The London Bike Kitchen is a DIY workshop where you can take care of your own bike. It’s a non-profit that teaches and supports people in becoming self-sufficient and proficient in bike maintenance. Cost is £12/hour to hire a workstand and have access to tools and the environmentally friendly parts washer. The optional LBK membership is £12 for the year and gets you 10% off everything: classes, drop-in stand hire, parts and accessories.

Opening hours:

Thursday 1 – 9pm (last call at 8pm)
Friday 11 – 7pm (last call at 6pm)
Saturday 11 – 7pm (last call at 6pm)
Sunday 2 – 7pm (last call at 6pm)

London Bike Kitchen
28 Whitmore Road
London N1 5QA
020 8127 3808