Approval has been given for another 51 covered secure cycle parking hangars to be installed on our borough’s streets, to add to the 25 which are already in place on the public highway and the many lockers and hangars on housing estates and co-operative developments. With only a couple of dozen hangars having already created so much interest and demand, the impact of so many more of these distinctive units appearing on our streets is likely to be quite substantial.

The new rollout will provide secure parking spaces for 372 bicycles, allowing hundreds more residents to sleep easy at night knowing that their bikes are locked and under cover.

The 51 locations have been prioritised based on local resident support and where a good spot could be found. They are quite evenly spaced around the borough, although there are not so many in the south. Locations for a further eleven lockers are expected to be approved for installation in the next month or so, making a total of 62. The Council currently has a waiting list of 800 residents who have requested space in a cycle hangar.