London Cycling Campaign in Hackney

Monthly Meeting (Annual Meeting)

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011, 7:30pm

Marcon Court and Aspland Estates Community Hall

Present: Siobhan Blackshaw (joint events co-ordinator), Michael Cordy (treasurer), Stewart Dring, Marian Farrugia, Trevor Parsons (co-ordinator), Brenda Puech (joint events co-ordinator), Oliver Schick (secretary, minutes).

Apologies: Gail Bristow, Tim Evans, Katie Hanson, Charlie Lloyd.


1. Minutes and matters arising

2. Announcements

3. Burns Night

4. Any other business

1. Minutes and matters arising

Garage space: BP reported that Hackney Homes are now permitting storage of pedal cycles in Hackney Homes garages. This is a major achievement which we have campaigned for for years. TP suggested working towards a sharing scheme between residents to spread costs. The meeting recorded a vote of congratulation for BP’s work on this issue.

Letter to police about the cycle courier case: BP had written a personal letter of complaint and will follow it up with a letter explaining that she is keen for the issue to be pursued in a positive manner. Action: BP to ask in her letter for LCCiH to meet police and discuss.

Broadway Market Visitor Survey: The BMTRA had done the latest updated Saturday visitor survey. This was a really well-produced document which showed high percentages of people walking and cycling to Broadway Market both on week-ends as well as on weekdays. The BMTRA had run out of volunteer capacity to run the weekday survey. We were keen to help out with this, but thought that we might have to wait until the spring.

Cycle parking in the carriageway: We have been given two consultations on which to comment. One is in Garnham Street in Stoke Newington. We are broadly happy with this, although we would have preferred it to be located in place of the car parking spaces opposite. The proposed site in Hoxton Street could reduce potential for returning the street to two-way operation later, which is why we would suggest tackling this high-demand location in a different way. Action: TP to respond to the Hoxton Street consultation with our concerns.

Navarino/Greenwood Roads: TP has started to contact our members in these streets. They asked for more information. Action: TP and OS to put together a document explaining modal filtering and its benefits. We will also think of organising a study tour of filtered permeability sites in the borough.

Leonard Circus: OS reported back on a meeting about a scheme design at this location, which is a long-standing concern of ours going back to the LCN+. Officers are going to explore designing a shared space scheme there

Ride to Lesnes Abbey: SB reported back that around 20 people had come on the ride to Lesnes Abbey. There was even a video of the ride.

2. Announcements

Objections to Olympic Road Network traffic orders (Ruckholt Road / Homerton Road): TP announced that we had objected to a proposal to ban the right turn from Ruckholt Road into Homerton Road.

Dalston Lane regressive lane width reallocation: TP reported on the recent controversy about lane width in Dalston Lane. He went on site and found out that the previously shareable wide kerb lane had been narrowed. We will seek to have this situation changed back again, as it has proved to be a considerable barrier to cycle movement. MF also raised the problematic scheme on the A10 Kingsland Road outside the bus station. TfL had been thinking of progressing a scheme to remove the pointless central divider there, but we had recently been told that this was not being pursued at the moment. The junction of Dalston Lane and Queensbridge Road was another issue that came up, as well as off-peak car parking in Kingsland High Street.

We concluded that we were keen for a complete review of the recent changes to the area. Action: TP to ask to convene a meeting between councillors, TfL, and ourselves.

Right turns in Shoreditch Triangle traffic system: This issue arose because a few weeks before, police started to fine cyclists turning right into Old Street from Kingsland Road. TP had checked the Traffic Order and had turned out that only buses were allowed to make that right turn. We would very much like to see this snagging issue resolved and will request this of TfL.

Journalism student FOI crash stats and story: TP had been approached by a City University journalism student who had obtained cyclist collision statistics for the last two years in Hackney through a Freedom of Information request. The overall number of crashes in Hackney has gone up by 10% between August 2009 and August 2010. TP had commented that using only two years was insufficient to indicate a trend and that we had no solid numbers on levels of cycling over that period. There will probably be a story in the Hackney Gazette. We will study crashes, too, to find out what the picture around Hackney is looking like now.

3. Burns Night

We allocated roles for Burns Night. TP volunteered to organise ticket sales. BP was going to ask Ben Webster if he’d like to do the Temporary Entertainment Licence. We resolved to get a draught ale from a local brewery. We decided to keep ticket prices the same as last year and sell 100 dinner and dance tickets and 50 dance-only tickets. MF volunteered to organise the raffle again, whose proceeds we decided to donate to Pedal Power again. OS reported that some people on LFGSS were thinking of organising a feeder ride to the event. There was a chance that BP might be unavailable and others might have to step in. There had again been some complaints about too many people on the dancefloor. We’ll ask Adrian Smith for suggestions about the menu.

4. Any other business

TP reported that Kirby Stebbing, who was seriously injured in a crash with a tipper truck in Ball’s Pond Road in 2009, having her legs run over, is making an excellent recovery. Her uncle is one of the Road Safety officers at Hackney. She’s been raising money for the air ambulance, who attended her crash.

DONM: Wednesday, 11th January, 2011, 7:30pm (one week later than normal).

   Minutes of Hackney LCC meeting 7th December 2011 in PDF