Marcon Court Estate Community Hall, E8

Members present:
Marian Farrugia (Chairing), Brenda Puech (Treasurer), Richard Lewis (Secretary), Trevor Parsons (Media), David Farnham, Ben Webster, Tim Evans, Jed Keenan, David Smith,
Georgie Fyfe-Jamieson, Simon Hughes, Katie Hanson

Guests present:
Symon Sterne, Olu Soyoye, Jean Cantrell, Sarah Northam (all from London Borough of Hackney)

None received.

Topics discussed:
1. Hackney Parking and Enforcement Plan Consultation Workshop
2. Matters arising and actions from June meeting
3. Finfest and Hoxton Street party / Shoreditch Parade
4. Car Free Day
5. East London Line and Dalston Lane South Area Action Plan
6. Hackney Local Implementation Plan
7. Windus streets for people / ‘home zone’
8. Lower Clapton review – report
9. Upper Clapton Sustainable Development
10. Any other business


1. Hackney Parking and Enforcement Plan Consultation Workshop

Symon Sterne, who is Hackney’s parking and enforcement manager and himself lives in the borough, gave a presentation and participation exercise on the council’s parking and enforcement

Symon showed his awareness of the three prongs of contemporary cycling policy, namely infrastructure, training and promotion, as laid out in the draft Hackney Cycling Plan, and was keen for Hackney’s (motor vehicle) parking and enforcement to support this as much as possible. The council’s Parking and Enforcement Plan is a five-year strategy which seeks to balance the needs of residents and visitors. It is driven by the policies of the mayor of Hackney, as well as by those of the mayor of London. The Plan has three sections: a policy plan, an operational plan, and a work plan. The latter two of these will be dynamic documents which are updated continuously.

Symon talked about a range of issues including the requirements of disabled people, community service passes, and safety and crime. He was asked whether the plan is governed by the same hierarchy of road users as has been established in Hackney’s transport policies generally since it was orignally set during the Local Agenda 21 process). He said he couldn’t confirm this, but he would be guided by the Cycling Plan.

Symon is meeting other interested groups to discuss their concerns too.

In the ensuing brainstorming session, a number of key issues were raised by members, including:

  • Dooring due in part to road markings directing cycles too close to parked cars, eg Navarino Road;
  • problems of on-footway and obstructive car parking;
  • one-way streets and contraflow cycling; cycle parking in new development;
  • the plan should contribute to reducing car dependency;
  • car clubs;
  • on-street cycle parking;
  • promoting modal shift;
  • raising business awareness of the benefits of catering for cyclists.

Key suggestions included:

  • A graded permit price for households with second (and more) motors, with a higher price per extra vehicle;
  • a cap on the number of vehicles to be parked on street by a household;
  • no one-way streets without two-way working for cycles;
  • motorcycles should not receive additional parking beyond operational needs (eg couriers, pizza delivery).

Key questions included:

  • Would there be more car-free development? (Answer given: Yes)
  • Would there be a policy of maximising car parking on roads in the CPZ? (Answer given: Not necessarily – Hackney’s CPZs are quality not revenue led).
  • Would there be resident priority for spaces to minimise parking demand? (Answer given: Yes)
  • Have our previous comments been included? (Answer given: Yes – LCCiH produced the most comprehensive response of all. though the council has not incorporated all our points).

Symon explained that the parking surplus is £1.5m p/a which can be spent on politically-defined priorities. However this is only a small part of the overall transport budget.

Actions: Further comments on the plan will be developed by the group and forwarded to Symon. We will stay in contact through six-monthly ‘parking forums’. This exercise was regarded very much as the first stage.

Symon will now compile all the comments and suggestions from the workshop and send us a copy. He has also invited cyclists to submit any other comments and issues they think relevant, both
through the feedback forms that he distributed and/or by emailing him at Symon proposed that we hold a bigger workshop in a few months to delve a bit in more
depth on some of the issues.

Read Hackney LCC’s contribution to the draft
version of the Parking and Enforcement Plan
(PDF) or
Google’s HTML version

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2. Matters arising and actions from June meeting

We deferred discussion of the proposed celebration of the STA Bikes National Cycling Project Award to the next meeting.

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3. Finfest and Hoxton Street party / Shoreditch Parade

Finfest – David Farnham and Paul Singer will be present at Finfest. Richard will make the Columbus trailer available and ready for the event, stocked with leaflets for the stall which will be available to us.

