London Cycling Campaign in Hackney

Monthly Meeting (Annual Meeting)

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011, 7:30pm

Marcon Court and Aspland Estates Community Hall

Present: Mohan de Benoit, Siobhan Blackshaw (joint events co-ordinator), Roger Blake, Michael Cordy (treasurer), Trevor Parsons (co-ordinator), Brenda Puech (joint events co-ordinator), Oliver Schick (secretary, minutes), Dick Vincent.

Apologies: Gail Bristow, Tim Evans, Sally Haywill.


1. Minutes and matters arising

2. Election of officers

3. New constitution

4. Officers’ reports

5. HGV Working Group

6. Networking evening

7. Navarino/Greenwood Roads

8. Packington Street/Shepherdess Walk bridge

9. Leonard Circus

10. Festival of the Bicycle 2012

11. Burns Night

12. Other events

13. Rides

14. Any other business

1. Minutes and matters arising

We had not heard from CW about a garage. BP again offered to look into renting a garage on her estate. There was a possibility to share the garage with Richard Lewis.

TP had distributed copies of the latest newsletter around bike shops.

BP showed a copy of the letter to the borough commander of Hackney Police that she had drafted together with Oliver Jeffcott about the case of the two cycle couriers.

We had not yet heard about progress with the Broadway Market shoppers’ survey, but assumed that it had been distributed by the BMTRA.

‘I Love Hackney Two-way’ badges had not been prepared because the artwork was not ready yet.

Those present were reminded that we still need proposals for more cycle parking in the carriageway.

2. Election of officers

The outcome of the election of officers was as follows. All officers were elected unanimously.

Co-ordinator: Trevor Parsons

Nominated: BP

Seconded: OS

Treasurer: Michael Cordy

Nominated: TP

Seconded: SB

Secretary: Oliver Schick

Nominated: BP

Seconded: SB

Events co-ordinator: Brenda Puech

Nominated: OS

Seconded: TP

Rides co-ordinator: Siobhan Blackshaw

Nominated: OS

Seconded: TP

3. New constitution

We decided on a few changes in wording from the circulated draft. A copy of the constitution as adopted is attached to these minutes.

We decided to amend the draft text by using abbreviations like LCC, LCCiH, and AM at every occurrence. This had not been consistent in the draft.

We inserted ‘Communications media’ ahead of ‘meetings, rides, and other events’ in paragraph 4, as our mailing list and other communications are also not limited only to members of LCCiH.

We deleted the last sentence of paragraph 9 and included its meaning in the second sentence by inserting ‘including the AM’ there.

We also decided to replace the word ‘nominate’ in paragraph 8 by ‘volunteer’.

The constitution was adopted unanimously following these changes.

4. Officers’ reports

TP said that he didn’t have anything to add to what had been included in the minutes throughout the year.

MC gave a verbal treasurer’s report. We received a grant of £507 from the LCC this year. The major item of expenditure had been a donation of £1,000 to the LCC’s ‘No More Lethal Lorries’ campaign from the funds we had raised at Burns Night in January. The bank balance was around £2,300. As usual, we had spent relatively little money.

5. HGV Working Group

TP gave a report back from the recent Hackney HGV Working Group. The recent big innovation was that cycle training for lorry drivers was now a module approved by the Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training (JAUPT), which administers the Certificate of Professional Competence. The CPC is an EU-wide requirement for lorry drivers.

60 of Hackney’s directly-employed bus, dustcart, and lorry drivers have already received training, and the aim is for all 140 drivers to be trained by December 2011.

Hackney is now also offering free voluntary cycle training to any heavy vehicle drivers operating in the borough, which will likewise count towards their CPC.

We also discussed the wording of LB Hackney’s Considerate Constructors’ Code, which is included in S106 agreements, making it legally binding. BP commented that the wording should be stronger, e.g. on the fitting of mirrors, that ‘near misses’ should also be investigated and not only casualties, and that the wording should include pedestrians. BP suggested that Charlie Lloyd should be asked for comments.

