Present: Roger Blake, Michael Cordy (treasurer), Ben Edmonds (secretary, joint events co-ordinator), Tim Evans, Patrick Field, Anna Hughes, Laura Laker, Siobhan Owens, Trevor Parsons (co-ordinator), Brenda Puech (joint events co-ordinator), Penny Quinton, Oliver Schick (minutes).


1.Matters Arising

2.Events feedback

3.Hackney Bicycle Film Club

4.Stoke Newington cycle count feedback

5.Work with Lea Bridge Road Ward Safer Neighbourhood Team


7.Local Elections manifesto

8.Motorbikes in De Beauvoir

9.Dalston bike parking

10.Junction of Downs Park Road/Pembury Road/Cricketfield Road

11.Junction of Amhurst Road/Rectory Road/Shacklewell Lane

12.Hackney Marshes Masterplan

13.Leafleting on the River Lea

14.Volker Highways

15.On-street residential parking

16.Manor House Masterplan

17.Any other business

1. Matters arising

Cost of Cars: BE has been chasing the consultant, who has been very busy. He hopes that there will soon be progress.

2.Events feedback

Hackney Winter Warmer: This was a nice and convivial event at which we welcomed around 70 cyclists with hot drinks.

Social Ride: The first social ride went well and was well-attended by Tower Hamlets Wheelers. The next one is already in the pipeline.

Burns Night: It was lovely and the meeting recorded a vote of thanks to all the volunteers. Profit was down from last year, but everything went smoothly and guests enjoyed it.

3. Hackney Bicycle Film Club

It was announced that the first session of the newly-formed Hackney Bicycle Film Club will be held on Monday 8th February 7pm, The Calthorpe Arms, 252 Grays Inn Road, London, WC1X 8JR, with a
screening of ‘A Sunday in Hell’. To attend, people have to become members of the club which they can do by sending an
email at least 24 hours in advance to

4. Stoke Newington cycle count feedback

BE has analysed the count data and is working on mapping such data. He suggested improvements for future counts-to aim smaller, but do counts more often, to develop an on-line resource for people to enter count data.

We discussed counting in some detail and came up with locations where we should count traffic. TP said that screenline counts have been done in the past, and could be a useful way of getting a full picture of north-south cycle traffic. The availability of mechanical counters from the office was flagged up.

The best screenline in Hackney is the canal.

PF warned against too much work that should be left to statutory agencies. BP suggested using counts as a way of involving new volunteers, for social purposes, and to gather useful data.

Action: A cycle count subgroup was formed of BE, LL, BP, PQ, and OS.

5. Work with Lea Bridge Road Ward Safer Neighbourhood Team

OS explained that the Community Advisory Panel in Lea Bridge Ward had assigned footway cycling to the Safer Neighbourhoods Team as a priority.

TP mentioned that he had discussed a related issue with Inspector Andrew Walker and Cllr Vincent Stops last year. Insp Walker had been positive about such joint work. TP recommended contacting Cllr Stops about it.

PF volunteered to help and AH is a Sustrans Bike-It officer and said she’d be happy to help with this work.

TE mentioned that AB might be interested in hearing about schools that could be interested in putting some of their own money into cycle training.

Action: AH, PF, OS to pursue this and OS to get in touch with the police.

6. Mapping

BE related how in the context of analysing the Stoke Newington gyratory count data, he was interested in how count data might be displayed on digital maps. TP and BE recently met George Coulouris and Jean Dollimore of Camden Cyclists to talk about this in relation to the Camden group’s excellent map. They also discussed how to record and visualise permeability information on maps.

PQ mentioned that a friend of hers, Christian Nold, has experience of using GPS to record mapping data and might be able to help.

Action: BE to contact Christian Nold.

7. Local Elections manifesto

Local elections will be held on 6th May. OS presented the draft LCCiH manifesto to the meeting for comment. The draft was based largely on a template developed by LCC’s campaigns committee. Additional points raised by the meeting were:

Action on bike theft

Enforcement against dodgy drivers/raising driving standards

20mph: our manifesto should reflect the latest DfT guidance on 20mph.

The meeting agreed that the manifesto looked good and that we should submit it asap with the suggested edits.

