GLA members. In our case Jennette Arnold and Andrew Boff (cycling champion).

CL: this unit is the only effective way to enforce poor standards. They’re the experts. Costs one million or a bit less. Tfl cycle safety action plan is open for consultation on TfL website. The budget for the plan itself & PR is more than 1 million. Keynote speaker at AGM will prob be Ben Plowden who is i/c of the TfL directorate in charge of cycling safety.

Sarah – is there a reporting number for poor driving of commercial vehicles? CTC have set up smidsy. Prob worth investigating Vose, which keeps tabs on operators. Vose do number plate recognition with red, amber, green rating of , so the police knew which ones to stop.

‘Changing places’ operations are not always organised by the CVEU. The police could still do those events. There are other police who are commercial vehicle specialists, but not such experts as those in the unit. No sign of a compromise from Boris Johnson yet. Also a petition on Truckers World website to stop CVEU being closed.

8. Events

Ben and Brenda had a meeting. Wanted to get the wider membership involved in a range of campaigning and social activities. Evening rides to look at and discuss locations, eg problem junctions, and afterwards go to pub. One per month, on different weekday evenings. First ride: Weds 25th November from Hackney town hall. Pick a junction in Stoke Newington, then to the Alma pub.

Will revive the Winter Warmer in December in London Fields. Depending on chef Adrian’s soup-making skills. TP mentioned Hackney Parks plan to do events during Bike Week next year. Brenda to talk to Keir to get an invitation to the planning meeting.

We could do a ride to the Wave – Brenda will talk to Richard Lewis to see if he’s interested in leading it. Any other events ideas very welcome.

9. Broadway Market

BP we had a meeting wth Broadway Market organiser Andrew Veitch. Looking at ways of encouraging diversion on Saturday. Discussed blocking the cut-through at the north end closer to the main street and then putting temporary cycle parking there.

Also identified locations for temporary cycle parking. Revive idea TP discussed with Louise Brewood more than a year ago.

An underground stream is causing subsidence of the carriageway. Will be re-laying the paving. Market people are keen to make it one level to avoid the tripping problem over the kerb, which we would support.

10. AOB

Sarah K: the two stands outside Fresh and Wild have not been replaced. Sarah will email Jean Cantrell on our behalf asking what the plans are about replacing the stands that have been removed.

Sarah also keen on requesting some stands in Listria Park on behalf of the residents assoc.

We have renewed Cycling Club Hackney’s domain name, at a cost of 7 pounds 1 guinea.