Hackney had done 7 ‘Exchanging Places’ events this year, in excess of their target of 5 events.

TP said that there had been extensive brainstorming at the HGV Working Group on further ideas, and we thought about it some more. We thought HGV drivers should always be accompanied by a driver’s mate and wondered about mechanisms for involving residents’ liaison groups. BP suggested a mechanism for consulting residents in advance of lorry movements. OS suggested calling for an HGV officer at the Council to make sure that the proposals worked in practice. He thought that careful monitoring of lorry movements with their origin or destination in inner-city local authority areas could and should become a standard feature of their work. MdB suggested that all drivers on Hackney construction sites should have proof that they come up to Hackney standards of driving.

Action: TP to ask Charlie Lloyd to comment on the current wording of the Considerate Constructors’ Code.

6. Networking evening

About 40 people had turned up for our first Hackney Cycling Forum networking evening, organised jointly with LB Hackney. Unfortunately, one bike had been stolen from outside, but otherwise it had been a very successful meeting. We thought that it would be good to hold the meetings three times a year and will suggest this to LB Hackney.

DV commented that it had been very useful and enjoyable. He was hopeful that there would be more such meetings and said that BW would be happy to support them. There might be the option to use a ‘floating classroom’ that could hold 50 people or a smaller barge holding 20. MdB suggested approaching the Laburnum Boat Club as a venue, which everybody agreed would be a great place to hold a networking meeting.

Action: TP to discuss future dates with Hackney officers.

7. Navarino/Greenwood Roads

TP introduced the scheme options currently proposed. One proposed to introduce the contraflow cycle lane markings along the street’s centreline, and the other provided for contraflow lane stubs at junctions, without centreline markings along the length of the streets. Both proposals included the removal of the splitter islands south of Wilton Way, which are difficult to cycle past on the inside and are well outdated.

We asked why the proposals stopped at the junction with Wayland Avenue and commented that it should be included as part of a complete route alignment.

There was a lot of discussion of the Hackney Town Centre proposals, as well as of the junctions with Dalston Lane and Graham Road. We all agreed that schemes at these junctions were required.

We agreed to call for full two-way working and modal filters in Navarino Road and Greenwood Road between Graham Road and Dalston Lane, and to support the proposed upgrading (with contraflow markings at the centreline) between Graham Road and Richmond Road. We also decided on a slight preference for continuous markings. We also proposed that similar attention be applied to Wayland Avenue. We supported the removal of the old splitter islands as already proposed by Hackney officers.

We also resolved to call for 20mph on Dalston Lane and for changes at the junctions with Dalston Lane and Graham Road. We would support tightening up these junctions and to remove the splitter islands to enable this. We recognised that changes at the junction of Navarino Road and Dalston Lane would require a fairly major scheme which might still take some time, but as this is, in our view, the most problematic junction connected with these streets, we certainly think that this would be worthwhile.

6. Packington Street/Shepherdess Walk bridge

TP explained our response about this small but welcome scheme.

9. Leonard Circus

We saw a first draft of a proposed scheme for Leonard Circus. We have for a few years been supportive of redesigning this junction completely and in particular to move the sculpture to another location.

The meeting thought that it would be preferable to concentrate on small improvements at the junction for now in advance of a more major scheme that could address the many issues here adequately.

Short-term small improvements which we would support were two-way cycling in Leonard Street, the idea to lower the plinth of the sculpture to make pedestrian movement easier, as well as the removal of the splitter island in Leonard Street.

Action: TP and OS to send a response to Hackney officers.

10. Festival of the Bicycle 2012

OS announced that there would be a bigger edition of this year’s Festival of the Bicycle in 2012. This would aim to bring together everybody in the burgeoning London cycling scene. There would most likely be a bike polo tournament, grass track racing, as well as a longer cycle circuit for test-riding bikes and possibly racing. A management committee would be formed for the festival soon. There was no date or venue yet, but all of these things would be agreed soon. OS suggested that people spread the word and volunteer their help with the festival.

