Minutes incomplete, but these were the main points…


Alix Stredwick from LB Hackney attended meeting to ask for ideas re; increasing permeability throughout the borough. Various ideas identified & submitted;


AGM postponed to July. Meeting agreed that existing management committee would remain in position till then.

ACTION: Marian to coordinate. Ideas to pay for cycling performers for the evening.


A motion is being prepared to go the the council on the 9th April, which we were not consulted on. However it is important that we have a say because LCC has a policy of supporting a default 20mph speed limit for London streets.

ACTION: LCCiH will write a letter to each council Member stating its support in principle for the motion being proposed at the council meeting on the 9th April. The letter will explain that we support this motion and welcome constructive amendments which support the furtherance of LCC’s long-standing top policy objective of a London wide 20mph zone.


Agreed to hold:

  • Debeauvoir Pit Stop: Monday/Friday

  • Bike Breakfast – Wednesday

  • Cool-Down – Thursday

  • Bike the Bounds – Weekend

ACTION;Trevor to send to LC. Marian & Trevor to prepare postcard. Everybody to stuff envelopes in June meeting.


  • Well St. Festival – Free stall 18th May Action: Accepted.

  • Shoreditch Festival 16th August – LCCiH invited to support Keir for his event.

  • Tour de Shoreditch – Shoreditch trust producing a cycle focused event Contact Lee Cooper www.lcep.co.uk

ACTION; LCCIH to support and give advice.


  • GAZEBO has gone missing – ACTION; Brenda to buy another one.

  • STALL stuff needs to be in one place: ACTION; Brenda/Richard to coordinate.

  • Hackney Cycling Info leaflet – ACTION; Richard to update & reproduce.

  • Storage Gate – ACTION; Richard to get B&G for a new gate.