Hoxton St / Shoreditch Parade – Trevor is leading on this. Richard will supply the large trailer and will set up and run the stall. Trevor to arrange parade participation if possible. (We won the ‘most entertaining’ category with an Abba tribute conveyed on a quadricycle. Ed.)

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4. Car-free day – September 22nd

We will not be running the Shoreditch Carnival & Car Free Day this year. Trevor and his colleagues in the Shoreditch Carnival team cannot afford to work for three months unpaid for a third year running, though they hope to use this breathing space to spend time building up the capacity of the organisation for future years, possibly applying for charitable status and fundraising so that the event can be run annually on a sustainable basis.

But Trevor is suggesting that we should facilitate the holding of a Car Free Day event, on the proper international Car Free Day, Thursday 22nd September, to take place around Gayhurst School on the west side of London Fields. If the proposal is supported, funding may be available via the travel awareness allocation which is granted annually to Hackney Council by TfL. Trevor to pursue in consultation with residents groups and Gayhurst school (parents, governors and head teacher).

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5. East London Line and Dalston area action plan

A group called Open Dalston has been established to represent conservation and environmental groups and respond to the Action Plan. A drop-in event will be held to explain the scheme proposals on 11th and 13th July, at the CLR James Library in Dalston Lane and the Halkevi Centre in Stoke Newington, respectively.

Action: Richard to meet David Farnham at the library on 11th July to discuss possible responses. Richard will provide a summary of the proposals on the LCCiH mailing list and invite responses.

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6. Hackney Local Implementation Plan

Hackney’s draft Local Implementation Plan is a substantial document in a number of separate parts. Key sections of interest to LCC are the Cycling Action Plan, Road Safety Plan and Hackney’s Sustainable Transport Strategy. Deadline is 31st August.

Action: David F. and Richard will meet to discuss a response to the strategy. Others are also invited to be involved in a working group.

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7. Windus streets for people / ‘home zone’ / one-way system

The Windus ‘streets for people’ project is in danger of becoming a farce. We were amazed to be informed recently by officers that the commitment to the preservation of two-way cycling given in the consultation and in all previous discussions had come to nothing, and the scheme now appears to be nothing more than a one-way system imposed over standard 20mph zone features.

We have stated to the officers that this is absolutely unacceptable and clearly in breach of both the consultation and of the basis on which the funding was supplied by TfL. This is a fundamental issue to us. We cannot allow a project which was funded specifically to improve conditions for walking and cycling to result in the removal of the right to cycle in both directions on more than half a dozen residential streets.

Action: Trevor and Oliver will continue to liaise with Adrian McWhinnie and other officers and councillors, making it clear that cycle permeability is non-negotiable, and that the London Cycling Campaign in Hackney will do everything in its power to defend two-way cycling in these streets. A report will be made to the August meeting.


8. Report on Lower Clapton traffic management review

Tim reported that the Lower Clapton Review produced by the Council’s consultants has produced the following ‘shopping list’ of measures:

  • 20mph zones
  • Speed tables in place of cushions on Powerscroft Road
  • No plans or ideas for Powerscroft Road southern end

Tim pointed out to Steve Walker that not all of the mode filters admit cycles – action was promised on this.

The proposed remodelling of the Chatsworth Road / Lea Bridge Road junction should incorporate cyclists’ needs, especially those of cyclists emerging from the parks. The Council is reluctant to remodel one-way roads; it is feared that residents will resist false one-ways  due to problems of enforcement; Tim is not impressed by the  consultants but thinks that Steve Walker may come up with more robust ideas; Phase 1 of the review (consultation) has been  completed. Plenty of residents wanted car-friendly measures and  attacked the behaviour of cyclists; Problems identified include problems created by lack of capacity for motors on Lower Clapton  Road, therefore a perceived problem with measures to reduce  capacity for traffic using Chatsworth Road as a cut-through.

9. Upper Clapton Sustainable Development Plan

Oliver is preparing a response which will be circulated for comment.

10. Any other business

Olu thanked us for our recent leafleting session on the towpath of  the Lee Navigation at High Hill Ferry, where we distributed leaflets  reminding cyclists of the need to ride with care and consideration for  other users. (There have been complaints of furious cycling and even  of collisions at this location).

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Next meeting
Wednesday 3 August 2005, 8pm, Marcon Court Estate Community  Hall, E8.