11. Burns Night

We decided to hold the next Burns Night on the 21st January, 2012.

Action: BP to ask Ben Webster to organise the public entertainment licence and to ask Sally Haywill to book the school.

12. Other events

There were no other events planned.

13. Rides

There had not been a ride in October, but SB announced that she would organise another ride, on Sunday the 13th November, to Lesnes Abbey near Thamesmead.

14. Any other business

TP referred back to the appeal to Hackney members to call on the Mayor to introduce two-way cycling on all streets in the borough and read out a response from the Mayor of Hackney to one of those who had written in. OS suggested launching the ‘I Love Hackney Two-way’ campaign and badges soon, perhaps with a press photo in Stoke Newington.

The meeting closed at 10:45pm.

DONM: Wednesday, 7th December, 2011, 7:30pm.

See below for the Appendix: Constitution of the London Cycling Campaign in Hackney


Constitution of the London Cycling Campaign in Hackney

Adopted at the London Cycling Campaign in Hackney’s Annual Meeting on Wednesday the 2nd November, 2011.

A locally governed group of the London Cycling Campaign (LCC), a charitable company registered number 01766411, registered charity number 1115789


1. The name of the group shall be “London Cycling Campaign in Hackney” (or such other name as the group may decide in an Annual Meeting (AM)) and this document is the governing document for such group. The group may also be informally referred to as “Hackney Cyclists”, “Hackney Cycling Campaign”, and “Hackney LCC”.

2. The London Cycling Campaign in Hackney (LCCiH) is established for the following objects, which form a summary of the LCC objects contained in the Memorandum and Articles of the LCC:

encourage people to cycle

improve conditions for cyclists

raise the profile of cycling

3. The LCCiH is an independent locally governed group of the LCC with a degree of autonomy and independence in its management of campaigns and finances and inherits the objects and powers of that parent body from the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the LCC. In particular, the LCCiH may hold funds in designated accounts for the purpose of furthering the above objects. Such funds may only be spent in agreement with the Chair and Treasurer of the LCCiH, subject to the financial regulations agreed by the Management Committee of the LCCiH from time to time .

4. Any member of the LCC resident in the London Borough of Hackney is automatically a member of the LCCiH. Communications media, meetings, rides, and other events are open to members and non-members alike but membership of the LCC is encouraged.

5. The LCC may dissolve the LCCiH if no AM has been held for a period of twenty-four months or for other good and just cause. On dissolution, any assets will be absorbed into the funds of the LCC.


6. The LCCiH shall be governed by a committee comprising not less than 3 members who shall be appointed by all members attending the AM. This committee shall be known as “the Management Committee”.

7. The Management Committee shall comprise at least the following roles:

Borough Co-ordinator or Chair



Other members of the group may be elected as officers to perform specific roles such as coordination of:






Each member of the Management Committee and each officer of the group must be a member of the LCC.

8. Members of the Management Committee shall be elected for a period of one year at the AM. Candidates will volunteer themselves and be seconded by at least one other person. In the event of more than one person proposing themselves to a role and being seconded, members of the LCCiH (only they are eligible to vote) present can vote for their preferred candidate by a show of hands or ballot, or several people can share one of the roles, if willing, with one person leading. The roles of Borough Co-ordinator/Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary should be filled by only one person.

9. The Management Committee shall meet not less than quarterly. Meetings of the Management Committee, including the AM, are open to the public, although only members of the LCCiH may vote on decisions. Other LCC members may vote on decisions at the discretion of members of the LCCiH present, e.g. on issues affecting two or more boroughs. Once a year, an AM shall be held, which shall be advertised in the London Cyclist magazine and other appropriate media.

10. The Management Committee may temporarily fill any vacancy arising on the Committee, until the next AM.

11. Members of the Management Committee may not benefit financially or in any similar way from those positions.


12. Amendments to this Constitution may only be approved at an AM.


  Minutes of Hackney LCC meeting (annual meeting) 2nd November 2011 in PDF