Marcon Court Estate Community Hall

Members present:

Michael Cordy, Ben Edmonds, Rachel Fairbairn (LB Hackney Community Safety), Sally Haywill, Peter Jones, Richard Lewis, Trevor Parsons (co-ordinator), Brenda Puech (treasurer), Oliver Schick (minutes).

Apologies received from Tim Evans, Patrick Field, Katie Hanson

Topics discussed:

1. Matters arising
2. Elections and appointments
3. Community safety
4. Stoke Newington traffic count
5. Shoreditch to Dalston permeability
6. Carfree London
7. Hackney Public Realm Design Guide
8. Street schemes
9. Any other business

1. Matters arising
20mph: Portsmouth report has not been received yet.

Green Sunday ride: Ten people came on the September ride. The November Green Sunday will have a ‘portrait with your bike ‘ theme: Me, My Bike and I.

Palatine Road mode filter: Response needed.

BE attended the Clissold Park User Group meeting, where it was decided to hold a separate meeting on the issue of cycling in the park.

TP reported back on the Council’s European Mobility Week event, which saw one of the courtyards of Whiston Estate reclaimed from car parking for the day, and turned over to uses such as gardening classes. The residents apparently said that they would like it to stay that way.

The event formerly known as Freewheel: We led two rides down to the Freewheel. RL led the 9:30am ride, which attracted 30 riders to Mile End, where the ride grew to around 200 riders. There was also an 11:30am ride. RL also led about 20 riders back to Hackney. In future years we would like the zone to grow and to seem less like a heavily organised event, but more like a motor-traffic free zone. After all, this event has pretty much taken over the mantle of Car-Free Day in London in recent years.

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2. Elections

The meeting proceeded to elections of the committee of the London Cycling Campaign in Hackney.

The co-ordinator stood down and OS agreed to act as secretary for the purposes of carrying out the elections. OS took over the chair.

BE nominated TP for the post of co-ordinator, seconded by BP. TP re-elected as co-ordinator unopposed.

TP returned to the chair.

Nominated MC for the post of treasurer, seconded by BP. MC elected as treasurer unopposed.

OS nominated BE for the post of secretary, seconded by RL. BE elected as secretary unopposed.

BP volunteered to be events co-ordinator, and BE volunteered as co-events co-ordinator.

RL volunteered to be a committee member for policy and consultations.

OS volunteered to be a committee member without portfolio.

Actions: LCCiH committee mailing list to be queried about whether people still want to be on it. We will set up an engineering-specific mailing list like Islington’s icag-eng to co-ordinate consultation responses with the council.

3. Community safety

RF introduced her work in Hackney’s Community Safety Team in dealing with complaints from residents and asked the meeting whether there were any cycle safety issues that she could take back to the Council. As some of her work is concerned with complaints ablout cycling, she also asked for the group’s feedback on a possible ‘Stop at Red’ campaign. RF attends Community Advisory Panel (CAP) meetings in the North-west of the borough, as well as other meetings between residents and the police.

RF asked for views on footway cycling. SH recommended giving cyclists positive incentives to improve their riding rather than trying to apply punitive measures.

TP mentioned the group’s long-held request for a Council-produced poster to say ‘It’s quicker and safer on the road’. This simple message conveys the group’s view on footway cycling very well. He also mentioned the importance of a simple message to cyclists not to go down the left side of a lorry.

SH updated the meeting on current initiatives by the Council’s Road Safety team.

The meeting thanked RF for attending.

BP reminded the meeting of the issue around people cycling through Broadway Market on market days. Andy Veitch of the Broadway Market Traders’ Association had been in touch about this.

TP mentioned previous discussions with Louise Brewood on installing better temporary cycle parking on Saturdays. The meeting also thought it would be a good idea to have better signage for the cycle diversion.

Actions: BP and BE to respond to Andy Veitch to ask for a meeting on Saturday.

OS mentioned that we still have an outstanding action to leaflet cyclists along the River Lea about riding considerately on the path.

We had some discussions earlier about installing planters and other environmental improvements along there, but nothing seems to have happened.

Action: Group to do another leafleting session.

BP mentioned the situation on London Fields West Side. Cyclists speed past residents’ gates, and residents had called for full-width speed bumps, which would only displace cyclists onto the footway again (this had been a problem in the past). The meeting suggested a more modulated treatment such as a rumble strips on the west side of the street to encourage cyclists away from the gates.

Action: BP to speak to residents.

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4. Stoke Newington gyratory — cycle count
OS asked for a volunteer to print out counting sheets for the count on Wednesday 14th October.

The meeting questioned the source of TfL’s data.

Action: BP to print out counting sheets.

RL suggested taking queue lengths, too. OS responded that this would be great if we had enough volunteers.

BE mentioned that he might be able to find more volunteers.

Action: All to encourage people they know to volunteer and to put them in touch with Noel McDermott, who is co-ordinating volunteers.

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5. Ridley Road consultation, Shoreditch to Dalston permeability
A Ridley Road market consultation is going on at the moment. TP mentioned that planners were discussing the idea of a new cycling and walking bridge across the railway opposite St Mark’s Rise. This is not included in the current consultation.

Action: TP to write in response to the consultation and give in-principle support to the idea of a bridge, which would be a key link in Dalston to Shoreditch cycling permeability without the need to go via Kingsland Road or Queensbridge Road.

There are a number of other aspects of interest in this development area, such as a new shopping centre development.

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6. Car-Free Network UK
BE recently joined the committee of Car-Free London and reported on their work. The group are currently focusing mainly on retro-fitting areas with suitable filtered permeability traffic management schemes.

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7. Hackney Public Realm Design Management and Maintenance Guide
The council is currently consulting on the draft of this document, which will have the status of a supplementary planning document in the Local Development Framework. (Enough jargon for you?!) The sections on streets and on cycling in particular look very promising. Members are encouraged to read the draft in preparation for the development of a response, which is due by 11th November.

Action: Group to prepare a response to the consultation.

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8. Street schemes including Olympic route (Valentine Road, Albion Road)

Kenton Road/Valentine Road
The council is proposing improvements to Valentine Road, mainly in the form of footway renewal. We of course approve of footways being upgraded but are concerned that here this would have the effect of consolidating the existing car parking and street narrowings, making it difficult to restore two-way cycling. We have responded reminding Streetscene that reintroducing two-way cycling in Valentine Road is one of our top priorities in the area. While Valentine Road and the one-way section of Well Street remain impassable eastbound, both route 8 LCN+ and the new Olympics-associated Finsbury Park to Victoria Park route will continue to be diverted via less suitable streets.

Brownswood Road/Queen’s Drive
A raised table is proposed at this junction, which looks fine.

Albion Road/Church Walk/Clissold Road/Albion Grove
Our opinion is being sought on ideas for improving this junction. Streetscene is considering raising and narrowing the carriageway of Albion Road, and changing the how Clissold Road joins with Albion Road, with the particular aim of making it easier to walk and cycle between Clissold Road and Albion Grove. The meeting expressed approval for this general approach, but requested that the engineers take care not to make movements between Church Walk and Clissold Road made more difficult in the process.

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9. Any other business
BP mentioned that Hackney Living Streets wanted to meet to develop a common position on cycling in parks. BP to organise a meeting with Living Streets.

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Next meeting
The next meeting will take place on Wednesday 4 November, same venue.