Action: OS to edit further and to submit the manifesto to Hackney’s political parties.

8. Motorbikes in De Beauvoir

We have been alerted by Paul Bolding, a local resident, about the problem of motorbikes being driven through cyclist-permeable modal filters in De Beauvoir Town, possibly through the one at Enfield Road/De Beauvoir Square.

The meeting discussed the existing situation in De Beauvoir and possible options. It appears to be an enforcement issue.

Action: BE to write to Paul Bolding about his concerns.

9. Dalston bike parking

Following the very welcome removal of railings, in Dalston in particular there is now a distinct lack of cycle parking. TP explained that in some ways, railings can be better for parking bikes, as they only have be set back from the edge of the kerb by 400mm, whereas Sheffield stands have to be set back by 600mm. A range of solutions clearly has to be found to address a very busy shopping location like Dalston. TP had been on a walkabout with TfL surveyors, but they hadn’t identified any sites owing to the current building works and extremely busy footways in that area. Access by bike to the Dalston Kingsland shopping centre was discussed.

Action: The newly-formed cycle count group to conceive a shoppers’ survey to give some background to a renewed call for more cycle parking in the area. BE to write to Dalston Cross shopping centre.

10.Junction of Downs Park Road/Pembury Road/Cricketfield Road

A new scheme is being proposed for this junction. After looking at the history for a while, we discussed possible options and came up with various ideas including the scope for a complete review of the junction, bringing in options such as closing the Queensdown Road junction to motors. PF said that he thought one of the biggest problems was that cyclists currently couldn’t go straight into Hackney Downs, and that a dropped kerb might be required. OS suggested a couple of options, including a Toucan crossing. We should ask about how the safety reviews of the initial local safety scheme have come out.

Action: TP and OS to present our concerns to Hackney officers.

11. Junction of Amhurst Road/Rectory Road/Shacklewell Lane

We briefly discussed the current scheme to introduce a new All-Green Pedestrian Phase at this junction, which currently has no pedestrian signals. We thought about ways in which this large junction could be divided into two smaller junctions, but decided that at this late stage of planning, there was no advantage in seeking to delay the current scheme.

12.Hackney Marshes Masterplan

TE explained some of what has been happening about this, including a decision to retain the path from Cow Bridge to Friends’ Bridge, and a possibility of reinstating an old drovers’ route from Homerton Road to Whitehorse Bridge.

Action: TE to keep the group informed.

13. Leafleting on the River Lea

There continues to be concern expressed by residents about people cycling without consideration on the path on the west side of the Lea Navigation between the Anchor & Hope pub and Lea Bridge Road. We have done several leafleting sessions here in the past, asking people to ride with consideration. OS called for volunteers to do join in another leafleting session at the beginning of Spring.

Conditions have been made more difficult on this path by the narrowing caused by residential construction south of the railway bridge.

TE mentioned the Millfields Masterplan in this context, particularly proposals to improve the bend in the river opposite Essex Wharf.

Action: BE and BP to plan awareness events along the River Lea, possibly with a Dr Bike, around the beginning of spring.

14.Volker Highways

We have been talking to Volker Highways, LB Hackney’s term contractor, about their plans for a publicity campaign entitled ‘Protect Our People’. This is largely aimed at trying to stop workers at work sites being injured by motor vehicles, but also will include other aspects of good practice such as making sites safe and convenient for cycle traffic. One of other improvements we would like to see at road works is more information about the work being done. The example of the works site at Butterfield Green was brought up, where no information has been provided about what is happening and how long the work is going to take.

Action: TP to Continue dialogue with Volker Highways.

15.On-street residential parking

As a point of information, a local resident, Esther Schillinger is trying to get secure on-street cycle parking in the Allen Road area. We are keen to support this here and in other residential streets in the borough.

16.Manor House Masterplan

TP introduced this item. It’s a small consultation area, but there are a number of points of concern to us, including access to Finsbury Park (engineering of the main Manor House junction), as well as possibly Woodberry Grove.

Action: Group to submit written comments to the consultation.

17.Any Other Business

Gritting and salting: RB suggested that this be added to the agenda for a future liaison meeting. The contact is Malcolm Carr.

Next meeting
The next meeting will take place on Wednesday 3 March, same venue.