hackney_homebikepark_report_coverHomeBikePark is our residential cycle parking project, set up to kick-start the provision of secure, convenient cycle parking for residents of social housing in Hackney.

Cycling is getting more popular, more quickly in Hackney than anywhere else in the country (according to Census 2001). We know it’s a quick, reliable, healthy way to get around. But for many of us it’s difficult to keep a bike, safely and conveniently, where we live – especially in flats.

You need your bike to be secure against theft and damage, but easy to access for daily use. Locking your bike outside risks theft, vandalism and, eventually, rust. But space inside flats is limited, while getting from street level to your front door with a bike can be a challenge. Just look around to see how many bikes are left to rot on balconies.

Cycle parking has historically been overlooked by planners, developers and housing providers. The planning regulations of some local authorities, including ours, now require secure cycle parking in new developments, but the problem remains in the majority of the existing housing stock.

The HomeBikePark project has piloted retro-fitted solutions for easier and more secure parking for Hackney’s social housing. HomeBikePark has installed solutions for 54 bicycles at 9 locations across the borough. Solutions have ranged from inexpensive security upgrades to existing storage spaces, all the way up to tough, thief-resistant external lockers.

The project has helped us to find out what solutions work best where, and to get hard data on the advantages, drawbacks and costs – valuable information for everyone who wants to solve their cycle parking problems, whether in Hackney or beyond. Download our report on the pilot project (3.6MB in PDF)

This project was funded through the Transport Sub-Partnership of the Hackney Strategic Partnership with £20,000 of Neighbourhood Renewal Fund money.

The pilot project is now complete, and we are not able to fund cycle parking at any more locations for the moment. However, we would still be interested to hear from you if you are a resident of a housing estate or of other social housing (eg housing association/co-op) in Hackney and find storing your bike a challenge. Phone 020 7729 2273 or email homebikepark@hackney-cyclists.org.uk

David Holladay of Transport Management Solutions, one of the UK’s leading expert consultants in cycle-sensitive planning and engineering, was our consultant on the project, and the project was managed and delivered by Trevor Parsons.

We distributed an introductory leaflet at the start of the pilot. Download in PDF format: print quality: homebikepark_bulletin_hires (3.4MB) or screen quality: homebikepark_bulletin_lores(160KB)

…and just to show that there’s nothing new under the sun, here’s an advertisement for an ingenious HomeBikePark-type solution from 1897. It’s from a local firm in Shoreditch, which was a great centre for furniture-making in those days.